Promote Your Blog | 10 Free and Organic Promotion Hacks For Your Website

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Want to be a pro in blogging. Well you know how to make a blog but do you know how to drive traffic towards it. If you do then for you “A whole new world” and if don’t then let me be your “Aladdin”.

Some people think that their work is done after writing the content and traffic will “automatically” come. Well let me rephrase that for you, after you make a blog it’s your duty to increase blog traffic fast and promote website traffic unless you are traffic police then the whole traffic is yours. Just because you have launched a blog on internet doesn’t mean that everyone will come swarming.

If you want your blog to be successful on internet try with content promotion services, with the right amount of promotion and content your blog will be your claim to internet.

So, here are some Strategies to Promote your Blog that will help you know how to get your blog on google search:

10 Strategies to Promote Your Blog Website

  1. Social Media:

    How to promote your blog on social media? It is like free blog advertising when marketing of blog comes in place. Think of social media as Hermione Granger. Like Hermione social media knows everything and if it does then some show off is coming your way and you know it. Every time you write some content make sure to share it on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

  2. Post frequently:

    Posting frequently can help in your search engine traffic. Each new post act as a new entry point for search engines to find your blogs. This will advertise blog for free to millions.

  3. Design your blog:

    Make sure your blog is compelling and maximize your efforts while designing your blog. The blog should be more users friendly and easy on eyes. When you make a blog keep in my mind that you add buttons for social media and post appropriate images on your blog.

  4. Post on Reddit:

    There are many sites where you can promote your blog one of them is Reddit. Its for those who loves to spend time on the Internet. Find sub-reddits related to your business or blog post topic and start participating. The key to success here is to make sure you’re starting an interesting or helpful discussion, not just dropping a link.

  5. Focus on website SEO:

    Keywords: Using a right SEO strategy, it will help you promote your blog. Always remember to use long tail keywords and they must be added to title, heading, content and Meta description. Also, if you add image in your blog, remember to add keywords in its title tag and alt tag.
    Internal linking strategy: A strong internal linking has many advantages. By building an internal link it can keep your visitors more engaged on your website and offer more reasons to stay. Internal linking is one of the main SEO ranking factors.
    Get quality Backlinks: To improve your SEO and get more traffic for your blog you have to build quality backlinks. Spend more and more time on building a quality backlinks.

  6. Submit a Guest Blog Post:

    Guest posting is another methods of promotion. Always guest blog on those blogs whose traffic is more than yours. You only need to know your niche and make sure you add links to your blog.

  7. Participate in Online Forum:

    You need to join forums related to your blog topic and become an active, contributing member. With the help of this, you can draw attention to your blog. Other participants will follow your profile link and you can also post your blog links there.

  8. Hold a Blog Contest:

    Blog contest is the great way of attracting new visitors to your blog. You have to host a contest on your blog and always remember to use blog promotion tools for announcing. Make sure that you have giveaways after the contest. Don’t give away cash for example. Instead, give away your product, or something related to it. This will definitely increase blog traffic for free.

  9. Engagement with your readers:

    By responding to your readers’ comments can help you to get more comments which can help you to rank higher in Google for new Keywords. Don’t leave a single comment without reply. Answer and thank them for showing interest.

  10. Make an Email List:

    Email is the best way to communicate with your readers. Notify them when you release a new post and always remember to ask for feedbacks. This will help you build trust and loyalty.

    Make sure you follow all these steps and the traffic will come running. If you think I missed something comment below. Happy blogging!!


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