How to Start a Blog for a Fab New World

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As a student what is your biggest weapon to stand out in the most coveted job interview? It is your credibility and your results.

And trust me when I say this, the ideal resume, that Times New Roman, font size 12, one page resume scribbled with your past accomplishments without any graphics is definitely not worthy of describing your worth. How can a single piece of paper vouch for your expertise?
It’s like Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory waiting for people to judge him by his size.
So what do we do when we face a problem?
As a friend of mine always says “Solution Nikalo”.

Companies are always scavenging for creative people with Industry experience. If you do manage a blog, get creative and make it an awesome representation of your experience. Use the Internet, not the paper.
Well, face it. Return of Investment of your time on a Blog can get you Respect, Value, Name, Fame, Money, maybe your Dream job (and a little bit of Jack Daniels) and unlike
the conventional paper resumes, it will actually vouch for your skills.

Blogging surely is one of the easiest and the most effective way to turn your passion into your profession. Your room becomes your office, your pyjamas become your office suit, you become your own boss and your laptop, well it stays your laptop.

Starting a blog of your own is a great idea. Since the internet is so vast, taking the first step on how to start a blog could get confusing. Even I was caught in the same dilemma but like I said “Solutions Nikalo”.
So, I am gonna share my solution with you and well just like me, your big problem will be just a piece of cake.

So how do you start Blogging? Steps. There’re always steps but sometimes there’s an elevator too. Let me show you how.

Find Your Calling And Choose Your Niche:

Select a niche you can express the most and find a topic you can blog about. You can get free ideas on Internet. You might love Travelling, you might love Gadgets, you might love Food or Cooking or you might be a Fashion or Fitness/Gym freak,
This list is endless. I believe people are awesome and can do awesome stuff. Let me make it easy. You love something? You Do it and you Post it and let your Blog make you money.

Website Ka ‘NaamKaran’ (Choosing Website’s Domain Name):

Source: Oasdom

Just like your residential address; your domain name is your website’s address. Your domain name should be easy, short, eye catching and should preferably be in accordance with your selected niche. Choose a good Domain Name for your website, like you always wanted people to like your name.

Setting up Web Hosting:

This is the most important. This is the technology which makes your website go Live on the Internet so it is accessible worldwide. viaENS is one of the most innovative Managed Website Service and Tools providers. viaENS has been on the map since 2014 and handles all the Digital Gadgets and Setup like Website Development & Integration with Domain, Servers Setup, a state of the Art Operating System for Blogging, Marketplace for Themes and Softwares, Training Modules. How can we miss the Defence? Firewalls and Anti-Virus too.
The work of viaENS is like the work of Lucius Fox for Batman. We take care of the technology.

Integrating Domain with Hosting:

Integrate the web hosting you purchased with the domain you registered so that your host can be connected to this domain. This process may take 4-48 hours until finally your blog goes live.
With Elysium Net Solution, you just have to submit a request for the domain registration in the Support Center and you just sit back, like I did. ENS practically delivers your brand new Blog with everything installed, faster than Flipkart so your Content can find the best methods to reach people.
I can tell you this, viaENS Support team is undoubtedly one of the best and it’s everything you need.

Start Publishing Content:

Content forms the core of blogging. Your Website is like Townsville City and your content is like Powerpuff Girls. Start creating content under your desired niche and barbeque it with some Sugar, Spice and Everything nice. Don’t Forget Chemical X.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the Internet’s magic potion. You can reach the audience just by targeting through the words of your Content. There is a saying, “Words can do Magic”
Imagine! You just craft the right words with a little bit of SEO science and voila!!! Magic.
Oh Yeah!! Its that easy.

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than Knowledge. Knowledge is limited but imagination encircles the World”

We all are powerful yet timed. Get up. Start today and go, create a Legacy.




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