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Blog post ideas | How to find Profitable Blog topics?

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People search Internet mainly for 2 reasons- For Entertainment or to find a solution to their problem. The rule of Blogging goes- “Don’t angry Google” and if your Blog is not serving any of the above two purposes then, let me tell you this- you will not get any readers and google will make sure that you get lost in the crowd.

That’s why niche blogs are popular and that’s why you need to carefully select one.

7 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO you need to use | Tried & Tested

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Now that your Blog is all set to hit the market, you need to have a set plan for your blog.

Blogging is not a one way process of curating, writing and publishing content instead it is a process of designing to developing a blog, creating to marketing a blog post. All this brings us to square one- KEYWORDS.

5 Things to Do in College to Set You Up for a Successful Career

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“12th tak padh lo beta, uske baad life set hai”

How often have you come across this statement? Twice? Uncountable times?

Well the pain is real.

How Ashish Chanchalani built an Online Career using YouTube & Social Media?

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How do you escape a broken heart from a recent break up, fucked up brain due to professional deadlines, the tasteless vegetable soup you have to consume because you have fever, boredom while sitting in a room full of relatives bitching behind backs?

Well, your Smartphone is the key that holds answers to almost every question.

Careers after 12th | Things to do after 12th that will Boost your future Career

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Last few Days of 12th class is that time of the year when farewell plans are on full swing, uniforms are penned with motivating messages, slams books gets filled and newspapers are flooding with career guidance after 12th. Some common questions that cloud the vision of students are-

“What career should I choose after 12th?”, “What are different courses after 12th other than engineering and MBBS?”, “Which Internships to go for after 12th?”

$15,000 from a single Instagram Post | Meet 22 year old Danielle Bernstein who earns six figures from her Fashion Blog WeWoreWhat

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Be it some quick fashion tips or a complete wardrobe makeover, a good scrolling and tapping on mobile screen and you are all set to go- That’s the super power our smartphone has graced us with.

How to become a Certified Google AdWords Professional for Free?

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Having Google AdWords Certification and Google Analytics Certification in your portfolio and then recognising yourself as a Digital Marketer validates your expertise and vouches for your skill set. Earlier you had to pay US $ 50 to US $ 100 to take Google AdWords Certification exam but now it is completely free.

How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money

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What’s better than music? It’s the rhythmic beat of a wooden spoon mixing the cake batter, the sizzle of potato chips frying, the tap-tap-tap of a knife mincing mounds of fresh herbs,the fizz of adding lemon to soda.