What Are Backlinks in SEO & What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Backlinks?


Do you know everything about On-Page SEO but still struggling to find the type of success that you are wondering from your blog? If this is the case with you, then you should really try some Off-Page SEO or try to make some Backlinks from some authority websites.

Now some of you might be wondering- What is Off-Page SEO?

From my experience, I can tell you that Off-Page SEO is like the Grease you throw in the burning fire. Similarly how Grease can aggravate the fire. From this strange phrase I mean that by the use of proper Off-Page SEO strategies, you can really skyrocket your On-Page SEO results.

What are Backlinks? or How can Backlinks help you in getting your blogs ranked in Google? 

Don’t worry! In this blog, I will tell you What are Backlinks and How Backlinks help your blogs to easily rank on Google. But first, let me start by telling you- What are Backlinks?

What are Backlinks?


A Backlink is a hypertext that you receive from another website. In other words, a blackink is an outbound link that you receive from another website.

But the science behind a backlink is not that simple like its definition. Backlinks are a very important aspect in terms of Search Engine Optimization. You can also consider a backlink as a vote of trust you got from some other website. And for Google, it is a very important ranking factor.

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If a large number of websites are linking to your website or one of your webpage, this will give search engine an indication that this content is worthy to show up on the SERP. In a way, a large number of quality backlinks can increase the chance of your webpage to show up in the SERP or increase your search visibility.

But getting a backlink does not always mean that it will always improve your performance on the SERP. If the backlink is coming from a high quality source, then it boosts your rankings but if the backlink is coming from a low quality source, then it can damage your website as a whole.

Now the question is how a bad quality source backlink can affect your website. But before digging deep into the concept of backlinks, let’s revise some common terminologies that will help you in understanding the concept of Off-Page SEO or Backlinks.

Some Common Terminologies Regarding Off-Page SEO

  1. Link Juice- It is not some kind of juice that you can get from a supermarket. But on the contrary, when a website links to one of your webpages, it transfers some kind of authority signals to your website, and we can refer to those signals as link juice.

  2. Do-Follow Link- When someone links to your webpage and the link juice gets passed from the linking domain to the linked domain, that type of link is known as Do-Follow link.

  3. No-Follow Link- When someone links to your webpage, but the link has a no-follow attribute in it. This means that no juice will be passed from the linking domain to the linked domain.

  4. Anchor Text- The clickable text that is used to link we use to link one webpage to another.

Now let’s see how backlinks can positively or negatively affect your website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Backlinks 


As I’ve mentioned that Backlinks can have a both positive and negative impact on your website. So in the coming lines, we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of backlinks. Let’s start with the advantages first.

Advantages of Backlinks

  1. Better Rankings on SERP- Search Engines see backlinks as a vote of confidence. The more backlinks you have from some quality sources, the better you will perform on the SERP.

  2. Increases Authority- If you get backlinks from some high quality sources, it increases your authority a.k.a. trustworthiness in the eyes of Google. This will help you get rankings faster and better.

  3. Rank other Pages- With the help of proper internal strategy, you can rank other pages of your website as well by transferring link juice.

  4. Improves Discoverability- More quality backlinks mean more authority. This makes it easier to rank on google which will lead to more people discovering your website on the SERP.

  5. Referral Traffic- This is one of the best advantages of getting a backlink that you get traffic from other sources. A person is more likely to click on a link to find out more about the topic

  6. Faster Indexing Rater- Getting links from more and more domains gives link signals to your website and these signals makes it easier for the crawlers to find your webpage.

Disadvantages of Backlinks 

  1. Low-Quality Links- Getting backlinks from spam websites or websites with a high spam score can backfire on your website as it’s affect your rankings badly.

  2. Effect on On-Page SEO- Having spammy backlinks on a blog post can really hurt the On-Page SEO of a page. It will get difficult for you to rank on Google.

  3. Penalty from Google- The biggest disadvantage of making a large number of Backlinks is that it can lead you to a penalty from Google. This mostly happens when you get backlinks from a website with a high spam score or any website that is violating Google’s guidelines.

How Backlinks Work?


The way Backlinks work is based on something known as ‘’Vote of Confidence’’. If someone links to one of your webpage, then the link juice from his website will be transferred to your webpage and this will give Google an indication which will lead your blog post or web page to get a better position in the SERP.

