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A person who has recently started blogging has definitely come across SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When it comes to SEO, there are many factors that support it and one term that has reached the ear of every blogger is Backlinks.

The common questions faced by every Blogger is-

What is Backlinks in SEO?

How to get quality Backlinks?

Why Backlinks are important for SEO?

Well, before we dive into the world of Backlinks, you should know that Backlinks can build your site (if you get quality backlinks from quality sites) or can break it (if the links are not from quality sites).

We all know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a set of techniques that helps your Blog rank higher on Search engines. SEO is furthur divided into two parts-

  1. On- Page SEO techniques to Rank higher on Search Engines like Keyword inclusion, setting of Meta tags, Image SEO etc
  2. Off- Page SEO techniques like Guest Posting, Backlinks creation etc.

Backlinks are important for both search engines and users. It helps search engine in determining how authoritative and relevant your site is on the topic that you rank for. On the users end, Backlinks from quality sites gets traffic to your Blog.


A Backlink is the link which is created when one website links to another. The link given to an external website is called a Backlink.

Now, the next question that arises is why would you need Backlinks for your website?


As you have entered the blogging world, you very well know that if you want your website to get good traffic, your site need to rank on the search engine. Well, it turns out that Backlinks are one of the major ranking factors for every search engine.

Some of the benefits that you can get when you get Backlinks are:


As Backlinks are useful for websites in getting better rankings on the search engines, it is obvious that the organic traffic coming to your website will increase.


As websites link to your website, it helps the search engine bots in discovering your site and hence, crawling to your websites. This helps the new websites mostly as it helps in faster indexing of the web-pages and hence, websites.


When a website gives a Backlink to your website, it means that the site has the same niche as yours. The traffic coming to the website is relevant and targeted.

As only targeted and actually interested people tend to come to your website, the bounce rate tends to be low. Hence, good rankings for your website.


Now, you know why backlinks are important for you. But how can you get backlinks? Don’t worry, we got you covered.


The best and the simplest way to get backlinks is write an amazing article. Such articles are the ones that are well researched and have practical examples in them.

If you will write such articles, the chances are that the websites would love to link to your website.


Made famous by Brian Dean, Skyscraper technique is one of the great ways to earn backlinks.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Find a piece of content in your niche that is doing great.

When you start to write for some keyword, search it on Google first. The article that shows up on the top is the best, obviously.

Step 2: Create content that is better than what you have found.

Now, you have found the content. Chances are, many people would have linked to it.

Read it and analyze. Now, create a content that is 5-10 times better than this one because if you create such content, people can link back to you as well.

Step 3: Promote your skyscraper content.

Lastly, promote your content on different platforms by reaching out to different websites.


There are many websites that have the links to other websites, but when you click on them, it turns out they are outdated sources. So, you can get backlinks on such websites. How? Here is the step by step guide to that:

Step 1: Find sites in your niche

First of all, you have to look for sites that are:

  • Rebranded
  • Shut down
  • Not updated a resource
  • Moved to a new URL

Step 2: Find sites linking to the old and outdated URLs

There are definitely going to be some websites that have linked to the websites you have found. Now, you have to look for sites that have linked to these old and outdated links.

Step 3: Reach out and get your links.

Once you have found the websites and checked the outdated links, you can reach out to these websites and pitch your blog with it. You might end up getting some backlinks to your website.


Most of the people avoid commenting because of “No-follow” tag, whereas many end up spamming. The thing that bloggers need to understand is that the comment needs to be on point yet adding value. Additionally, these comments can be a good source for making a balanced ratio between “No-Follow” and “Do-Follow” tags.


It is an effective and free way to get backlinks. Write a guest blog on the blogs in your niche to maintain relevancy. It helps in getting one way backlinks, more traffic, and better search engine visibility.


Infographics are one of the famous ways for getting the traffic to your website and gaining backlinks. As they are easy to understand and share, people love to share them.

When you create an infographic and someone shares it, they usually link to your website.


When you use a service or a product, you have some views regarding it. You can write a testimonial for the product that you have just used. You might end up getting a link in exchange of the testimonial on the website.


You are now aware of backlinks pretty well. You know what they are, why would you need them, and how can you get them. So, it’s your turn to implement the methods to help your website in getting higher rankings on search engines. Try them and watch your website showing you good results.

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