List of profitable niches to make money with your next blog

You’ve just entered the world of blogging, or perhaps you already have one or more blogs, but if you plan to start a new blog to make money, then you need to think carefully before choosing your profitable niche!
Blogs have become a very lucrative tool and a very easy way to earn money on the internet because they have the best return on your investment.

There are an infinite number of niches to choose the subject of your new successful blog, but many of them are not profitable and not going to make you money because they are too specific or because People are not ready to spend money in this area.
One of the most important things to remember when choosing your blog topic is that you must be interested in the subject. You can choose a great niche, but if you’re not interested, then you’re not going to find the motivation to do the work and success of your blog.
Here is a list of different profitable niches to choose the subject of your next successful blog.

1 – The profitable niches leisure / passion

This category covers topics related to leisure and passions. It is that on which people like to spend their free time or areas that excite many.
However, do not go thinking that all leisure or passions are the profitable niches are hobbies for which people are willing to spend. So, if football is a matter of passion hardly profitable, the trip itself, is profitable.
Here is a list of profitable niches in the recreation category and passion:


  • Traveling
  • photography
  • Tourism
  • Holiday
  • Golf
  • Snowboard
  • Fishing
  • Etc.


2 – The desperation niches

A desperate niche is an area where people are desperate to find a solution. It can be a health problem, money or something else.

For example, “how to beat stress naturally” is a desperate niche. Those who are interested in this topic generally seek an immediate solution to their problems.

Here are some examples:

  • Weight loss
  • earn money
  • acne
  • Back pain
  • Stop smoking
  • Beating stress
  • Get your ex
  • Free internet
  • Offers / Coupons
  • Cure Premature Ejaculation
  • get rich quick
  • Save your relationship
  • How to sell your house
  • etc.

I hope these few ideas will help you find the topic of your new blog. These are not the only profitable niches. Y are others. However, before you start your blog, you must first study the market.

You have other profitable niches to share with us? leave a comment below.



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