Get hands on experience on your own Website, real time education, Live Analysis and access to high Quality E- Books.
Get Trainings and Mentorship from certified and experienced industry professionals through Live Webinar Series.
This course prepares you for top Digital Marketing Certification exams from companies like Google, Hubspot, SemRush. You also get viaENS Certificate after course completion.
An experienced Digital Marketer earns an average salary of 4-8 lakhs per year.
Learn about Powerful Google Tools right from Google Search Console, Google Ads, Google AdSense to Google Analytics that top Marketers & Businesses are using.

Skills you will learn

Digital Marketing & Blogging Basics

Content Marketing & SEO

Social Media Marketing

Google Webmmaster & Analytics

Google Adsense

Affiliate Marketing

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    Key Features :

    # Global Industry Exposure

    This Course is designed to cover fundamentals & techniques with special focus on every technological aspect to develop you into a complete Industry Professional.

    # Live Projects

    Get hands on experience, from Website Creation to its overall Internet Marketing through practical implementation on your Website.

    # Interactive Live Webinars

    Master the basics of digital marketing with training Modules, Industry Case Studies, live Webinars and special doubt clearing sessions.

    # Expert Support & Assistance

    Get Learner Assistance & Technical Support by our team of well experienced Trainers.

    About The Course

    Google Digital Marketing Course will aid you to learn absolutely everything from Search Engines, Search Marketing, Paid advertising to social media, Mobile Marketing, Analytics and beyond.
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    Who all should attend?

    College Students

    Graduates from any stream (BA, BSc, BCom, BBA, BCA, Engineering, Designing, Law, CA) can apply for Digital Marketing course to make the skillset & Resume awe-inspiring/extraordinary.

    Business Owners

    Improve business productivity & Increase your Brand visibility with Digital Marketing Course and higher ROI. Your employees could learn it for you.

    Post Graduates

    Post Graduates from any stream (MA, MSc, MCom, MBA, MCA, M.Tech) can go for digital marketing to open up exciting career opportunities and gain extra skills.

    Startups & Entrepreneurs

    Gain the marketing edge over your competition through exceptional Digital Marketing skill & bring it closer to your target audience, for we know you want to beat your competition.

    IT & Marketing Professionals

    Digital Marketing is a prerequisite skill now for IT & Marketing Professionals for significantly higher growth in terms of salary and the roles you can get in the industry.

    Freelancers & Influencers

    Learn professional techniques to Increase Audience, Monetize your content & upscale your earning potential. Get more Projects & Brand collaborations.

    Course Curriculum


    • What is marketing?
    • What is digital marketing?

    • Digital Advertisement v/s Traditional Advertisement with example

    • Case Study on Zomato’s Digital Marketing Strategies

    • What are the types of Digital Marketing?

    • What are the Benefits of digital marketing?

    • What you can do after learning digital marketing Or Opportunities for Students in the Industry?

    • A brief introduction to Basic Terminologies

    • What is Blogging?

    • What is viaENS and how will viaENS help you in all this?

    • What is a blog?

    • Why should one go with a paid blog instead of a free one?

    • Detailed information on blogging

    • The platforms one could blog or work online

    • Importance of SEO and social media in the digital world

    • Monetization/income sources for a website

    • Famous blogs and bloggers of India
        • Introduction to Website hosting

        • Difference between Paid and Free Hosting?

        • What is Managed Hosting?

        • What are the Features of WordPress?

        • Basic Structure of a Blog

        • How to open the Backend of the website?

        • How to edit profile and change your wordpress password?

        • How to select and activate a Theme?

        • How to Add and Delete Widgets?

        • How to create categories and menus?

        • How to install and activate a Theme?

        • How to change permalink?

        • How to create pages?

        • How to add a new post?

    • Introduction to Content

    • Basic Structure of a Blog Post

    • Structure of the Paragraphs

    • Structuring the Blog Post

    • Embedding videos and handles

    • Evergreen v/s Trending Content

    • How to Find Trending Content

    • Images for Blog

    • Revision of the entire Blog

    • What is a Keyword?

    • Different Types of Keywords

    • Why Not to Use Keyword Research Tools

    • Google Keyword Planner (How to Set-Up and Use)

    • How to Find Out Low Competition Keywords using Google Itself

    • How to Find Out Trending Topics for your Blogs

    PRO (Term 1)

    • The History of INSTAGRAM

    • Instagram Algorithm

    • Instagram for Business & Bloggers

    • Setting up your profile on Instagram

    • Instagram Content Strategies & Case Studies

    • The Rule of Thirds

    • Tricks to get more followers

    • Hashtag, Stories, IGTV & Boomerang

    • Twitter Marketing

    • How Twitter is different than other social networks

    • Twitter Marketing Terminologies

    • Marketing your blog via Twitter

    • Why should marketers care about Social Media?

