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Start a Blog in College: 13 Reasons Why?

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Unless there is a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion and you are the chosen one to save the world, you have all the reasons and time to start a blog. 

9 Powerful Reasons Why You should Start Learning Digital Marketing in College

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Technology is constantly evolving and with the introduction of various factors such as Digital India initiative, introduction of 4G, more broadband connections etc, and with the increased use of Social Media, the customer behavior is changing, people are drifting and spending more time online.

Unemployment in India | 80-85% youngsters not trained for any Job: Narayana Murthy


Unemployment in India is on rise and why not? After all 10th result CBSE, 12th Result CBSE, 10th Result JKBOSE, 12TH Result JKBOSE- more than oxygen this is what can be found in Air.

More Than Your 12th Class Board Results, this is What Actually Matters

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Here’s the Dead End that repeats itself – You wake up in the morning, open your Facebook, Instagram, tag your friends in memes, check the likes you received in your last post, comment on other profiles mostly with the intention that they will comment back in your next post, spend hours chatting, put on your Helmet/ fasten your seatbelt (also known as the Basant Rath Effect), start your vehicle and miss your classes. You do this everyday- have fun, miss classes, enjoy life and at the end mess up your exams.

8 Free Social Media Management Tools to Improve your Social Media Marketing

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Everyday you log in your social media profile and the very next moment you realise that you’ve spent hours together scrolling through the feed, liking, commenting and sharing the content available on social media.

Well, you are not to be Blamed.

Blog post ideas | How to find Profitable Blog topics?

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People search Internet mainly for 2 reasons- For Entertainment or to find a solution to their problem. The rule of Blogging goes- “Don’t angry Google” and if your Blog is not serving any of the above two purposes then, let me tell you this- you will not get any readers and google will make sure that you get lost in the crowd.

That’s why niche blogs are popular and that’s why you need to carefully select one.

7 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO you need to use | Tried & Tested

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Now that your Blog is all set to hit the market, you need to have a set plan for your blog.

Blogging is not a one way process of curating, writing and publishing content instead it is a process of designing to developing a blog, creating to marketing a blog post. All this brings us to square one- KEYWORDS.

5 Things to Do in College to Set You Up for a Successful Career

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“12th tak padh lo beta, uske baad life set hai”

How often have you come across this statement? Twice? Uncountable times?

Well the pain is real.