Unless there is a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion and you are the chosen one to save the world, you have all the reasons and time to start a blog. The only problem with students is that we live in a virtual world; we become the thinker of thoughts and then wait for the college to end to execute those plans but then, snapp, the hard reality hits. The time which could have been used to refine your future is wasted waiting for the right time. After college everyone joins the rat’s race but the biggest problem with it is that even if you come first, you’re still a rat.

While you are still in college, you can chisel out some great opportunities for your future by using your hobbies, interests and passion to create a profession out of it. College is the time for exploring, learning and questioning that will morph your personality as a whole but you can explore more by starting your own blog, here are few reasons why you need one.

13 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in College

1. Build Your Resume – Companies will be More Likely to Hire You:

One of the pivotal reason as to why should you start blogging today is that companies prefer,” I have built a website of my own” over “I’m passionate about learning”. A website/ blog of your own is a proof that you had the drive to accomplish things and have been there and done that.

It also showcases your ability to write, express and communicate. When the time comes for you to look for a suitable job, you can include links to your blog posts in your resume which will easily show your potential employer that you have been working in that particular field for a long time, went a long way and are not going to stop. If your resume is your cake, your blog will be a cherry to it.

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2. Build Your Own Network:

Your blog is your key to the world which is the primary reason why you should start blogging. By building and write a perfect post on your own blog you can interact with people who share the same interest, passion and talent as yours which will not only help you build a strong network with people of your selected niche but will also give you a solid medium to broadcast your talent.

Your network will act as a strong critic guiding you all along on the journey of growth. It will also help you build network with your niche specific professionals for better chances of placements in future.

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3. Do What You Love – Turn Your Passion Into Profit:

If you love dancing, travelling, writing, photography, are a food or fashion critic or are a frequent user of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Google etc then you should definitely set up a blog to refine your skills and channelize your passion that will help you in the longer run and you can actually use talent to earn money at home. It will serve as a platform to share your voice, opinions, interests and who know knows maybe you inspire someone with your work. With your blog you can work on a particular niche and stay updated with all the related trends for higher chances to excel in your field.

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4. Low Risk, High Reward:

If you start blogging in college which you can pursue along with your academics, you are at minimal risk with maximum chances of growth. You have lesser commitments and responsibilities while you are in college and have nothing to lose. With your blog you will either succeed or you will learn after all ‘I learnt’ is better than ‘I wish’. You have all the time to test, research, quit or even start something new.

Even if you don’t succeed with your blog, the massive experience gained will help you fetch better career opportunities and will serve as your biggest strength in your resume. Blogging is the best part time work from home that can turn into a full time self employment depending on your seriousness.

5. Learn Marketing Skills:

Marketing forms the backbone of business and you can actually learn marketing with blog posts. With great technological advents such as Digital India, introduction of 4G etc, people are expending more time online. Due to this shift in pattern, companies and businesses are switching over to online means to boost up their brand penetration in the market owing to which digital marketing jobs are in serious demand.

Digital marketing is all about research and implementation which can only come with practice as it is said, reading books on swimming won’t make you a swimmer. By pursuing blogging along with your academics, you will also learn how to run CPC, CPL, CPS campaigns and Affiliate Marketing which will contribute to your passive income plus leaving you skilled with all the digital marketing strategies which will build you a reputation and add on to your value before you hit a workplace.

6. Your Blog Will Help You Earn Money From Home:

Never start a blog with the intention to earn some quick bucks. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. However, focus on your content, make it worth reading, make it SEO optimized for better search results and the watch it grow every day. Your blog will give you results proportional to how seriously you take it. If your blog is generating a steady reader’s traction every month, you can place ad banners, run campaigns for companies, use affiliate marketing, use Google Adsense etc that will add on and earn you bucks even while you are sleeping.

Here are 7 Additional Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in College

7. Tell Your Story

You can tell your story the way you want to tell it without worrying about what your boss thinks is right. Your opinion will reach a broader audience. Blogs give introverts a platform to share their expertise. When you are writing about a topic of your own interest, you can decide how to portray a story, what information to include and what information to exclude.

8. Blogging Makes You a Better Person

Having a blog will surely make you a better person. Why? Well, blogging obviously improves your writing skills as well as communication skills. You get to connect to world and what’s happening around the world. Blogging enhances your marketing skill as well.

9. Start Building Your Personal Brand

With persistent hard work and quality content over time your blog becomes a brand which people trust and visit regularly. Blogging enables you to be your own media company.

10. It Can Land You in Public Engagements

Your blog opens you up to a world of opportunities, including speaking engagements. You may get contacted in your college or in some public engagements to speak on a certain topic. This not only gives you an amazing feeling but you can also earn money through it.

James Altucher said he made over $1 million from the speaking engagements which also impacted thousands of lives at the same time.

11. Gain Social Media Followers

If people read your blog regularly they may follow you or subscribe you at social media platforms which will further increase your reach. You’ll get to interact with a whole new world which you never knew before

12. Earn Your Own Pocket Money

Instead of doing pointless, non-productive things you could be using this time to earn for yourself. Write a blog and use affiliate marketing or google Adsense to earn money through it.

13. Because You Need One!


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