How You Can Make Six Figures from Instagram While Sitting at Home

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The internet is incredible! Its constant evolution gives people like you and me opportunities to live our lives better: from automating chores and cheap travel to finding our dream jobs by marrying our hobbies to an income – the Internet is our oyster!

With some planning-ahead and a desire to be your own boss, you could ditch your boring location-based 9-6 job and enjoy personal freedom and creativity as a “Professional Instagrammer”, where you could earn as per your potential. This would even include a six figure that you wont be able to earn in your current job.

This helps you earn an award for even simply sharing your ideas; that could be in the form of real money; we could promote a product, brand, or location, it is becoming increasingly common, especially on growing networks like Instagram and Snapchat. And it allows people like us to make a healthy living by promoting brands on your social profiles.

Internet is full of stories about people, who earn six-figure salaries while enjoying their lives. These are lifestyle and travel bloggers, passive income earners and star-Vloggers (YouTubers).

Zoe, the UK beauty Vlogger, who just bought her first home for £1M at the age of 24. She is said to charge brands £20,000 a month to advertise on her YouTube Channel.

Instead of building up a blog, and working for hours on a carefully crafted post or a video, you can now assemble your identity through photos on Instagram, which perhaps takes less effort?

Instagram has revolutionized the way visual story tellers (photographers, travellers, foodies, fitness junkies, yogis etc) showcase their talent, make friends, get fans and earn money. There are more than 500 million users on Instagram (more than on Twitter), all hungry for inspiration.

By becoming an Instagrammer you do not need expensive photographic equipment, all you need is a smart phone with a decent camera and a good eye for details.

Why Instagram is perfect for brands?

Content on Instagram has higher engagement than any other platform, there is no selective timeline or distracting banners like on Facebook and its free.

Companies have realized that one photo on the Instagram account of someone with over 100,000 followers is reaching more people directly than any traditional ad campaign.

Instagram has an amazing sense of community. It is open to everybody and is available in all countries. Brands don’t have to request a friendship first in order to like or comment on photos. This allows companies to get very close and personal to their potential customers.

Brands can work with influencers creating stories around a brand.  It’s much easier for brands to gain big reach and try to sell products in a very natural way.

It is clear that a good storytelling often comes with great images, so if you want to your story to be noticed, you better invest some time (and money) to get great shots.

Instagram professionals, who normally started using the app for fun, are now earning six-figure salaries and being flown around the world to take photos to share with their hundreds of thousands of followers.

Instagram Bloggers: Who Are They?

1) Jen Selter @jenselter – 5.4M followers

Jen Selter was one of the first Instagram stars who got noticed after posting multiple shots of her behind and got so many fans that she (or it) acquired an agent, and shortly afterwards a sportswear endorsement. Her gravity defying bottom is the result of a strict fitness regime.

Looking through her photos you can see why people feel compelled to follow her: an ordinary girl who encourages you to work out for similar results.

The idea is to make you believe that if you spend enough, work out enough, primp enough, that you can be like her. And it works, because she is not a mega star. She is just enough like you for it to look achievable.

2) Liz Eswein @NewYorkCity – 1.5M followers

Liz is one of the most sought after is New Yorker, who joined Instagram just after it launched in 2010 and began posting pictures of her home city under the account @NewYorkCity as a hobby.

For each job with a brand, Eswein demands $1 (64p) per like under each sponsored picture on Instagram, on top of a separate fee based on the number of images she takes. Recent sponsored photos have attracted more than 23,000 likes each. Two scenic pictures taken of the Andes during an all-expenses paid trip generated 19,386 and 20,462 likes.

3) Lauren Bath @laurenepbath – 378K followers

A globe-trotting photographer is funding her travels and turning a profit whilst sharing stunning snaps from around.
A 33-year-old Australian is paid by travel companies for photo shoots and promotion.

Lauren first embraced Instagram when she quit her job as a chef in 2011 to go travelling – around the same time as the Instagram boom was taking off.

Deciding to pursue a career in photography Lauren began promoting her work through the site.
Lauren says: “I won’t work for clients that make demands on my images – I shoot what I love and what I know translates to my style.”

Insta-career in a nutshell

Instagram blogging has become a career. It’s taking what a traditional brand or ad photographer used to be and kind of pumping it up because you own and control all distribution now too.

These days social media influencers carry more value for brands than traditional celebrities, because people can relate to them. You are following the story of their lives through their photos, it becomes almost a traditional storytelling narrative, and that’s what people gravitate towards.

On average, if an Instagrammer has a good 100,000 followers and they are consistently putting up great photos that their audience engage with, they can realistically be making between $5,000 and $10,000 a month. Not bad at all!


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