Why you should be using INR.DEALS ?


Our publisher partners love us and we are sure you would too, when you know more about INR.DEALS. We ourselves are a publisher and we understand very well, common issues faced by any publishing platform when they want to start earning via affiliate marketing. We provide many features that makes monetization of your website not only effective but extremely easy.


Aggregated Reporting

You get detailed insights on a single dashboard panel. Gone are the days when you would put everything in excel and follow up with thousands of merchants and hundreds of affiliate networks for payouts. We provide insights like the most clicked merchant link, individual revenue earnings (EPC, Conversion rate) from each merchants.

2 Minute Installation

Our javascript installation is so easy that you will wonder why you have been doing all the hard work of manually inserting affiliate links every time. As soon as you are approved, you install javascript code in your website footer and all the links gets monetized. It does not matter how old your content is !!

200+ Merchants and counting

We work with all the major affiliate networks in the Country and we also work with many merchants directly. We can assure you that we provide most number of merchants under one single roof. And you dont even need to apply for each merchant. You are instantly approved for all the merchants, once you inr.deals account is approved.

Single Point of Payout

We provide Net45 payment to our publishers and you do not need to contact any merchant or affiliate network for payout. We send you a cheque or do a direct transfer to your account. All you need to do is write great content and everything else is taken care by us.


  1. As per your this article, that point (2 minute installation) says we have to install javascript code in our website footer and all the links will get monetized. Here I want to ask from where will we get that javascript code. Please help !


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