What is Keyword Stuffing and Why you should avoid it???

Black hat seo, Keyword Stuffing, Boost seo by keyword stuffing

You have read about all the techniques to apply for making you website rank highest but here is an article through which you can avoid the biggest blunder made by all the bloggers i.e. “Keyword Stuffing”. It is a black hat techniques which tells us how to avoid these mistakes so that your website can be saved from throwing away, from Google’s list. Hope you find this article useful.

Repeating your keywords in an unnatural way is not good for your users and often results in a lower – not higher, ranking in Google.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Webpages are often filled with repetitive usage of keywords, this is called “keyword stuffing”.

Keyword stuffing is the practice of inserting a large number of keywords into Web content and meta tags in the attempt to artificially increase a page’s ranking in search results and drive more traffic to the site. A keyword is a significant term that is relevant to the content in question.

This method no longer works, but people still try it. Your webpage is a way to communicate with potential customers, so clear communication and word usage is important on your webpages so your potential customers know what you are offering and trust you as a resource.

If the text you use on your webpage seems spammy or unnatural people will go find a better resource for their needs.

Examples of keyword stuffing include:

Black hat seo, Keyword Stuffing, Boost seo by keyword stuffing

  • Lists of phone numbers without substantial added value.
  • Blocks of text listing cities and states a webpage is trying to rank for.

Repeating the same words or phrases so often that it sounds unnatural, for example: We sell custom cigar humidors. Our custom cigar humidors are homemade If you’re thinking of buying a custom cigar humidor, please contact our custom cigar humidor specialists at [email protected].

Keyword stuffing is now considered a strictly black-hat tactic.”

 Why shouldn’t I use keyword stuffing?

  • The main reason to not use this method is because the use of such language is not useful to your users. Nobody wants to read a paragraph of text using the same words over and over unnaturally.
  • The main reason most people have stopped using keyword stuffing is because it doesn’t help you rank in Google anymore.
  • Google dislikes black hat tactics like SEO keyword stuffing because those methods focus on beating the search engine algorithm rather than a great user experience.

According to Google, keyword stuffing is not only unethical — it’s also ineffective. Meta tags are no longer used to rank websites, so keywords placed in that field are ignored. 



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