What is Search Engine and List of top 10 Search Engines


When it comes to search engine there are only few names pops out in our mind Google, Bing, Yahoo, that’s all or the one we’re using in our daily life. But do you really think the term search engine is limited this much only, well obviously not.

That little search box in our computer that helps in finding files and folders performs the same function as search engine does. Also the same does by the search widget in our smartphones. So, If we sum this up then it comes to a conclusion that anything whether it’s a website, program or even a small plugin or widget which helps in finding things is search engine.

How does Search Engine works?

It’s quite simple in small applications and as tough as rocket science when it comes to big search machines of internet. So how do they work?

To find what you’re after, a search engine will scan its index of webpages for content related to your search. A search engine makes this index using a program called a ‘web crawler’. This automatically browses the web and stores information about the pages it visits.

Every time a web crawler visits a webpage, it makes a copy of it and adds its URL to an index. Once this is done, the web crawler follows all the links on the page, repeating the process of copying, indexing and then following the links. It keeps doing this, building up a huge index of many webpages as it goes.

Some websites stop web crawlers from visiting them. These pages will be left out of the index, along with pages that no-one links to.

The information that the web crawler puts together is then used by search engines. It becomes the search engine’s index. Every webpage recommended by a search engine has been visited by a web crawler.

How do Search Engines order results?

Search engines sort results to show you the ones they think are the most useful.

Search engine-

(Also called retrieval engine)

Search engine is basically a website that collects and manage the content from all over the world.It is a software program or script that is available through  the internet  that search document for specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found.

To understand better about search engine lets find out why people use it. Generally, people use search engine for three reasons i.e Research,Shopping or for Entertainment.Examples for search-engine is that their version of journalism is to focus on things like “keyword density” and search-engine optimization.

A search engine is really a general class of programs, however, the term is often used to specifically describe systems like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search that enable users to search for documents on the World Wide Web.

Processes of Search Engine:

A search engine maintains the following processes in near real time:

1.Web crawling



Computer program that searches databases and internet sites for the documents containing keywords specified by a user. Some search engines allow inclusion of Boolean operators (see Boolean search) such as ‘And,’ ‘Or,’ ‘Not,’ that make a search specific and faster.

An alternative to using a search engine is to explore a structured directory of topics. Yahoo, which also lets you use its search engine, is the most widely-used directory on the Web. A number of Web portal sites offer both the search engine and directory approaches to finding information.

A good knowledge of hexadecimal and binary will give you a edge in understanding search engines and the computer science behind it. If you are familiar with Hexadecimal Charts then Hex to Decimal conversion will be quite easy for you.

List of Top 50 Search Engines:

• A9.comLookSmart.com• KellySearch.com
• AllTheWeb.com• A9.com
• AOL.com  *• MaviCaNet.com
• AltaVista.com  * (popular language translator)• Lycos.com  *
• Alexa.com –  Important search engine• Mamma.com
• MSN.com (Bing) –  1st search engine introduce by Microsoft• Lookup.com
• Ask.com  *• MetaCrawler
• BBC – Search the web• MonsterCrawler.com
• Buzzle.com• Answers.com
• Comcast.net• MyWebSearch.com
• DMOZ.org• MyWaySearch.com
• Dogpile.com• Findit2000.net
• EuroSeek.com• Netscape Search  *
• Excite.com• TheNet1.com
• NBCi and BingBC.com• PlanetSearch.com
• FindWhat.com• Pathfinder / Time-Warner
• GenieKnows.com• Rediff.com – India’s good search engine
• Gigablast.com• Scour.com
• Google.com – No.1 search engine• Go2Net.com
• Go.com *• Searchit.com
• Search.com• SearchKing.com
• HogSearch.com• Smarter.com
• HotBot.com• Snap.com
• WiseNut.com• SplatSearch.com
• InfoSpace.com• WebCrawler.com *
Yahoo.com –  Worldwide 2nd rank search engine• Where2Go.com
• JumpCity.com• Info.com
• Kanoodle• IXQuick.com
• factbites.com• findsounds.com

List of Top 10 Search Engines:

These are the 10 best and most popular search engines on the Internet today. The list is by no means complete and for sure many more will be created in the future but as far as the first places are concerned, Google and Bing will hold the lead positions for years to come.

1). Google

Google assesses the value of a webpage based on the number of back links i.e links back to your website. Links from pages that are seen as important by Google weigh more heavily and increase the ranking of the linked pages. Google also analyses the relevancy of the content on the page and other factors like mobile-friendliness. The Google ranking algorithm changes constantly. It can be useful to keep up to date with the latest changes.

2). Bing

Bing is Microsoft’s attempt to challenge Google in the area of search but despite their efforts they still did not manage to convince users that their search engine can produce better results than Google.

3). Yahoo

Yahoo is still the most popular email provider and according toreports holds the third place in search.

4). Ask.com

ASK is based on a question/answer format where most questions are answered by other users or are in the form of polls.

5). AOL.com

The AOL network includes many popular websites like engadget.com, techchrunch.com and the huffingtonpost.com.

6). Blekko.com

Blekko.com was developed by ex-Googlers and they present themselves as the “spam free search engine”. It is better suited for webmasters and SEO’s who need more data for SEO purposes rather than normal users.

7). Wolframalpha

it as a Computational Knowledge Engine which can give you facts and data for a number of topics. It can do all sorts of calculations.

8). DuckDuckGo

Duckduckgo will be used by other search engines and with some proper funding duckduckgo can get a decent search engine market share. It has a clean interface, it does not track users, it is not fully loaded with ads and has a number of very nice features (only one page of results, you can search directly other web sites).

9). WayBackMachine – archive.org:

It is very useful tool if you want to trace the history of a domain and examine how it has changed over the years.

10). ChaCha.com

If you search “What is the best search engine?” you will get an answer that Google is the best and most popular search engine and Yahoo is on the second place.


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