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ENS – Elysium Net Solution all you need to know

Elysium Net Solution Pvt. Limited is an Indian based Private Company which comes into existence on 25th September 2014. The company comes under the category of the company limited by shares. In easy words It’s an Indian Non- Government Company which started doing business from Jammu (J&K) The Crown Of India.

How Big is ENS (Elysium Net Solution)  ?

Since their Headquarters or you can say official Main Office is in Gandhi Nagar Jammu.Head Office is in Jammu that didn’t block them spreading business in other states of India. They scattered their business in other areas starting from Chandigarh Kashmir, Jaipur and the Capital Delhi. And have plan to set up their offices in other states like Pune,Gujarat etc. They are 1-year-old and already settled up their business on Rocket speed with more than 1800 associates  collectively in India.

What is ENS actually about ?

Elysium Net solution is the company which provides platforms to young budding generation to have their own startup by creating a Website. The Company provides websites for both personal and professional use. They also provide website designing, logo designing and provide Web Hosting including of Blogging e-commerce and CMS.

Their Motive ?

Actually, their thinking is that today’s Youth have potential to achieve anything by their focus and right platform if provided to them, ENS do that for them. They provide that right platform. Their studies showed up and they think that in this Today’s Internet/Blogging world we can achieve Something and create many entrepreneurs.

• Basically, we do agree with them too. Today if you are reading this It’s because Of them. Youth Upgrade is THE YOUTH UPGRADE is only because of them. We’ll tell the whole story below. But all i want to say that they have a very Good Motive behind.

 I mean just take an Example of “Facebook”

Today Everyone use Facebook for personal or professional needs. Everyone have their accounts to connect with their friends and family and their respective famous pages also for becoming something out of none.

• But from where Facebook came into existence ? We use Facebook for free ! then why it is earning so largely on a billion scale ?

ENS explained this concept in a very good manner. They told that everyone now-a-days use Facebook but how many know the name of its owner’s and as expected very few people were up telling the name.Basically, Facebook provides us to use it for free and it’s service for free. It will always be free. Then it is earning through which means ?

• Facebook is earning through advertisement ! and on a billion scale that too is also true. They showed up ads. In a very good manner that it doesn’t affect user experience that they use their site to show ads too.

• In this way, ENS can brought some changes in Today Youth’s Life. this was the motive of Youth Upgrade.

How It Works ?

Here you will get to know how your website/ Blog get done and authorized for your use. Either it is personal or professional. ENS do it very quick all you have to do is join their affiliate program and then you have to fill-up a simple form given by them which includes mainly information regarding your Address proof and identity and the website name. Then they give you a waiting period of 15 days and then after that they showed-up your sign-in details on their server then it’s on you whether you want to install your site on WordPress or any other platforms.

• It comes with a validity of 1 year in simply 1 package which included other services also like associated emails. You can also make 25 sub-domains and can also add users for your website as many as you want. There servers seems to be very secure and trust worthy.

Why not Godaddy or Big Rock?

Yes, after reading all this you may be thinking why not selecting their cheap packages over ENS.

• May you should consider them, but first i am asking are you really an expert in building a website. What godaddy do is that they create a website for you… that’s it !

• But ENS there you’ll thoroughly support from beginning either you need help from associates or experienced seniors on websites they will also help you getting full-fledged knowledge on how to earn through it ! Yes, your newly started website.

• Mainly they focus on Google adsense. But not only that they also show you that there are other ways to earn money like their referral programes. These are the things or you cans say points you should consider/save before selecting ENS over Godaddy or any other site.

• Because ENS understands that you are a rookie but they also believe that one day you will be a great blogger through the website. Not only this they also arrange some sort of seminars where they invite famous entrepreneur and great bloggers and their members  to get their knowledge of blogging useful for you.

• They also set some question answer sessions in the same seminar. So if you have any doubt regarding your Website they will get solve via the help of bloggers and senior partners.

• The ENS guys/ team work together they never take advantages of their position the Head member and team member works together

ENS Seminars

They have arrangement seminars where their associates and member have a general meeting to their new members and adjoining associate regarding the website they gonna build and all other stuff. Seminars happens over every sunday. This is also a good point which is not delivered by those sites and ENS do it.

What others services they provide ?

Besides designing your websites ENS also urges their newly joined members or increase in SEO and do regular meeting with them on the reports of their site. They also support them through socially by Advertisement on their social pages. Not only this  they also take care of their servers and arrange websites according to their traffic on their secure servers. They also publicly advertise your website if you ask them too.

• These day they are also giving additional services including app development which is basically if you want an app for your website they will provide you. Not only this you can get also premium theme from theme if you want. All premium theme do is increase your traffic and decrease the time taken by the site to load so you can consider these services too.

Their referral program ?

They have an additional program throughout which you can earn and have a chance of permanent sallery too. If you can do as required. •For more Information you can visit  ENS Official website • If you are willing to join ENS we are here to welcome you as I told you before today you are reading this would not be possible without them. If you want to Join come and contact us below all the details.

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