10 Tips to Become a Great Marketer on Social Media

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For becoming a marketer you must know how to post the content on social media platforms but to become a great marketer you should know what to post and when to post. You should follow some strategies to reach out to right and maximum number of people to get more people engaged to you making you a reputable and trusted brand or product. Here are the 10 tips to become a great marketer on social media.

10 Tips to Become a Great Marketer on Social Media

To get more responses from your audience, here are the 10 tips to become a great marketer on social media:

Freelance Social Media Manager, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Learn Social Media Marketing, Become Social Media Marketer, Facebook Marketing Tips

1. Post Frequently

Update your posts regularly to keep in touch with all your audience. Post special updates at the times of festivals, any calamities, trending news and any other occasion people are interested in. This will help in more and more engagement of audience. There should be at least 4-5 posts in a week but you must maintain the balance between informative and annoying. Too much posting can also annoy people and it may lead them to unfollow you.

2. Hit Multiple Time Zones

Keep on re-posting and re-tweeting so that people with different time zone. Do not miss any of your posts as being in different areas of the world their habit of accessing social media is also different. Keeping this thing in mind, you should keep on posting according to all the people who are connected to you and are likely to see and have interest in your updates.

3. Limit Tweets to 100 Characters

If you talk about Twitter you must provide extra characters to other people who may want to re-tweet or share your tweet with some comments or handles or hashtags. So always leave them with some extra space and try to express your tweets in less words. It should be short and sweet but don’t make it unclear or vague. It must have its essence in it. And this is not only the case with Twitter. Also, use short posts but informative at the same time on any other platform as too much written content makes your audience bored and uninterested.

4. Use your Email List to Promote your Social Media Content

Through this, you can lead to a large number of targeted audience and the traffic will be increased. You can also get emails through landing pages and then targeting them for your products. The people who are already there in your contact will definitely get engaged to your updates and will also help you to generate leads and creating potential buyers. You only have to maintain the reputation and the quality that people trust you for.

5. Make Strategic Use of #Hashtags on all relevant Social Media Platforms

Since hashtags are in trend now a days but don’t always use random hashtags. Thoroughly research on what’s trending and what’s required to be used with hashtags. Use those hashtags. They should be relevant and effective. Too much use of hashtags also loses the crux of the content you want to deliver.

6. Post Images with Attractive Captions

Use creative images also with a call to action button. It influences your followers and audience with a very attractive caption as it helps you to generate a lead. A funny and informative image attracts a lot of audience and they surely pause to watch that kind of posts plus an attractive caption is very important as the caption is the highlight of whatever you post.

7. Hold Contests and Giveaways

This helps in getting more people engaged to your post as this will make your post more interactive and active. Post some quiz or some game to involve more people. You can also post like “Tag someone” with an image. People will also tag people they know and that makes your post transferred to a huge crowd. Tips to become a great marketer on Social Media. Also, more comments leads to the increase of shelf life of the post. It keeps on showing to the people. This engages large amount of people and if you also give free stuffs everybody’s going to like that and you get more involvement of the people and you become the highlight.

8. Keep a Check on What your Competitor is Posting

This helps you to think of a new strategy and a unique post. Always look on the patterns your competitor is following. Try to change it in a very good way and deliver the content in a very new and effective style. Which is far better and different than what you competitor is doing. Always think of unique ideas to market your brand and product.

9. Monitor Ad Performance Closely to Keep Campaigns Fresh

Keep checking your insights and maintain it by looking on what is most liked. What is more shared. In what thing people showed their interests. Boost those kind of posts that engages a large number of people. Also, keep on viewing what’s negative about your updates and stop updating any such thing again. Always learn from your mistakes and keep viewing your targeted audience. If your target is incorrect the people are likely to give you a negative feedback. Always think of the positive ways through which you can increase your likes and engagements. Tips to become a great marketer on Social Media.

10. Be Responsive

Always respond to all the comments that are made by the people mentioning you. Never forget that and also reply to all the questions people ask on or about your posts. Do solve their queries and make it one to one. It might influence and convince people to think of you as genuine and reliable. Tips to become a great marketer on Social Media. You can also post asking for feed backs from the people. Make feedback forms and suggestion panel for all your followers and your engaged audience. The more you interact, more people end up liking and engaging with your updates. Interacting with your audience is the best way to make them rely and trust on you.


These are the tips to become a great marketer on Social Media which can help you to lead in your marketing world on social media and stand you out of all your competitors. Tips to become a great marketer on Social Media. Hope this helps and lead to your great social media market. Keep going. All the Best!

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