[Winning Strategies] A Case Study on Zomato’s Digital Marketing Strategy

zomato's digital marketing strategy

Zomato’s Digital Marketing Strategy

“I’m hungry, let’s do Zomato.”

“I don’t have energy to go anywhere, let’s do Zomato.”

“Corona is walking free on the streets, let’s sit inside and order from Zomato.”

Zomato is omnipresent in every plan. It has dominated the Food delivery Industry and is one of the most talked about ‘Food Discovery Platforms.

Zomato is like a family now and it has ensured that it creates a passionate community around itself.

It’s not uncommon to find a Zomato fan on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram these days.

Some brands have grown exponentially since their inception and Zomato is definitely one of them.

You must be thinking, How did they manage it? What did they do to increase their customer base?

“What did Zomato do to keep their consumers coming back?”

According to the research we conducted, we’ve figured out that Zomato’s Digital Marketing Strategy and Zomato’s Social Media Strategy played a major part in creating its strong Brand presence in the market.

We’ve compiled few digital marketing strategies and Social Media Strategies used by Zomato to give you an insight into what they have been doing and how they have been doing it.

About Zomato

When Zomato launched, it aimed to be the ‘top best restaurant search and discovery platform’. It had the names of various restaurants, their menu, their prices, reviews and other details on its platform. It provided in-depth information of over 1.4 million restaurants across 23 countries.

Over the years, it has successfully converted itself into a web food delivery platform. People can now order food from the restaurants near them using their app or website. Zomato has delivery executives who develop the order from the eatery and deliver it to the address provided by the customer.

A Case Study on Zomato’s Digital Marketing Strategy


Zomato's Digital Marketing Strategy

Zomato’s audience includes people between 18 to 35 years aged who have access to smartphones and are comfortable in using mobile apps.

It targets two sorts of customers:

  1. The First group includes people that want to order their food home.
  2. The Second group includes people that like better to eat out.In lot of cases, these groups overlap.

It offers food delivery to those that need it delivered and also gives incentives to people to eat out through its Zomato Gold program.

Working professionals who need food in their offices, students who need food in their hostels, people that don’t have time or space to cook for themselves, and other people who occasionally wish to eat outside food- all form a part of Zomato’s target audience.

Marketing Strategies: Search Engine Optimization

The Zomato blog is the company’s mouthpiece where it shares all the latest updates about the brand and its initiatives. Though the posts are written very well, there is no regularity here as well.

Zomato has put a lot of efforts in SEO.

As per Ubersuggest data, it ranks in India for 816,952 keywords as on July 2019. It’s organic traffic is 6,719,882 users.


Zomato's Digital Marketing Strategy

How has it managed to try to to so well?

It is very difficult to get to understand the search engine Optimisation techniques utilized by Zomato because they have blocked all the SEO tools from scanning their sites. However, we’ve tried to search out a number of their techniques and list them here.

Zomato uses Keywords in URL


Zomato's Digital Marketing StrategyZomato takes the top keywords in their niche and creates web page URLs of them. This tells the search engine that their pages are relevant to the search query of the user. This is a very good strategy to ensure that your website ranks.

Zomato gets backlinks from 12,274,172 unique domains. It also gets 233 backlinks from high authority domains like .gov and .edu domains. All this increases the Domain Authority of Zomato’s domain and helps it rank higher. 

Zomato's Digital marketing Strategy


Zomato uses Keywords on the web pages


Zomato's Digital Marketing strategy

Keywords that include food names, restaurant names, and phrases like “order food online in Mumbai” tell the search engines that these pages have the content related to these search queries.

Zomato’s Social Media Strategy Explained

Zomato's Digital marketing Strategy

Zomato is active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As of July 2020, it has 169k followers on Instagram, 1.9 Million followers on Facebook and 1.4 Million followers on Twitter. Let’s analyse it Platform wise

Platform-wise Strategy


According to interview, Mr. Pramod Rao, VP Marketing, Zomato, talks about the new social Zomato and the social media strategy that powers its presence on various social media platforms. Read on…

Facebook and Twitter are two different social networks with distinct user behaviors. How is your Facebook strategy different from your strategy for Twitter?

Because Twitter allows for real time conversation, it is used on a daily basis to respond to queries from people asking for recommendations. We also periodically run contests on Twitter, Foodie Friday being one that has taken off and seen a great response. The Yummy Yatra happened recently and was covered live almost entirely on Twitter. Twitter is less about updates, more about conversation/engagement.

Facebook is a little static in comparison, and is more a platform for updates from Zomato. For example, our new TV commercial, posts fresh off our official blog, or photo albums from events conducted by us.

What tools do you use to manage your Twitter community? Why do you find them useful?

We use a couple of third party tools to manage our Twitter account. Below are our views on the same:

Tweet deck (now owned by Twitter) has been a very effective tool to manage interactions with the community and keep a track of what’s happening in the domain we are in. It has a neat layout which arranges different things you want to track (could be a hashtag, mentions, specific accounts etc and that enables you to

(a) organize feeds better and (b) respond quickly.

We are experimenting with Sprout Social as well. From what we have experienced it has been great tool when you have a team working on the same social media account. You can email queries on Twitter directly from the interface to the person you want it answered from, can assign follow-up tasks easily and also monitor the performance on social media through several metrics that Sprout Social tracks.


A visual treat and a foodie’s true delight, the content shared on their Pinterest channel is simply amazing! Though the account doesn’t boast of a huge follower count, the content is simply amazing.

Zomato’s Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media Marketing will have to keep changing according to the current trends. They will have to find new ways to attract their consumers’ attention. Right now, they are doing a great job. If they continue working hard on it, they are going to reap a lot of benefits for it.

What do you think about Zomato’s online marketing? How do you think they can improve it? Do let us know in the comments below.

Zomato Spends ₹1.2K Crore On Advertising, Reports 3x Revenue Growth

Zomato's Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Zomato spent Rs 1214 crore in FY19 on advertising, a 15-fold rise from 2018 and posted 3 times increase in revenue in FY19.

At $206 million, Zomato posted a 3-fold increase in revenue in FY19, while its costs stood at $500 million. “We’ve had tremendous growth helped by aggressive marketing investment to acquire new users and be the first-to-market in many Indian cities. Being first-to-market gives us a distinct competitive advantage in the food supply business, in our experience.

Food delivery in India is building an entirely new market; 70 percent of our regular users in Kolhapur have never experienced food delivery (even over a phone call) in their lives, and Zomato was the first food delivery experience of their lives. All the marketing investments we made in FY19 will bear fruit in FY20 and beyond — when we know the users ‘ LTV (Lifetime Value) we’ve gained, “said the company statement.

Things have been getting more interesting in the delivery universe with Zomato’s feisty and savage advertising. In 2019, the brand launched its big TV campaign for the ‘On-Time or Free’ feature, based on the theme ‘Kabhi to late ho jaata’.

The ad shows users who opted for ‘On-Time or Free’ with a hope that Zomato will be late, only to be disappointed when it comes right on time. The ‘Thoda sa late ho jaata’ song on the background depicts the emotions of users frustrated to receive their order on time, every time. The company also roped in Vijay Deverakonda to represent the campaign in the Southern markets.

Zomato tweeted a picture of three cups of tea, strategically placed to mimic the newly launched phone’s three-camera design. The ad copy even took a jibe with the tag line “For less than 199” on the exorbitant price tag of the handset.

The online ad became a testimony to Zomato’s moment marketing skills, which the brand has come to strengthen over the years.


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