We all know companies, we know their products, we do use them in daily life; but does anyone know that the lovely advertisements that make you believe in a product, is also actually a company working its product, that is, advertisement; these are compelling consumers to buy, to believe in something.

There are companies who specialize in making products and some companies that specialize in promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy. Do you notice the hoardings on a traffic signal? All those occupying your mind, you read them while you are waiting. Have you ever received tuition pamphlets, all those divert your mind towards a particular institution helping you cover your syllabus. And do you notice your car service centre; put its sticker on your car?

Well for your knowledge these influential pieces catching your eyes at every phase of your life are the advertisements in different forms, of all those small to big products available in the market.

Advertisement is hence the formula to popularity of these big and small products and services available in the market.

What is Advertisement (Concept of Advertising)?

Marketing/Promotion or Advertising is a type of communication medium which help brands to reach out people and potential customers, through different channels; namely: Television, Radio, Newspapers, Hoardings, Events, Internet, etc. It is a creative concept which helps the audience understands about the products or services of companies available in the market.

How do you come to know about brands like Ask Me Bazaar, American Swan, Vivo Mobiles and Reliance Jio, what about Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale and Snapdeal Diwali Dhamaka? We all get to know about these brands and events via their continuous advertisement in TV Shows, Newspaper, Facebook & Instagram Sponsored Posts, and other advertising channels.

But all this is about the big products out there in the market. Yet most apt form of advertising for anyone would be social media. Internet offers the freedom to Advertisers, the Advertising Networks, the publishers and the consumers. Internet offers a very direct and easy approach for companies to advertise their products and reach the desired audience. We are living in the time of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google; these companies are offering freedom of content to us. The reach Internet Marketing provides to Advertisers is very economic, specific and targeted and to a much broader audience and generate more advantageous outcomes.

Advertisement is a double advantage to society and to business. The society is aware, the business is profited; both develop and help advertising companies to develop in return. When a good advertisement is displayed, it catches your eye; it automatically catches your mind fixing it in your memory. Now, that an influence is created in your mind, you desire and then you buy. That is what an advertisement is doing.

Certainty prevails when a business is already established, all you need is a big venture to benefit you to mass following. For that, entrepreneurs often hire an advertising company. Their product then hires a brand ambassador; a famous face in public to influence people deeply. And when they shoot down an influential script with such faces, people are nicely building trust on that product. Hence, they are influenced to buy such a product.

For e.g.: Your favourite actor these days is endorsing Chings noodles despite of your dislike towards its taste you are influenced to buy and taste it, because the recommendation is directly coming from your own likable source.

On an average more than 53% of revenue is spent on Advertising. $660 billion worth of Global Advertising Revenue has amounted in 2016 and it is expected to cross $700 billion in 2017. It is a huge business and, the smart and the opportunist ones are making a lot out of it. Your creativity is needed in such a job which can enhance your abilities, so you can just start from social media. To convince people to buy your endorsement is a task not so easy. “The exponential growth of Advertisers and consumers on Internet generates demand for Innovative Publishers on Internet”. So now you can use internet to enhance your ability.

Advertisement thus helps you enhance your creativity channelize it to people good and make a lot of money out of it; also it helps you enhance your small business, absolutely new facing harsh competitive market conditions.


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