viaENS is the New Support System to Emerging Start-ups

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The objective of the viaENS is to expand support to student startups beyond those in the student entrepreneur plan. viaENS network  provides a year’s worth of startup support services with the goal that at the end of that year.As student entrepreneurs we have much to learn. Sharing your knowledge, experience, and advice is most valued and appreciated. Now is the time for self-discovery and learning! Starting a venture while you are in college is the best way to find what works, and what doesn’t while still having the support to make these discoveries. With grants and stipends from the center for innovation, creativity & entrepreneurship, you can do just that.
viaENS encourages you to take advantage of your knowledge, creative skills, and resources to identify and pursue opportunities, initiate change, and create sustainable value in your life and the lives of others. It’s like viaENS works as a brain for you.
Thanks to the generosity of three families in particular, we have endowments that enable us to provide seed grants to students and student teams, whether for social or commercial benefit.
This student-led organization strives to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit on campus, as well as provide a resource for students looking to start their own businesses.


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