Unemployment in India | 80-85% youngsters not trained for any Job: Narayana Murthy


Unemployment in India is on rise and why not? After all 10th result CBSE, 12th Result CBSE, 10th Result JKBOSE, 12TH Result JKBOSE- more than oxygen this is what can be found in Air.

Every discussion, every meeting, every party, every celebration has this query, “Bache result kab aa raha hai?” What they actually mean is “Jaldi se number batao so that we Judge you based on that and then create tantrums accordingly”. This is what our education has succumbed to; more than what you’ve learnt, it is all about “pados wali aunty kya kahegi?”

Our Education System requires proper cleansing with holy water. The conventional methods of rote learning produces flocks of graduates every year who are ready to enter the next phase of their life but are they actually prepared?

Reading Recipe books won’t make you a good chef unless you actually execute and master that skill. A month before you were being judged on if you could successfully solve that pythagoras equation while the very next month you are pushed into the real world- All clueless about what is to be done.

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Everybody is whining about the increasing unemployment rate and the increasing unemployment in India but before blaming the government ask yourself if you are really qualified with the industry skills? What kind of practical knowledge and skills do you possess? Why should companies hire you?

Recently NR Narayana Murthy, co- founder Infosys has criticised the Indian education system for laying more emphasis on rote learning over problem solving. “India is facing a huge talent crunch, which, in turn, is affecting entrepreneurship” says Mr. Murthy. In an interactive session at the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai, Mr. Murthy pointed out the flaws prominently prevalent in the education system of the country. According to a a report in The Hindu, he said that India has rote learning culture which has left about 80-85 per cent youngsters not trained suitably for any job

He further added that the country is lagging behind in creating a positive startup atmosphere. “India is not at the forefront of the start-up culture. Compared with the US, UK, Germany or China, I don’t think we are anywhere close,” said Mr. Murthy.

Murthy also interacted with the students. He said that the youngsters first need to decide in what area they want to become an entrepreneur when asked about how to decide upon the right path towards entrepreneurship. He further added that the next step is to join a company in that field and understand all about its sales, marketing and human resources and then give full dedication to the project.

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He added that governments play a huge role in providing a better entrepreneurial atmosphere.

“The corporate governance in India is far behind the global standards. The tyranny of various approvals, tax structure, etc., makes it difficult for startups,” he said.

The time is now. Are you prepared for the future?

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