Top (8) Strategies to Drive Traffic from Instagram to your website in 2020

Drive Traffic from Instagram

Do you want to drive traffic from Instagram to give a boost to your website? Or do you want to increase the number of your followers on Instagram?

Instagram is packed full of knowledge and Success Mantra to grow the online business- but you are not getting Pass ticket of that mantra only due to tons of creative brands who competing for people’s attention and an ultra-smart Instagram algorithm, it’s harder than ever to increase Instagram engagement.


Understanding how to drive traffic from Instagram can be one of the best marketing tactics for your business or brand.

But Wondering,

What type of “Khush Kismat Kaddha” are they using to get Instagram engagement? Is there any secret magical formula you’re missing out on? Are they really that much better at Instagram marketing than you?

Without Scratching your head,


how to crack their Instagram strategy and make it work for you, but you’re not sure where to start.

Don’t worry, We can help you to drive traffic from Instagram to your website .

8 Strategies to Drive Traffic from Instagram to your website that actually works

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #1:‘Click the Link in Bio!’

Drive Traffic from Instagram

The simplest and easiest way to drive traffic from Instagram to your website is by including a link in your Instagram bio.

You can update the link as often as you like, to any page on your website that you would like.

Most of the brands that are driving the revenue from Instagram frequently update the link and then include a call-to-action in their posts that tells users to click a link in their bio.

So, You could also specify by saying, “click the link in bio for more information” or “click the link in bio for more blogging tips” or any other information regarding your niche.

Get as creative as you want to win your target audience hearts. But, Just be sure to let people know how they can easily get to your site.

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #2: Make Insightful and Actionable Instagram Stories

Drive Traffic from Instagram

You can drive a serious amount of traffic from Instagram Stories. It provides a huge opportunity for brands to connect with their followers on a more personal level.

Whether it’s done verbally or through a text caption, providing a quick explanation for why someone should “swipe up” is a good start when it comes to driving more clicks.

You can add an eye-catching GIF that encourages more “swipe up” activity. If you have a custom “swipe up” GIF then you’re way ahead of the game — but if not, there are a ton of ready-made options to choose from.

In addition to calling out your links and adding a GIF, you can also animate your stories to drive more clicks.

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #3: Get Creative with Instagram Stories Features:

Drive Traffic from Instagram

Instagram Stories are also packed full of cool and awesome features to help engage your followers and build maximum hype around your products or services. Here are some of the top Instagram Stories features to drive traffic from Instagram to your website:

Post an Instagram Questions Sticker poll on your stories, and answer it with a clear call-to-action or link. You can then share this response during your Instagram live, creating a visual cue for your followers.

Use Instagram’s Countdown sticker. It is an awesome tool for building hype around an upcoming product launch or event! To make this sticker even more effective, encourage your followers to tap and set a reminder for when your countdown ends.

One of the best ways to drive traffic (and sales!) is to provide a personalized experience on Instagram.

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip # 4. Use hashtags – in your posts and in your Instagram stories

Drive Traffic from Instagram

The hashtag helps users find your content, along with the hashtag, your posts will appear in the ‘Tags’ section of Instagram Search and Explore.

Be sure to choose your hashtag carefully. Find popular Instagram hashtags that are trending in your industry and track the ones your contestants are using.

Creating a unique, branded hashtag can also increase engagement. If you are planning a contest, promotion or promotion, it makes it easier to collect images focusing on user-generated content.

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip # 5 Optimisation Call to action:

Drive Traffic from Instagram

One of the best ways to drive more traffic to your link in bio is by adding call-to-actions to your captions that explain the value of a link.

This could be as simple as “Head to our link in bio to shop…”, or “Tap our link in bio to find out more about…”.

By teasing just a little bit of information in your captions, you can spark your audience’s curiosity — and drive more traffic back to your website!

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip # 6 Seek inspiration from other accounts:

Drive Traffic from Instagram

Curate high-quality content that is appealing to your target customer. To do this, look at 5-6 popular Instagram accounts you know your target customer follows. Follow their post pattern and content schedule with your own unique twist. Don’t copy them. Just figure out what it is about their feed that makes it so appealing to your target customer and use some of those ideas in your own feed.

All of this will help you design a feed that is more likely to attract the followers you want and drive traffic to your website easily.

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip #7 Be consistent:

Drive Traffic from Instagram

To increase conversions on Instagram you have to be consistent in your direction across your feed and your stories. If you really want to drive people to your website you have to tell them WHY they should go to check out your website. Make sure that the link in your Bio leads people exactly where you are telling them to go.

If your content is driving your audience to your website, and they see a link in your bio that goes to your YouTube channel they may not loop back to your website and you have lost that conversion.

Drive Traffic from Instagram Tip # 8 Link to your site in IGTV video descriptions:

Drive Traffic from Instagram

When you create an IGTV video, you/ can place a link in your description which you can use to drive traffic to your website.

Pro tip: Once you create an IGTV video, you can link to it in your Instagram story. So if you don’t have 10,000 followers and can’t link in your story, link to your IGTV clip. This will drive audiences to your IGTV video that includes the link you want them to click.

Get Started

Now you have a few ideas for how to drive traffic from Instagram to your website it’s time to get started.

With the right tools and strategy, Instagram can be a huge traffic driver for your business or brand.

So, Start experimenting today with some of these tips and tricks — you’ll soon be able to engage with your audience, and discover new ways to convert your Instagram followers into shoppers and loyal fans.

All the best.


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