Jobs on College Campus: From Hostel to Successful Bloggers

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In today’s digital world everyone is trying to get a place on digital media. Going digital is one of the trend and other trend that’s going on is blogging. Now you might be thinking what blogging is, it’s the updated version of “knight in shining armor” that will save you from boredom and like a cherry on the top will help you earn.

Blogging can be both professional and personal, writing online content on some topic. Well that stuff ain’t hard. All you do in blogging is share your ideas and views with people. As a hostellite the only thing we worry about is when mess will open and what meal they going to serve tonight. The same old chain going on for so long but now it’s your time to be “breaker of the chains” and be the “khal/khaleesi” of blogging.

We must think big and that big ain’t, what will happen after degree? Why wait for a degree to start a job when you can start working right away. Why work when you are living your life at its best as a hostellite but, think again are you? The free time you get after college or when you are on mass bunk, can’t you utilize that time and make money out of it? The answer is YES! You can… yea you read it right, you can make money in your free hours without you even leaving the room.

Now you don’t have to butter your parents for extra pocket money. You can start a blog and earn in your college days and your future will be as bright as Syska LED. So stop going nuts on those why’s and start a blog. Now let’s talk about the flair that blogging will bring in your life.

  1. Blogging is a Whole New World:

    We all spent many hours on internet looking through different stuff and then we talk about that stuff with our friends, so why not take that online and start a conversation with thousands people and listen to their views. Blogging is not that difficult you just need to find the right content and Voila! You are a blogger. Now the question is why choose blogging.

  2. Blogging Gives Your Voice and Thoughts a Platform:

    We all want our voice to be heard, our thoughts to be known. With the help of blogging your voice will be heard on a national as well as an international platform. Maybe the views you share, will be someone else’s too. You will get to know people from all around the world and the best part is you don’t even have to leave your room.

  3.  A Home Away From Home:
    You might be working from your hostel room but you will meet with some of the most interesting, down to earth and open individuals that you may ever come across. It will be like living in Paris by being in London.
  4. Looking Glass It Is:

    It’s a great way of earn without even leaving your room. Blogging will be your looking glass like Alice found hers that took her to the “Wonderland”. It’s a way to connect with people all around the world. Built a network that is beyond your own city even beyond your own nation. With the help of blogging you can start earning in your college days. As a hostellite we all have too much of spare time and blogging doesn’t need that 9 to 5 schedule. You can blog whenever you want. You might work from your hostel room but still be able to cross the narrow seas and unthinkable oceans.

  5. A Palace of Opportunities:

    It will give you a load of possibilities and opportunities. Blogging will open your mind to different people, religion, cities, countries, views and much more than you can imagine. All you have to do is get all the courage you have inside you and start blogging.

  6. Meet New People and Learn New Things:

    Your new colleagues will become your instant buddies! There’s something about travelling to a foreign land that opens the mind to new people, friendships and experiences. You will find yourself living alongside people who share a common lust for the new and unknown. Blogging helps you connect with awesome people at different platforms.

  7. “Maester” of Blogging:

    Blogging will help you learn different things. It will make you a better thinker than you are. It will make you a better communicators than ever. You will be like “Maester Aemon”. On funny note you can swear in 4-5 different languages and think about it how cool that be. The coolest person in your group.

 It will make you explore and even give you experience. So don’t think too much and  start a blog. It will make you more creative and even give a professional touch. It really is an amazing experience at least, it is for those brave souls who take a chance and grab the opportunity.


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