The Technical Twist | 3 Internships are Now Mandatory for Engineering Students

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Internships!! They say your Engineering isn’t actually complete if you don’t have internships and industry trainings. And you know if you are looking for good placements after Engineering, in or after 2017, Quality Internships are must, since every company is looking for people with Industry training.  You might think submitting an assignment after the last date of submission or maintaining 75% attendance is a herculean task. Well let’s just wait for the Judgement day, No! We’re not talking about WWE, it’s the final day of Campus Placements.

Searching for the right Jobs after Engineering is a real pain in the ass, even worse than the first break up.

Just like reading books on swimming won’t make you Michael Phelps. On similar grounds, reading engineering books a night before the exams may help you pass a subject but it won’t make you an Engineer you are supposed to be, as books can’t impart you with the pre requisite skill set. Amongst all this a superhero without a cape, our Union Human Resource Development Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar came forward in Lok Sabha as a savior when he declared that every student in technical institute will have to undergo 3 mandatory internships, during graduation. Oh Yes, grab your bottle of Old monk; you read that right- 3 internships to be mandatory for Engineering students. The best part; lesser lectures.

The number of unemployed engineers is on rise because the supply is more than demand. According to AICTE reports, Number of Engineering colleges rose from 1,511 colleges in 2006-07 to an astoundingly high 3,495 with over 1.76 million passing out every year. And well, there’s no stopping Indians from producing more people.

Due to lack of exposure, Engineering students applying for jobs are deemed unfit as they do not live up to the Industry Standards. After passing out of college, we actually have to start the backchodi yet again while compromising with shrunken salaries- all due to the lack of practical experience. The fact remains that 20-33% out of the engineering graduates passing out every year run the risk of not getting a job at all, as pointed out by Economic Times.

But now with the introduction of mandatory internships in engineering, the grey area due to lack of practical knowledge and understanding would be covered up and engineers would pass out skilled, that will not only help them fetch better jobs but will also cater to the need of the industry which will further boost the national economy.

Doesn’t this pop a question in your mind, “Which Internship Should I go for?”

As a fellow Engineering survivor, let me help you with choosing one. We all know that technology is constantly evolving and  people are drifting and spending more time on internet. As Technology drives Businesses today, Digital Marketing is the next big thing in the market. While all the companies are going tech savvy, the competition in the market is increasing tremendously, not just for those companies but also for the people looking for jobs. The future is digital and due to an increasing demand of digital marketing professionals, an internship in digital marketing will keep you aligned with the ongoing trends and will open up more career opportunities for you. Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving industry and statistics reveal that this industry will experience a rapid increase in the job opportunities which may reach to approx 1,50,000 jobs by the year 2020. But you need to find the right company for your practical training.

There are endless reasons on why you should go for a Digital Marketing internship while pursuing engineering. Let me sum up some for you.

  1. It’ll help you boost your family business.
  2. You can start freelancing Digital Marketing contractswith recognized companies.
  3. Being an expert in the field that has more demand of professionals will definitely fetch you greater employment opportunities.
  4. You can start your own Business or build your own startup.
  5. It can help you land a high paying Job.

Some more Reasons on Why You should Start Learning Digital Marketing in College

There are a lot of awesome companies who are offering internships to help Engineers and technical students to land a good job. And there is one such innovative company that has been providing online Digital Marketing career opportunities since 2014 and has already empowered more than 3000 students across 40 colleges in India into the Blogosphere and Digital Marketing Industry. Through their Online as well as Offline programs, viaENS has been educating students about the methodology and the possibilities of Digital Marketing, Blogging, e-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Based Businesses, and the Growing need of Skills in this sector, to guide them with these skills in getting good jobs in this sector or becoming eligible to expand other businesses through the Digital media.

After ENS Digital Marketing internship you can go for SEO Certifications, Content Marketing Certifications, Google Analytics/ Ad Words Certifications, PPC Certifications anytime which will not only add value to your resume but will also expand your skill sets and vouch for your expertise.

Fracture your comfort zone, step out in the reality and grab the world by heels.

For a detailed ENS Digital Marketing internship insight or further assistance, drop a mail at [email protected]


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