How to Use Focus Keyword in your Blog in 2020 [Complete Guide for Beginners]

Focus Keyword

No great building has ever been made without a solid foundation. Choosing a focus keyword for your blog post is as much important for your SEO as constructing the foundation of a new building.

Yes, you heard that right as it fairly holds that high position for doing SEO for your blog post, if you seriously plan to see it on the top results of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

But, How can you use the focus keyword in a blog post to make the base for your SEO? Well, this is exactly what this article aims to answer by providing you step by step guidance.

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What is Keyphrase?

Focus Keyword or Keyphrase is the word or a phrase that users type in search engines in order to get their desired results on the search engine result page.

It is fairly similar to a protagonist in your story as it’s the phrase around which your whole article revolves.

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Things to Consider Before you use focus keywords in your blog:-

Focus Keyword
How to Use Focus Keyword in your Blog in 2020 [Guide for Beginners]

1. Choose a Specific Blog Topic

There are basically two major types of keywords u can use in a topic, namely- 1. Short-Tail keywords, 2. Long-Tail Keywords

1) Short-Tail keywords:

These consist of fewer than three words and are also known as head terms or head keywords. I don’t recommend you using them as the focus keyword for your post, as they are general terms and already have a lot of competition.

Ranking for those terms is harder especially if you are a beginner as despite huge search volume they have quite stiff competition. Also searcher’s intent stays unclear in this case.

For e.g. – Best mobile phones

2) Long-Tail Keywords

These consist of more than 3 words. I recommend that you should always go for these ones as these are specific keywords and also, the searcher’s intent is quite clear in this case.

You have fair chances of ranking by using them as your focus keyword. For example- Best mobile phones under 50000 in India 2020

2. Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of figuring out those key phrases that are relevant to your particular blog topic and are searched by users in search engines by typing the terms.

Proper keyword research enables you to understand the searcher’s intent for their queries and harnessing the benefits out of it.

Tools that can help in choosing a good long-tail keyword and giving you ideas based on searcher’s intent:-

  1. Hubspot’s Ideas Generator
  2. Answer the public
  4. Quora
  5. Google: You can also leverage Google in the following ways:-

A] Use Google’s automatic search-

Focus Keyword
How to Use Focus Keyword in your Blog in 2020 [Guide for Beginners]
B] Related Searches at the end of the page-

Focus keyword
How to Use Focus Keyword in your Blog in 2020 [Guide for Beginners]
C] People also ask section-

Focus Keyword
How to Use Focus Keyword in your Blog in 2020 [Guide for Beginners]

How and where to Put Focus Keywords in your Post?

  1. In the title of your Blog

Place your focus keyword in the beginning of the title of your blog post.

It’s recommended in the first 3-4 words of the title of your blog.

It is so because our brain reads from left to right when we type something in the search bar, we immediately try to confirm by looking for those keywords first. It is also said that users don’t actually read them they scan them for their search terms.

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2. In the first paragraph of your blog

Place your blog’s focus keyword in the first 56 words of the blog i.e. in your introduction.

It may automatically be received as a meta description by search engines. Moreover, your visitor needs to confirm that they will find their answers in your post from the first few seconds they open up your page.

3. In the URL of your blog post

URL which is called the permalink or URL of your blog is the permanent address of your blog.

Your website have a constant URL but you also have different URL for each of your blog post.

It is recommended to put your focus keyword in the URL of the blog post.

4. In the subheading of your blog Post

Subheading consists of your h2 tag, h3 tag, h4 tag, and so on. It is advised that you put your URL in the first few headings and subheadings of your blog post.

From the user’s point of view, it will be the headings and subheadings of your post which will guide the user and direct them as per their needs. Headings with focus keyword is just what the user is looking for and will want to stay on your page if they are found them relevant to their queries

Using WordPress Plugin

There are rather a good number of plugins available on WordPress for doing SEO but Yoast SEO comes pretty handily for the same. You put the focus keyword in the Yoast keyphrase bar and it gives you feedback on the basis of its analysis of your entire post.

By following the directions below you can learn to use focus keyword in your post by using Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress:

  1. Type in the input box provided by Yoast plugin at the end of your article like the following example-
Focus keyword
How to Use Focus Keyword in your Blog in 2020 [Guide for Beginners]
2. Edit Snippet

Click on the edit snippet button just below the focus keyphrase bar and put the required information.

It includes your SEO title, Meta Description, just make sure that all of them include your focus keyword in a reader-friendly way.

Focus keyword
How to Use Focus Keyword in your Blog in 2020 [Guide for Beginners]
This SEO title and meta description will be the featured snippet for your post. Google can also rank your website if you have a good snippet. Sometimes it can rank by showing your headings as well. It’s the way of google by which they try to answer the user’s query immediately at the beginning of the SERP.

Tip: I recommend you to use bullets or numbering for writing your featured snippet.


While it’s beneficial to use your focus keyword multiple times in your post to get your post seen by search engines, but always make sure that they sound natural and are reader-friendly.

Too much of anything is bad so, at any cost avoid keyword stuffing as keyword stuffing may lead your site getting penalized by the search engines like google.

Use your focus keyword wisely and keep on the path of nailing your post’s SEO for the search engines.

-by Nainika Targotra


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