Technology is constantly evolving and with the introduction of various factors such as Digital India initiative, introduction of 4G, more broadband connections etc, and with the increased use of Social Media, the customer behavior is changing, people are drifting and spending more time online.

As Technology drives Businesses today, Digital Marketing is the next big thing in the market. While all the companies are going tech savvy, the competition in the market is increasing tremendously, not just for those companies but for the people looking for jobs.

Even Jon Snow, who knows nothing, can learn digital marketing provided the dead walkers let him live. The waves of Digital marketing have swept across the marketing industry and have replaced the traditional methods because of the increased ease and efficiency.

To fight back this cut throat competition, companies are evolving better marketing strategies due to which the job vacancies in digital marketing segment are quadrupling.

Advantages of Learning Digital Marketing in College

The future is digital and with such an upsurge in the demand of digital marketing professionals, you’d definitely want to dump that degree to debate over and reconsider your career opportunities. ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’ in your history textbooks did great, now it’s your time to take charge and explore to excel.

Here is a list of 9 reasons as to why you should start digital marketing and become a digital marketing pro while in college and be future ready.

Stand Out to Potential Employers

In traditional career opportunities, you have to wait for your degree and then go for internships to finally get placed somewhere, whereas starting digital marketing from your college itself gives you a wide array of opportunities to kick start your own career before you even set your foot at the workplace. Your light weight paper resume will carry so much weight and the potential employers are more likely to hire you. It is just like an internship, by yourself, for yourself.

The Mini MBA

If you are looking for MBA after Engineering or BBA, then let me tell you, Fetching an MBA degree in 2017 is a herculean task in itself but if it fails to land you at a well deserving workplace, then trust me, no amount of meditation that too on the loftiest peaks of Himalayas will help you restore your sanity and that frustration is grilling. Marketing segment is constantly evolving and the books cannot keep up with the technology that is upgrading almost every day. The best way is to take the responsibility in your hands and learn digital marketing in college that will not only serve as a mini- MBA but will also help you acquire the pre requisite skill set.

Become an Entrepreneur

This is an era of startups in college. We hear every day about Entrepreneurs who quit their college to build their startup or started building their startups in college. While in college, you can start small, build a Blog/Website of your own on a niche of your interest and start researching and working on it to learn digital marketing in live environment. You can even learn using the tools built for Digital Marketing by Google, Facebook, WordPress and other companies. While in college you can create a brand name you own and start generating revenue through it. You can start your own Business, or be a freelancer, build a team and using the tools provided by internet.

Growth Rate of Digital Markets

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving industry and statistics reveal that this industry will experience a rapid increase in the job opportunities which may reach to approx 1,50,000 jobs by the year 2020. 2017 should not about what should I do after Engineering or what course should I choose after 12th or why should I learn Digital Marketing? It should be about How do I build my future with Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is helping Businesses grow faster and that, in itself is the most important reason to master it. Being an expert in the field that is continuously growing and which will eventually have more demand of professionals further on will definitely secure your future and earn you a life that awaits you on your bucket list.

Affordable and Worthy

Learning digital marketing and pursuing a course in the same is pocket friendly compared to a regular two year MBA program. It is by far the best MBA alternative and it actually yields results in the long run. If you’re wondering what to study after BBA, B.Com or any other bachelor degree then choosing Digital Marketing is a worthy course to consider other than MBA.

It gives better output and opens the door to better job prospects at an affordable price. The best part of it is that you don’t necessarily need to opt for a college course for it and while sitting at the comfort of your home you can actually learn to get things done practically.



Certification in digital marketing is an add on to your resume which will filter you from the rest of the crowd and put you into limelight in front of the potential employer with increased chances of getting hired. You can learn digital marketing and apply for various online exams offered by Google, Facebook, Hubspot etc and earn an edge over others. You can also go for SEO Certifications, Content Marketing Certifications, Google Analytics/ Adwords certifications, PPC Certifications anytime after completing the internship which will not only add value to your resume but will also expand your skill sets and vouch for your expertise.

Digital Salaries > Normal Salaries

We gotta admit that most of us choose a university course depending upon how much money we will make from it. Due to the increasing demand of professionals in digital sector, the salaries are on a boom. When you’re working in a fruitful industry growing at a fast pace but facing a tremendous skills shortage you can think of yourself as an asset– and negotiate your salary accordingly. According to statistics drafted by based on research, the average pay for a Digital Marketing Manager is Rs 412,492 per year. Being an expert in this field will surely put you ahead of competition and time, thus creating an enormous chance for development and career growth.

Boost Family Business

Digital Platform is the cheapest yet the most effective way to promote business since digital markets are evolving and the consumer is redirecting to digital means. People are expending more time online and hence it becomes the best source for increased visibility of the brand. If you start Digital Marketing in college, you will learn the factors involved in promoting a brand online. You can use the digital marketing tools to boost your family business as it will lead to easy diversification and you can actually connect with more consumers. Carry on the legacy passed on to you by your family, prove your worth and make let the growth rate graph go high and higher.

Pro- Bono Work Experience

Use all the time from mass bunks and channelize your part time in building strong pillars for you future. You can start freelancing Digital Marketing contracts with recognized companies and get first-hand experience of how things get done digitally. It will be equivalent to an internship and will further help you fetch the best job opportunities in Digital Marketing.


    • You would be happy to know that demand for digital marketers is very high. There are many MNC’s which are offering digital marketing jobs. Some of them are: Accenture, Cognizant, Google, Mahindra, Amazon, Microsoft, TCS, Nestle, IBM etc.

    • Since everyone is shifting to online marketing your product reaches a wider audience. Digital Marketing tools and techniques provide business owners the best chances for competition, survival and even business growth.