    • Introduction to various Social Media Platforms

    • Facebook Marketing Terminology

    • The Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm and how it works

    • What is organic reach on Facebook, why it very low for most brand pages and how to deal with it

    • How to approach content marketing on social media

    • The psychology of social sharing

    • How to measure content effectiveness

    • How different brands have created share worthy content for their social media

    • Promoting Blog via Facebook

    • Audience Insight

    • How do Search Engines work?

    • SEO Terminologies

    • Analysis of search results

    • Website ranking on search engines

    • Ranking Factors

    • Case study of SEO

    • Google Webmaster Set Up

    • Analyzing the Performance Reports

    • Submitting your Articles in the Google Index using URL Inspection Tool

    • Finding Out Errors and How you can Solve them

    • Submitting Your Sitemaps in Google

    • Removing Unnecessary URLs from Google

    • Introduction to Google Analytics

    • Segments of Google Analytics(sidebar)

    • Linking Google Analytics with Search Console

    • Tracking Links

    • Setting up Goals and creating Funnels

      • What is Website Optimization?

      • Types Of Optimization

      • Why Website Optimization is Important?

      • Website Optimization Strategies

      • Web Page Analyzer Tools

      • Plugins to Optimize your Website

      • Live Performance Reports

    PRO (Term 2)

      • Introduction to Content Marketing

      • Why Content Marketing?

      • The Content Marketing model

      • Flow of Content Marketing

      • The Terminologies

      • Questions that need to be asked

      • Best strategies for effective Content Marketing

      • AIDA Principle

      • Additional Tips

    • Introduction to Backlinks

    • Importance of Link Building

    • Basis to Build Links

    • Link Building Strategies

    • Tools for Spying Competitor’s Backlinks

    • Google Search Console Basics

    • Website Auditing

    • Creating & setting up a Youtube channel

    • Creating Content for YouTube (Title, CTA)

    • Youtube SEO

    • Marketing YouTube Video

    • Monetizing via Youtube (Introduction to Youtube Partner Program)

    • Youtube Analytics

    • Set up & Optimize Quora & Reddit

    • Identifying & Answering Questions related to your Niche

    • How to Drive Traffic from Quora & Reddit

    • Comment karma & Link Karma

    • Tracking Progress

    • Common Mistakes to avoid on Forums

    • Introduction to Google AdSense

    • Why Google AdSense

    • Benefits of AdSense

    • Checklist before applying for AdSense

    • How to apply for AdSense

    • Perfect Ad Placement & types of ads

    • Reasons why AdSense is disapproved

    • Best practices to avoid getting adsense account banned

    • How to get high CPC

    • Infolinks

    • Sponsored posts

    • Start as a Freelancer

    • What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

    • Purpose/ Where is Affiliate Marketing used?

    • Scope of Affiliate Marketing

    • Income Report of Affiliate Marketers

    • Terminologies associated with Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Networks

    • How does campaign Tracking work?

    • Platforms to practice Affiliate Marketing

    • Media Buying

    • INRDeals

    • Introduction to E-mail Marketing

    • Terminologies Related to E-mail Marketing

    • Transactional & Marketing E-mail campaigns

    • Content Creation for optimizing E-mails

    • Introduction to E-mail Marketing Software – MailChimp

    • Strategies to avoid Spam Filter

    • E-mail Testing Tools

    Tools Covered

    Keyword Tools

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    Analytics Tools

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    SEO Tools

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    Market Tools

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    Social Media Tools

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    Client Logo
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    Editing Tools

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    Global Certifications

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    Siddharth Gupta

    Siddharth Gupta

    He holds an experience of over 12 years in the digital industry, he is a Microsoft, Google, Honeywell & Amazon Certified Professional. manages the strategic operations as well as takes care of building growth hacking strategies for INRDeals.
    Jasleen Kour

    Jasleen Kour

    Content Writer with Jammu Links news, then Started working with INRDeals Then became the Brand Manager at viaENS.
    Apart from this, I also run a passion project “Winged Soul” where I share my other side (The creative one)
    Simran Kour

    Simran Kour

    Experience of working as a content Writer in Netsmartz Info Tech. now working as a support manager in viaENS - fixing technical issues and solving queries behind the screen. I have also worked on real time Blogging Projects.
    Bannie Mahajan

    Bannie Mahajan

    Managing websites as a Support Manager, Handling technical end of live websites. Website designing at eSpeed. Server Analyst from past 3 years and have been handling the complete system of viaENS.
    Rahul Kumar

    Rahul Kumar

    Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant, Skilled in Organic Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Business Development, Management, and Customer Acquisition. He is a Google Certified Digital Marketer and SEMrush Certified SEO Expert.

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