How To Monetize Your YouTube Videos In 9 Easy Steps

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YouTube is undoubtedly the largest video portal on the internet. It supports all forms of videos like clips, TV media, music videos, video blogging, short originals and educational videos.

You and me have used it umpteen times to watch videos and entertain ourselves but did you know that you could also earn with YouTube. You may have a channel and might have uploaded some video content but you can also earn money from that. There have been quite lot of YouTube superstars who have managed to earn their fair share just from posting videos (which off course are awesome in their won aspect).

I am not telling you that you can rake in millions from your YouTube videos (though, there is a chance that it may happen!) but you can effectively monetize your YouTube videos to earn good passive income online.

Here Is How To Monetize Your YouTube Videos In 9 Easy Steps

1) Set-up and build your YouTube Channel

In order to upload content you need a YouTube channel. Every account on YouTube or Google has a YouTube channel attached to it. Once you are certain that you want to operate a channel you should work on its appearance and technicalities which include keyword research which helps people to find your channel easily. It also included deciding and then designing the entire outlook of your channel as it will become the first page any visitor comes to. Therefore it should be attractive and as well as informative so that the user knows what he is in for.

Make sure that your keywords are related to your content. Many a times a slight mistake can be misleading and result in cancellation of your subscription as Google will deem misleading tactics as spam and you will lose any chance of monetizing your YouTube videos.

One should also take particular care when deciding on the user name for your channel. It can work in your benefit if done right but can also lead to disastrous results if it goes wrong. Try to keep it short, original and easy to remember so that people can easily remember it.

It is always beneficial to keep one account for this purpose. Changing accounts consistently will be confusing both for you and your viewers.

2) Add Content

After you have successfully established a good framework in the form of a YouTube channel the next step is to add content. It is needless to say that the content should be of top quality.

These days people are interested in seeing clear cut, high resolution and smooth videos and this demand should be met or else they will lose interest in your channel. You should also take care of the sound quality and ensure a smooth and noise-free experience.

You should not post exceedingly long videos until you are uploading documentary videos or informative videos. Video posts and blog posts should range from 2 minutes to 15 minutes maximum otherwise users have a tendency o lose interest and migrate elsewhere without proper feedback and engagement.


Try to make each video better than the last one. Even if your quality in the beginning is not awesome, you will get better with practice as you learn about many new tools and techniques along the way. Make sure you have good shooting equipment in the form of good cameras and quality software for editing and mixing requirements.

Your aim should be to create a better end product and thus better audience engagement. Only this attitude will ensure that you successfully monetize your YouTube videos.

3) Gain an Audience

The key to monetize your YouTube videos is to build an audience. Once you post videos, these videos will showcase ads provided by YouTube. In order to make money you need an audience to see those ads.

The essence is to make the best content that you can. Keep doing that and sooner or later audience will come to you. Quality is your best support here. You should ensure that you stick to the basics and create videos which are unique, engaging and invoke the interests of users.

One thing which you can do is learn from the popular channels about how they plan their videos, create and then publish them. Analysing these popular channels will help you with your own SWOT analysis.

This way you will be better equipped to calculate your strengths and polish them, work on your weaknesses and get a hang of the opportunities which you can exploit along with keeping a watch on your competitors.

4) Generate Views and Subscribers

Generating traffic is the best way to generate even more traffic. I know that sounds confusing but the process is quite simple. Once you start gaining audience and traction, your ratings begin to improve. As they improve you become even more search-friendly as more users are able to find you because of the increased rankings.Soon you start featuring as trending content and this helps bring in more traffic in the form of regular viewers and subscribers.

This is important if you want to successfully want to monetize your YouTube videos as the grater the number of subscribers and audience the greater are the chances of the ads being viewed and you getting paid. You must all the steps required to build a bigger audience in the form of promoting your videos not only on YouTube but elsewhere also.

Once the wheel starts rolling you have to take steps to ensure that it doesn’t stop.

5) Monetize your YouTube Videos

In order to be able to monetize your YouTube videos you will have to enable monetization. This means that you will allow YouTube to place ads on your videos and also that you legally agree that there is no copyright content in the video apart from yours.

