Get ahead in the Digi-era: Get your own android app now !


Hello People!

Do you have a website or want to create a new one soon?

And you want an app for your site now?

 But have no idea where to go?
Well, fret not as Elysium Net Solution has you covered with an exciting new offer! If you are a registered associate at Elysium Net Solution, and you have a website, you will now get an android app created for your website by ENS!!

andriod app

Mobile applications for websites are all the rage now that the mobile internet users have surpassed the desktop internet users in recent years. It is estimated that internet users spend 89% of their mobile time on apps. Thus, in a market growing for mobile users, it is a smart idea to invest in a mobile application for your website. A mobile app not only saves the user’s time but also makes it easier to navigate and use the services, which is why it is preferred over a website.

We create free elementary, responsive and easy-to-use minified mobile applications for our users. The apps include a top bar and a side bar, a search feature, refresh option and a cool “add to favorite” button. The design of the apps is minimalistic and aesthetic, and the functionality is optimum.

ens android app

To make it fuss-free and easier for you, we offer to create a general app for your website absolutely free, on your request. However, to avail this service, you have to be an associate of Elysium Net Solution. If you are an ENS associate, contact our support team through and request for an app. However, if you are not an ENS associate but do not want to let this golden opportunity go, write to us at [email protected].


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