The 4 must-have Qualities of a Start-up Leader

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With the “Start-up India” initiative by the Government of India launched in January this year, entrepreneurs and thinkers have taken a leap of faith and sprouted a wide range of start-ups. However, not all start-up ventures get past incubation and believe it or not, the major reason behind it is that they lack required Leadership qualities. So, what are those must-have leadership qualities that you need to acquire to carve a name for your start-up amidst the whole lot? We come to your rescue as we compile a list of 4 most desired qualities a leader must possess to lead her/his team to success.

Read on The 4 must-have Qualities of a Start-up Leader:


Great things take time but greater things take perseverance. If you are leading a team of hard working young professionals, you will realize how expectations skyrocket with each little success. The fast pace of a start-up setup can be annihilating especially when you hit roadblocks, which happens a lot of times. To keep the team from losing focus and morale, a leader should wear patience like a cape. Patience is all about working tenaciously and not losing path, no matter how many times you hit a block. Keep believing in your idea and find a solution. To your team, your patience can be the biggest motivation to believe in themselves. Also, good things take time to bloom and patience is a tool that always bears fruit.


Communication is the back bone of a team and is one of the most important qualities of a leader. If you wish for an effective communication and positive results, you have to start with 100% transparency in the company, from top to bottom and vice versa. The reverse transparency will be automatically established when the leader communicates all the decisions and processes undertaken, timely and honestly. Another tool for an effective communication is engagement; engage your team mates in regular meetings and activities. Keep the directives clear and lucid, and you’re good to go.


Another desired quality in a leader is his ability to distribute responsibilities fruitfully. Do not hesitate to offer roles to your team that you usually overburden yourself with. Learn to delegate tasks effectively by studying the skills and capabilities of your team members. Let go of the impulse to do it all, all by yourself, and show your teammates that you believe in them by entrusting them with core jobs. Not only does this relieve you of the pressure and the burnout that leading a start-up brings, but will also help each employee grow. And as they say, the company grows when the employees do.


Last but not the least, a leader shall be empowering. Just like you nurture your venture in its baby years and spend time making it grow, you should spend considerate amount of time developing your human resource. In a start-up, everyone works with equal passion and towards a cohesive gain, so a leader should make sure that he gives back to the team his experience, learning and accumulated skill set.

Foster essential qualities in your team, important ones being strength, confidence, team spirit, skills and values. Always remember that the product of leadership is more leaders and make sure you imbibe leadership in your roles as a start-up owner.


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