Let’s understand this with an example-

Suppose there are two people- Luke and Bray. Luke works for a very famous entertainment magazine’s blog and Bray writes a very interesting article on the Kardashians. Luke finds this article about the Kardashians very interesting and decided to write an article in his blog on the same topic.

Since he got the inspiration from Bray, Luke decides to link to link Bray’s article in the magazine’s blog. Since the magazine is very famous and has very high authority on Google, linking to Bray’s article will pass the link juice to Bray’s article. This will lead his article to rank better on Google and get more traffic.

What Makes a Backlink, Quality Backlink?


Till now, you would have known that only quality backlinks matter for our website. But now the main question is What makes a Quality Backlink. Well, there are a few factors around a backlink that makes it quality. And all of those factors are mentioned below:

  1. Quality of the Link- I’ve mentioned it several times in this blog and I am gonna say it again, when you are getting a backlink from a source, the quality of the link matters the most. You can also analyse the backlink profile of the source to check whether the backlink source is reliable or not.

  2. Authority- Getting links from an authority website can really help you in driving some extra visitors to your website. You can check the authority of a website by using some third part metrics such as Ahref’s DR or Moz’s DA.

  3. Traffic of the Source- It is also very important to check from where the backlink souce is getting the majority of its traffic from. Websites getting majority from Google and from Relevant sources are more trustworthy to Google and getting a link from those websites can really help you boost your rankings.

  4. Indexed Websites- Always try to get links from those websites that are indexed on Google. Imagine getting a link from a website that is not even on Google.

  5. Type of Outbound Link- How someone is linking to your webpage also matters. If someone is linking to you on a properly optimized anchor text, it will provide more value to your website as compared to getting a link from anywhere randomly.

How to Build Quality Backlinks in 2020


After knowing all these things about backlinks, most of you must be wondering how you can get quality backlinks in 2020. Well, I know a bunch of techniques that will really help you and your blog get quality backlinks in 2020. So let’s check them out-

  1. Write Quality Content and Your Blog Must be Attractive

This is one of the easiest and most effective way of getting a ton of backlinks automatically in 2020. Consider you’ve written a great blog post with proper grammar and images and you blogs also looks great from its design perspective.

When someone will visit you page and they will notice how great you’ve written in that particular topic, they consider to link to your blog. This will help them provide value to their visitor by giving a reference to a great and enjoyable that you’ve written.

This will also result in some referral traffic as well.

  1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the most reliable ways in building backlinks in 2020 for your blog. Many websites have guest posting category where many contributors can contribute content to someone else’s website and in return, they’ll get 1 or 2 backlinks.

But now the main question is- How to find websites that let you guest post?

For this, you can use various search operators like

  • [your_topic] “write for us”

  • [your_topic] “become an author”

  • [your_topic] “guest post”

  • [your_topic] “guest article”

  • [your_topic] inurl:contribute

or you can alo use a website named DropmyLink. Just sign up for free, enter your keyword and select the search operator that you want to choose and it will show you all the relevant sites on which you can guest post.

  1. Outreach

Outreach is also one of the most trending ways in getting a bunch of backlinks. It is time consuming but yet very effective. Basically you contact some other website and try to insist them by linking back to you.

How will you do it?

You can write a quality blog post and send them to all other people who are writing in the same niche and ask them to publish this article on their website. In return, you ask them to give credits or link back to you.

Or you can also use the Broken Link Building Strategy. In this, you analyse your competitors website and you find out all the broken links that they are still linking to. You can give them an alternate link to which they can link replacing that broken link that was probably affecting their On-Page SEO.

  1. Comment on Relevant Websites?

Many people believe that commenting backlinking strategy is considered spamming in 2020. Well, if you’ll ask me, I’ll say the same but if you’ll find some authoritative website and your comment provides value to other users, it will surely be considered as a quality backlink.

  1. Participate in Forums

If you find any forum relevant to the niche of your blog, there is a very high probability that you can get a ton of backlinks from there. Basically people visiting that forum will have a higher rate of interest in reading about what you are reading and sharing it with others on other platforms.


So I’ve told you almost everything you need to know about backlinks. This article can be a pepper backlink guide for you if you understand each and every thing I’ve explained properly and by following the above mentioned techniques, you can drive a lot of backlinks to your website easily. Hope you’ve liked it and if you think that I’ve missed something, then do let me in the comments section below.

-By Vatsal Sharma


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