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Building Quality Backlinks | Ways to Rank #1 in Google Search

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A person who has recently started blogging has definitely come across SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When it comes to SEO, there are many factors that support it and one term that has reached the ear of every blogger is Backlinks.

How to Work with E- Commerce Companies in College | Affiliate Marketing Programs

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Before we get into Affiliate Marketing, let’s discuss the common worry of almost all the Parents- Excessive use of Cell phones & Social Media. Every mishappening is attributed to the use of cell phones-
“Having headaches?” “Cell Phones.”
“Failed the Exam?” “Cell Phones.”

What is Anchor Text and How can I Optimize it? SEO Guide 2019

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Anchor Text, also known as the link label or link title is the clickable text in a hyperlink that links to another location or document on the Web.

Blog Writing | How to Write a Perfect Blog Post?

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When you log in your Blog, the white screen scares and shakes you up to the core. Just like the way a Vampire demands blood, that blank white screen asks for nothing less than content to be fed to it otherwise it turns evil and gets you no audience and no earnings.

Start a Travel Blog | How to get Paid to Travel and Make Money

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That safari pic from your recent travel trip received several thumbs up and comments from your friends on social media which might have got you thinking- How to Start a Travel Blog and How to make money through Travel Blogging?

Start a Blog in College: 13 Reasons Why?

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Unless there is a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion and you are the chosen one to save the world, you have all the reasons and time to start a blog. 

9 Powerful Reasons Why You should Start Learning Digital Marketing in College

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Technology is constantly evolving and with the introduction of various factors such as Digital India initiative, introduction of 4G, more broadband connections etc, and with the increased use of Social Media, the customer behavior is changing, people are drifting and spending more time online.

Unemployment in India | 80-85% youngsters not trained for any Job: Narayana Murthy


Unemployment in India is on rise and why not? After all 10th result CBSE, 12th Result CBSE, 10th Result JKBOSE, 12TH Result JKBOSE- more than oxygen this is what can be found in Air.