You can monetize manually by checking the Monetize with Ads box in the monetization tab when you are uploading your video. If you want to monetize an already uploaded video then you need to just go to the video manager and click the $ sign next to the video that you want to monetize.

Then again, just check the Monetize with Ads box and it’s done.

It is always beneficial to build a slight traffic before you monetize your videos. This is because it happens often that users viewing a video for the first time are irritated away by ads. Thus keeping in mind that you want to build a great audience for your channel, you should initially start with a few ad-free videos so that you retain your audience in the form of subscribers.

Then once you are sure that there is a steady stream of traffic you can upload monetizing videos and even monetize the previous ones.

6) Set-up Google AdSense

Once you successfully monetize your YouTube videos, you must be wonder that how can you efficiently track and analyse your income and devise withdrawal mechanisms. Well Google always has all the answers.

You can or rather you should set up a Google AdSense account which can be done for free. You just need to be above 18 years of age or else you will need an adult to assist you with that. Once that is done you will need to add a verified PayPal account which is the online platform where you can store money which you will receive in American Dollars. From here you can easily exchange the money in the currency of your choice and withdraw it to the mentioned bank account.

You gain money per ad click and a little amount per view. So, don’t expect big bounties from the start. Give it time and keep working as gradually earnings will begin to increase and become more regular. This should also remind you the importance of having increasing traffic as that alone will improve your earnings over time.

7) Check Your Analytics 

Once your entire system of video creation, posting and monetizing is complete, the next thing you need to do is tracking and analysis of your videos’ performance and income. This can be done by clicking on the analytics option in the channel menu. Here you view:

  • Estimated earnings
  • Ad Performance
  • Video views
  • Demographics and a lot more

One can use these tools efficiently to see how their content is performing on the internet and how it is resonating with the viewers. You can effectively see whether your content is being accepted by the users or rejected and thus plan it better. It also gives you an idea about the success of your content marketing strategies which can be tweaked and polished to ensure better performance.

You should also look at the feedback in the form of user comments, likes and shares of the videos which you have uploaded. These show the emotional metrics associated with your content. More of positive comments, likes and shares mean that the viewers are attracted and engaged to your content which is good while on the other hand negative feedback means that work should be done where such attributes are missing.

8) Market Your Videos elsewhere

If you are thinking that you will monetize your YouTube videos by just posting them on your channel, you are wrong. In order to effectively earn from them you need to market them all across the internet. This is called online marketing and includes social media marketing and more. You have to promote and share your content with the world and this can be done by:

  • Facebook Marketing: You can effectively use facebook to your advantage when it comes to social media marketing. When you promote your content on facebook thorough your profile and through your channels page, it ultimately and instantaneously gets shared with your connections and a cycle of likes shares and views begins thus bringing in more exposure to your content and thus more traffic.

You can also use facebook marketing combined with your keyword research in order to promote your content all across facebook to people interested in that genre. This way you create an effective channel to monetize your YouTube videos.

  • Posting on Twitter: Twitter can also be effectively used to bring in more traffic and also create a loyal following for your channel. Keyword research should provide you with the right hash tags to direct your content at interested audience an in turn take advantage of trend-waves and bulk audience. This can be very effective as you can include direct mentions and messages in your posts and get diversified attention.
  • Posting On your Blog: Your blog is another best place to update people about your video content. This is because a blog audience is very loyal in general. This will help generate genuine traffic towards your content and in turn increase their performance.
  • Sharing your content with your social circles: Practices like email marketing can also be used in order to promote and push your content across your circles. This always helps bring in more traffic and organic views to your content.

9) Become a YouTube Partner

If everything goes right and you start raking in the traffic and money then the opportunities are even more abundant. You can then be eligible for becoming a YouTube partner. These people are generally channel owners who have monetized videos with large number of views. They have access to advanced content creation tools and can win prizes for the number of viewers that they have. Plus, they also have access to much more intensive community support and tips.

You can apply for the partnership at any time by going on the YouTube partner page. But that is not an easy task to achieve. To gain access to the most powerful partner programs you need to have almost 15000 cumulative watch hours for your channel over the past 90 days.


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