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After you have made your decision to monetize your blog and right time has come to monetize your website, then main problem arises which affiliate or advertising network to choose. Undoubtedly Google Adsense rules the CPC network and all bloggers and webmaster loves to use it but there are many other ways, you can monetize your website along with Google Adsense or any other network

In this post I will introduce you to INRDeals which is an Indian affiliate network and good option for your Travel, Coupon or deal website.


There are many ways you can monetize your blog and affiliate marketing is one such way. To be successful in affiliate marketing it requires lots of hard-work, experience and patience. You’ll definitely want to use some sort of money management package so you can track all your profits. If you are India based and running website on travel, electronics, shopping, coupon codes, fashion etc. niche and want to try affiliate marketing which will work for you, then I will recommend you to use INR.DEALS content monetization tool which is specially made for bloggers like you and me.


  • Simple Sign-up process.
  • Fast Approval.
  • Easy integration of INR.DEALS affiliate code/script.
  • Timely payments.
  • Tool to create any link into affiliate link.
  • Automatic affiliate link conversion.
  • Large variety of advertisers.
  • Category based Ad Widgets

INRDeals Dashboard

Dashboard of INRDeals is very simple and contains all the needed information for publishers.In the enter url box you can enter the url of any product and convert in into your own affiliate link.



Find any advertiser in is very easy task and you can click on the merchant tab & easily find merchants of your choice for promoting. Below is the example of the same, where we have shown how easy is it to find merchant on You will notice that finding any merchant is very easy and fast.



INR.DEALS REPORTING also has made its reporting very simple and you can see your outgoing traffic report directly from its reporting section. To generate your report you can select the date frame and can also see links of websites to which your blog is providing traffic.


Payment cycle of is NET45 based like many other affiliate network and they do payment through direct deposit.Untitled121211

You will not see any option to fill your payment details in your account. This is a manual process and once your account reach a threshold limit of Rs.500, your account manager will contact you and will ask for the necessary details.

In my opinion is a must try affiliate marketing option for all and without using any extra space, it can really make you good money depending upon the niche of your website. Hope you got one more way to monetize your website and you will share this network with your other bloggers friend too. Let us know what you think about this network through your comments. Happy Blogging and keep visiting.

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