How to Make Money From Home in Your College Days

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What a wonderful time we all are spending in college, ain’t we?  Classrooms, bunking, canteen, friends, endless gossips and many more exciting things are the part of day to day life. At this age we all are very energetic, show our full energy in partying, clubbing, biking, trekking and fun part and also want to have good career too. We try to do a lot of things to find out where our potential is, sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail too. But that doesn’t matter at least you tried and had fun.

Let’s talk about the part after college life, what efforts we are actually making for our career during your college time?  Except sleeping, wasting time on social networking sites, watching that series of “Game of Thrones” and “Suits” etc  and copying those assignments, what efforts we’re putting for our career? Don’t you think you should put some efforts towards your career? Being an Indian we all can agree that even in college we are still that pampered kid of the family who first needs to complete studies and then think about earning.

Most of the families don’t allow children for part time job saying, “pehle pdh lo dhayan se yeh sab time waste hai” unlike in developed foreign countries where people become independent before their graduation. Just imagine if there is any cool idea of making money during your college time, without changing your normal schedule, without moving out of your place, at home after college hours or whenever you get free, and this will not offend your families too. You just need to have effective time management for college students.

Now you must be thinking, how is it possible? How it can be done without stepping out of home?

how to earn money in college time, part time job during at home, how to make money online, how to earn money in college time at home, easy way to make money online, how blogging will help you to earn money at home, how to earn money at home,

Internet is a pool full of opportunities and this all is possible in the same way YouTubers and Bloggers are doing it. Do you know Bhuvan Bam from BB ki Vines or Komal from popxo?  Yes, How? We all watch YouTube videos every day, special thanks to Jio. There are many YouTubers, who are making good every month and have become famous within a very short span of time by creating simple funny videos, so even you can do the same, you can also create YouTube videos and can start your own YouTube channel.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to act or make videos which can be a good fit as content. Then what’s the easy option which is worth enough too. Chill guys we don’t need to worry, internet is giving us another solution “Blogging”. You can make your content reach out to a wider network by simply writing and starting a Blog of your own.  We all know Shraddha Sharma who leads YourStory and is simply writing  articles and has gain fame as well as money.

You can build your own website and can start blogging, even I did the same but for me, but the issue I faced when I started is how to build a website?  Although I was good in writing articles, but very bad at coding part and back end management of things. I did a lot of researches, Google searches, burnt mid night oil, still was in chaos how to understand those convoluted code and then soon realized, it’s not my cup of tea. Then finally a friend of mine suggested me that Elysium Net Solution will help you to build a website, with a desired domain name and will not only help you to build website, but will also manage your all back end technical things, and even teach you to how to get traffic on the blog. You just need to write and post, rest all things is managed by them.

Some of you might wonder, there are many other options too, that you can try for earning money, then why blogging? Blogging is like turning your passion into profession. We all have some particular area of interest, some like to travel while some like watching movies, some love fashion while some love food. But the point is how many of us are converting our passion or talent into profession. You will be lucky enough and will love your work if you are following your passion in your profession, because you need not to put much effort and even if you are putting efforts you will love to do that.

If you love food, you can share your recipes of food or if you love watching latest movies, you can even write about them, fitness freak, mostly people are during college time can run fitness blog, no boundations the door of internet world is open for all, and your smart phone is key to that door. So rather than wasting time in home you can build your own office at your home and can be your own boss and can follow your heart.

Even you can make a blog on college previous years papers and subject notes, that blog can run successfully, and help you to earn money and there is very good chance that you can promote this blog in college very well, because students are already searching for solutions. Think, how fascinating is this that you are even doing your studies, earning money and popular in college among students for even helping them.

Moreover you know the best thing about blogging is that blogging gives you the freedom of working anytime, anyplace so it can be your home too. You just need a laptop or smart phone and internet connection that’s it and you are all set for the blogging. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to earn money through home. So after college hours you can easily do blogging and can manage to run your studies and work altogether.

So, still thinking when to start? Honestly it’s high time should start the early you start, the less competition you have to face. Though there are many bloggers who are even better writer than you, but it’s never late then before, you have to go through the cut throat competition of blogging and have to write best things, which people can relate to so that you can make yourself a known identity in the world of blogging, for this start putting efforts now. So get the domain of your website from Elysium Net Solution and find out your niche and start writing, because this is your chance of breaking the barriers and coming out with flying colors.


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