[Top] Methods to Find trending and unique content that’s Relevant to your Audience

trending and unique content
Today’s generation is the one that follows the trend. Or, we can say ‘Trending’ is the new ‘Branding’. Whatever goes viral, is followed by a lot of people across the world. By viral, I do not mean the creepy tik tok videos that get to the trend, but, the actual trending news going around the globe.

But the question is, “how to find trending and unique content?” Before getting to know about How do you find recent trends?? Why do we need to work on trends? How does it help our blog/article?
Well, the simple answer is ‘People follow the trend’ and if you have all the relevant information related to what’s trending across the globe, there are a higher chances that people might be interested in following your blogs.
For eg : there are a lot of trending topics like ban on Chinese apps, Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide, and much more. You can write a blog on any of the trending topics.This, in long term, will help you in a very special way. When people will follow the trending articles written on your website, there is a chance that some of your evergreen articles may catch the visitor’s attention. This is really beneficial for your website as it’s dwell time will increase.
Writing Unique content
Trending and unique content
One thing is ‘following the trend’ another and the most important is writing unparalleled content. You can find trending topics from the various tools and methods mentioned in the blog. But how come we find unique content?
It is very important to write specifically. For eg: All of the newspapers and news channels showcase the same news but in a completely different way. Everyone’s way of presenting the news is different and unique. We must be able to make our content unique and most suitable for the reader.
You have to go through a lot of other articles related to your blog post and examine how other websites are writing about that topic.
You need to thoroughly analyse the content that famous websites are publishing. After hours spending in research, you can find out the best suitable content for your website. You must use the world-beating words and sentences for your blog that can make your blog more existing and interesting for the reader. This process requires practice. Through practice, you can stand out of the crowd and make unique content for your website.
So, now that we know why do we need to follow trends, let us find the ways from where we can get trending and unique content.

5 Top Tools To Find Trending And Unique Content you can’t live Without.

There are a lot of tools to find trending topics but, I’m going to share the 5 best and most efficient tools.
Trending and Unique content

1. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a very popular site that primarily focuses on tracking viral content. This website has a seperate Trending section in it, where you can find all the trends related to news and entertainment. It has become very easy for users to find out what’s trending. The site provides relevant and appropriate content to the people. You can search anything regarding social activities and events. You’ll always find a lot of information.

2. Google Trends


Google trends is the most useful tool for finding out the trending searches. This tool will help you find out what people are actually searching. The most important feature of google trends is that you can find out the trending topics based in a particular region, category,or niche. You will get to know about the most common and trending searches that people are making about any particular topic across the whole world.It is an easy way to find out the most popular searches in a particular country or any state. You can search anything regional, and it will tell you exactly what’s happening in that particular region.

3. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is very effective in finding the content that will perform best for your website. It is an outstanding platform to find trending and famous topics. You just have to search the keyword on which you want to publish an article and you will get a list of filtered topics that are going in trend. These results are percolated by variety of total shares including searches on social media platforms. These results are highly accurate as they are examined by a number of searches by users.

4. Internet Forums

A forum is a place where people can exchange and discuss ideas. An internet forum is an online platform where people share the information in the form of posted messages. There are many forums available on internet but the most popular are Quora and Reddit.
Quora can be really helpful in finding trending topics. People usually ask their queries on quora and their query is answered by many people. It allows the users to answer the questions in their respective fields. Everyone is provided with a specialised feed. We can search for Top Stories feed on our home page or simply search out the keyword to look for the most popular searches by people.
Reddit is very similar to Quora. But, again, it has it’s own space for trending topics. You can find out the most famous searches by typing the domain. You will get to know what people are asking about a particular topic. And, this can definitely help you out.

5. Social Media:

Social media is the highly used way to follow trends. There are numerous active people on social media sites who are providing trending topics on daily basis in the form of stories, posts, memes, videos and much more. Facebook, instagram, what’s app, twitter, you tube, are some famous social networking sites that keep people connected. Whatever information comes, goes viral on internet within minutes. But many of the times, the information is irrelevant and just for entertainment purpose.
To find out trends, you must follow these awesome social media platforms.
Twitter is popularly known for trending tweets and hashtags. You can find out the trending news by following the hashtags. There is a seperate section knows as “Explore” available on twitter in which you will get all the trending news related to whatsoever is happening around the world. Twitter provides you the news about anything happened even a minute before.
Youtube is the second most used search engine in the whole world after Google. It is a marvellous platform to find out trending content. This video platform provides a seperate trending feed which further includes sub categories related to various topics like fashion, food, music, entertainment and many more. You can get a number of trending videos by searching specific keywords.
Most of the people do not know this feature of pinterest but there are a lot of companies that take benefit from it. They actively share the monthly trending reports for advertisers.
These are some of the ways you can find trending and unique content for your website. If you follow all the above given steps properly, you will never ever find it difficult to find trending and unique content.
-By Vanshika jaral


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