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‘USTRAA’ Case Study | How Quirky Story Telling boomed Men’s grooming Sale


ABOUT HAPPILY UNMARRIED : Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand, 1998 both alumni of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad in a candid interview with AEC talk about their brand decisions about quirky campaigns and product packaging.

Digital Marketing Companies in Jammu| Why your Business needs it more in 2020

If you are planning to start learning Digital Marketing and are curious about which is the best digital marketing company in Jammu that people are literally checking out ,you’re in the right place then.

Basically, Digital marketing refers to all of your online marketing efforts.

[Revealed] 12 Perfect Blogging Niche Ideas that Makes You Money| PART 1


What are the most popular blog topics? If you’re starting a blog and curious about which niches make money and what people are literally checking out ,you’re in the right place then.

Blogging is something that can be very rewarding if you are truly committed to it and absolutely love what you’re writing about. However, getting started and staying focused on a Specific subject is something of a challenge to a lot of individuals in the beginning.

Digital Marketing during coronavirus: What you can Learn From Home During Self-Quarantine

Things You Need To Know About Marketing Your Business During The Coronavirus
(And Why It’s More Important Now Than Ever To CONTINUE Your Marketing Efforts!)

There are major challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic that the digital marketing community is facing right now, and we’re hard at work helping our associates continue to work effectively, serve their customers, and support their businesses in the midst of the crisis.

5+ Pro Tips on How to Write a Good Blog post in just 20 Minutes: From Start to Finish


Have you ever read an Amazing piece of content that really stuck with you? And that still makes an impact on you and inspires you on how to write a good blog post?

Well, let’s get it clear, Writing great blog posts isn’t easy.

But it’s not rocket science either!

Writing a blog post is a little like cooking; you can study Cooking Skills (or read articles telling you how to write a blog post) for months, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing. So, before we proceed, mark the words to practice what you read.

47+ Freelance Website for Beginners and Professionals to Make Money

What are Freelance Websites?

Freelance websites are platforms, where individuals can leverage their talent and offer their services in return for money from employers who outsource and post their requirements.

Being a freelancer is a superb way to flip your talent or hobby into cash. You can go for the projects that you like or you’re smart at, and can charge for your services.

Looking to Freelance? 5+ Successful Indian Freelancers who made it Big


‘BE YOUR OWN BOSS’- Almost every second influencer is blabbering out the same stuff on Social Media and creating a lot of fuzz around it. After ‘ Winter is Coming’, we guess this is the second buzz phrase that is boggling minds, especially of young college students.

But is Freelancing really worth the hype? And are people actually Freelancing?

[Live Training] #1 Google Digital Marketing Course in Jammu

How to  go for Google Certified Digital Marketing Course in Jammu

Iwant my name to be on the 1st page of Google”- This is a common answer to a very common question asked in Interviews. So, ‘Google needs no introduction’.

Talk about Internet and Google comes tap dancing into the conversation.

Now imagine having a certificate with you, having written on it?