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Are you still caught up in the vicious cycle of searching jobs? Are you still preparing for your job interviews? Are you still printing the zerox copy of your recently edited resume and waiting in the long queue of job seekers?

Well, if you are then you are probably not aware of Blogging which has experienced a boom among students and is serving as a tool to empower them to turn their passion into profession.

It’s simple- You are passionate about something, you write about it and reach out to wider audience with the information and in turn you earn money from it.

With the great technological advent, people have got unprecedented power to share their knowledge and thoughts with the world through Blogs while markets have entered the virtual world which has actually given them the power to go global. Blogging has seen an upsurge and is the latest trending profession among students.

Many people talk about Blogs but the real question is how to actually Start a Blog.

Confused on How to Find a Job Online? Start your own Blog viaENS

01. Select Your Niche (Topic)

Select a niche you can express the most and find a topic you can blog about. You can get free ideas on Internet. You might love Travelling, you might love Gadgets, you might love Food or Cooking or you might be a Fashion or Fitness/Gym freak. Start a Blog and start writing about it with prior research about the topic.

02. Choose Your Domain (Website) Name

Just like your residential address; your domain name is your website’s address. Your domain name should be easy, short, eye catching and should preferably be in accordance with your selected niche. Choose a good Domain Name for your website, like you always wanted people to like your name.

03. Register Your Domain Name and Integrate with Hosting

Hosting makes your website go Live on the Internet so it is accessible worldwide. You can register your domain name from online domain providers and integrate it with the web hosting you purchased which, to be frank is a complicated process. viaENS simplifies the entire process for you. With viaENS Managed WordPress Package you just have to submit a request for the domain registration in the Support Center and sit back. They practically deliver your brand new Blog with everything pre-installed while managing the entire technical end of your Blog so that you focus more on your content and building your Brand name. 

‘viaENS’ is a Community Building Business Platform which helps students set up a co-working ecosystem where they educate the community about Blogging, Digital Marketing, Networking, Business Development accelerating Entrepreneurship.

viaENS hosts & manages Digital Infrastructure for its users and aims to establish a Portable workplace culture driven by Digital Automation technology and tools.

To facilitate your Blogging journey you can also go for various Digital Marketing Certifications like SEO Certifications, Content Marketing Certifications, Google Analytics/ Adwords certifications, PPC Certifications that will not only add to your credibility but will also vouch for your expertise.

Start publishing your passions your way. Your blog should be about what you love. You can start a dance blog, a travel blog, a poetry blog, a photography blog or if you are a food or fashion critic you can become a food blogger or a fashion blogger.

If you still feel unsure about starting a Blog and are searching for reasons– Don’t worry. 

Read on this Blog and find your answers-


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