Mass Cyber Attack 2016 : Pakistani Hackers deface Indian Websites


Conflicts between the India – Pakistan border seems to have had an impact on the cyber world too, with Pakistani hackers attacking and defacing a number of Indian websites in the past 24hrs. Many of the top hosting companies based in India have reported that a lot websites including Government of Gujarat website being defaced by Pakistani Hackers.
Not long ago, the official website of the Kerala Government: “”, was hacked by the same person who introduced himself as Faisal Afzal aka ‘Faisal 1337′.

The hackers had defaced the homepage and had displayed the messages like “Security is just an illusion” and “Pakistan Zindabad”.

HaCked By Faisal 1337_voiceoftrust

Report also suggest that Indian Servers were used by the Pakistani Hackers to do phishing attempts on US based banks as server admins have reported that they have received emails from US security analysts.

The List of Hacked websites published at Faisal’s official Facebook Timeline:

Socio Economic Survey 2002-03

Estate Administration System – National Informetics Center

Government of Gujarat

High Court of Gujarat :- Recruitment

A look at Faisal’s official Facebook account reveals that he had, in the past, hacked into several Indian websites. The identity of Faisal still remain unclear even after so many attacks. There has been no official statement from either the Indian government authorities after these latest bout of cyber-attack. However as per the initial reports Pakistani hacker was only able to deface the homepage, and that no damage was done to the server that the website was hosted on.

The Prime Minister Narender Modi has been investing heavily on the “Digital India” front and in the past have expressed concerns over the Indian Cyber Security, also India is facing massive shortage of Cyber Security Professionals whose requirement is increasing as day by day as India is accelerating to make a mark on the digital front.

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