Identifying Good & Bad: White Hat vs. Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques


Everyone who wants their content to reach more and more people do the best possible SEO techniques of their content. SEO , being one of the most important tactics for search engines has various types. 

Everyone who is a content creator wants their content to reach out more and more people. They try to do the best possible SEO techniques of their content, but, Is that enough?

Question yourself???

No, its not. 

Did you know that 90% of all kind of search experiences start with the search engines? If you want valuable lead for your blogs or businesses, you must invest into a SEO campaign.

But, before starting investing in SEO campaigns , you must understand the value of various SEO techniques. SEO could be Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO or Gray Hat SEO .

Although , there are so many types and techniques of SEO but these three must be in everyone’s mind. 

White Hat vs. Black Hat vs. Gray Hat SEO techniques: What’s the Difference?


SEO Techniques

In movies, villians wear black coloured hats as a indicator of their evil. Likewise , the name “BLACK HAT SEO” indicates the evil practices of this SEO technique.

 It simply means using the risky practices to rank higher in search engines.

You use the tactics that can work, or, lets be honest , they do work also but goes against the guidelines of the search engines. 

Some people think that this is legal , but , Who says ???

Going against the practices of search engines is illegal and unethical. Isn’t it?

Definitely it is. What if there is no governing body to see what’s ethical or what’s unethical? It is the own consensus of the SEO professionals according to the guidelines of search engines .

How does  BLACK HAT SEO techniques effect your site?

SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO exploits the search engines to get higher rankings. It also exploits the weaknesses of the search engines in the algorithm and uses those weaknesses to get higher rankings in search engine for short time. 

Search engines can punish your sites or even can ban your site from appearing in their search results .

Common Black Hat SEO Techniques

Here are some of the common black hat SEO tactics followed by many people:-

  • Link spamming
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Cloaking
  • Hidden texts / links
  • Irrelevant use of popular keywords
  • Over optimizing HTML headings
  • Copying content
  • Buying links


SEO Techniques

Hero is the one who wears the “white hat” in Bollywood movies. Just like that in SEO, the heroic practice is White Hat SEO. 

White hat SEO means following the “rules” of the search engines. As the search engines are the end point where the competition strikes , it becomes very important to follow the guidelines issued by various search engines.

White hat SEO techniques are the best ways to get higher rankings overtime and to optimize the search results. White hat techniques are abide by the rules of various search engines especially GOOGLE as it is the most popular one .

Why WHITE HAT SEO is important?

It is a very well known proverb


In search results also, reaching on the top is not that important than staying on the top. White hat techniques are the best ones to stay on search engines for long haul. 

Although , white hat techniques take longer time to produce results, but, these are always worthwhile. However you will have the long lasting growth and it will also improve the performance of your site day by day. 

When you start practicing properly the white hat techniques you may notice a drop in your rankings with the change of algorithm but it will be impacted positively for long term. 

What are some important techniques of White Hat SEO?

As the white hat techniques are the best ways to get your content optimized for the search engines. These tactics are abide by the guidelines of the search engines so they drive positive traffic to your blog.

Some of the white hat SEO techniques are explained as follows:-

Creating High Quality Content

Quality is the blood of your content.

How optimized your content is depends upon how better your content is?

 Creating high and better quality content also helps to improve the SEO rankings of the blogs. It also brings valuable lead to your site. You can also enhance the quality of your content by :- 

  • Using infographics
  • Videos
  • Optimized images
  • E-books
  • Catchy headings, etc.

Sharing and spreading your content on social media

Social media is the king in modern days

The best place where you can promote your content is social media. It drives traffic to your blog as well. Sharing your content on social media can also improve engagement of your content. It could be one of the best tactics of white hat SEO.

Making your site user friendly 

User – friendly means easy to understand by the user. You can make your site more optimized by making it user friendly. You can create an appealing design of your site, proper navigation and making your site more engaging with various photos and videos. 

Making your site a user friendly site can bring lots more traffic to your blog. It also helps in generating lead to your blog. Although, it doesnot effect rankings much more but it can be helpful at times.


SEO Techniques

Just like gray colour is the mixture of Black and White , Gray Hat SEO is the mixture of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

Gray hat SEO  is a mixture of both types we have discussed above.

It is a SEO technique which is the mixture of both – WHITE HAT & BLACK HAT.

Gray hat SEO has a bit of white hat and a bit of black hat techniques. Thus you can say that it is a SEO technique which is neither that good nor that bad.

It is neither pure black nor pure white.

It is something in the middle.

It is not a bad practice but it is done with the bad intention to rank higher.

Why or Why Not  “GRAY” Hat SEO?

This SEO technique is called “GRAY” hat because it falls into a gray area. These techniques are not banned by GOOGLE but, they are also not considered as better way to get ranked in the search results.

These techniques are “RISKY” but marketed as the “AFFORDABLE SOLUTIONS”.

The SEO experts or the brands which use these techniques reduce their cost as they are using the questionable methods.

Some Important Techniques of  GRAY HAT SEO

These tactics can be used to generate lead but cannot be trusted for long-haul. Although these are not quite banned by GOOGLE but these are not the best ways to helps your site grow.

Some of these tactics are:-

  • Clickbait articles
  • Spun content
  • Link exchanges
  • Paid reviews


SEO Techniques

Not only the definition differs, their RISKS and REWARDS too.

They differ from each other on various grounds like risk, content, ranking factors, longevity, etc. but the most important of them all are:-


Risk is the biggest differentiation factor between these three SEO types.

Black hat has the clear risk of caught against the manual actions. If you are caught against the guidelines of the search engines you can be penalized for this. 

It can also give you and your site long term drawbacks.

White hat techniques are however risk free but there is also a possibility of late results. It is also a kind of risk in itself. 

Gray hat techniques have the lower risk of being penalized in future. 


Black hat techniques are better for short period of time.

But, if they are detected early by the search engines, then their effects can be short-lived.

White hat techniques are the best one for the long-time.

These are the most effective one also. Although they give results quite late but they give long lasting results.

Gray hat techniques might fall more scrutiny from the search engines over time which can reduce their effectiveness as well.


Black hat SEO and White hat SEO might be easier to define on the surface but, actually almost all the SEO techniques fall under Gray Hat SEO zone.

It might seems easier for you to use White hat techniques but is it so easier to do?

Think, Think and Think.

Obviously not.

It can give you results but isn’t it competitive though?

Definitely , it is.

But, Gray hat techniques fall somewhere in the middle.

So if you confused between these seo techniques what to go for or what not to. let us clear it go for a mixture of WHITE HAT SEO and CONSIDERED GRAY HAT SEO techniques. It will be worthwhile indeed. 

Also, it is more safe way to get higher rankings in your content.

-Shriya bharti


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