How to use Quora to Drive traffic to Your Website

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Have you heard of Quora?

It’s the Q&A platform where anyone can post a question and get answers from experts in the community. Even though Quora was launched way back in 2009, you might not have encountered it until recently. But make no mistake, these days Quora is a big deal. Quora can be a major source of traffic for bloggers.

When you think about it, Quora is the perfect platform for anyone to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. After all, most of us write content to help our readers with the problems they face, and a Q&A format is the purest expression of helping people with their problems.

As a budding blogger/publisher, not only will you find Quora a natural community to participate, but you’ll get several benefits from doing so. Quora is a source of long-term traffic. You can drive visitors to your website by posting Answers on Quora and it can drive traffic to your website for months and each answer you write can become a source that brings visitors to your website for years to come.


Apart from driving traffic to your site, if you continue to write on Quora, you also have a good chance of being featured on big Websites like Forbes, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post. That’s because major publications are now sourcing content directly from Quora and publishing selected answers verbatim on their websites.

Here are some examples from Google:

With the help of Quora you can drive thousands of unique high-quality visitors to your website and increase the credibility of it. Being good in SEO is not the only way to rank in Google. If you’re good in content then you can surpass this thing by driving traffic from sites like Quora, Reddit and other forums, they help a lot in boosting SERP rankings.

Here’s the complete guide to drive traffic from Quora to your website or blog.


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