‘USTRAA’ Case Study | How Quirky Story Telling boomed Men’s grooming Sale



ABOUT HAPPILY UNMARRIED : Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand, 1998 both alumni of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad in a candid interview with AEC talk about their brand decisions about quirky campaigns and product packaging.

Happily Unmarried founded in 2003 is known for quirky products and they also collaborate with many designers and craftsmen from across the country to combine traditional skills and modern design to create a host of lifestyle products and ordinary household goods.


Happily Unmarried create products that resembles with the audience.

Keep it simple.

Creativity + Simplicity + Attractiveness = Quirky product

Business Objective Of Brand USTRAA

Case study of ustraa

The objective is to make good quality humorous content that might attract people to the blog and also introduce the brand. Thereafter, use the standard aspects of online marketing to nurture these leads, convert them & Delight them into happy customers.

Company targets its audience who falls between 18-35 years aged primarily in metro and Tier-I cities. They target these people because they’re young and luxuriate in all goodies in life.

Happily Unmarried believes that they’re within the business of selling fun and would always create products & services that make people happy.

While adding products monthly with the aim of getting 500 pick-off-the-shelf products thay have started providing franchising opportunities ‘to young people who hate what they are doing right now.’

Success Story of Brand Ustraa

Case study of ustraa

‘Ustraa’ takes upon itself to redefine the men grooming industry and has already made an effect on its target customers.

Ustraa is a scope of Grooming products targeting the Indian male. Ustraa also have a layer of content which will tell Men how to be men without really offending the more good looking sex.

Why Happily Unmarried Chose Men’s grooming Category?

Case study of ustraa

A lot of customers of Happily Unmarried are men so they were trying to figure out what else can they sell them. After Research they found there is a lack of good products for the beard. So they did a bit of research and discovered that men were actually been given a raw deal in the grooming segment.

Ustraa products have a very distinct style of packaging i.e. they are packaged like vintage style medicinal containers. The reason finally opened in a candid Interview They Said, 

Yes, we hated the way products are being packaged so decided to introduce some fun. Since we are not from the industry we could take liberty to experiment. Our bros (that is what we call our customers) are loving the packaging. It does not work equally well for everything so we will be changing some of the packaging. But overall we are happy with the way the products have turned out.


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They highlight their products are chemical free and not tested on animals but do it in a way that their target customers would like it.

The tagline of Ustraa [‘Not tested on animals, Only on Rascals’] Means the products are free from animal testing. There are tested only on men. This ensures safety. Apart from that they also get them tested at government recognized labs.

Instagram case study of Ustraa: Men’s grooming brand boosts sales 14 times over with smart targeting

Case study of ustraa

Men’s grooming brand USTRAA developed streamlined, Ustraa Promote Their Product on Instagram in a very Creative way to target its audience.

This case study looks at how the brand made smart use of targeting with its hip, sexy image to boost sales 14 times over.


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Case study Overview of Ustraa

  • New grooming brand wished to succeed in young, mobile savvy men.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network campaign aimed to succeed in as many of us from its audience as possible.
  • Men skillful the creative, that was reflected in the 14 increase in sales of USTRAA.

How Ustraa Grew Through Social Media?

Case study of ustraa

The Ustraa brand ran an optimized campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network to gain as many people from its target audience as possible.

It used carousel ads to present its products visually and allow people to scroll through a variety of creatives. Understanding the way its audience thoughtfully curates its Instagram feed to be visually inspired, the brand invested in creative that matched the Instagram aesthetic.

The inventive featured minimalist product photography for on-trend things from its USTRAA line, like beard tonic.

The copy had a confident tone, announcing that “well groomed is the new sexy” and telling men that USTRAA products haven’t been tested on animals, “just rascals.”

One visual suggestively placed a scope of grooming products next to a jewellery box and a “do not disturb” sign, along with the copy “when your beard is your pickup line.” It applied a variety of Instagram filters to give the ads a retro feel. Collectively, the suite of photos had a modern and sexy feel.

As well as targeting 18 to 35-year-old men who use definite devices and operating systems, Happily Unmarried used Website Custom Audiences to re target website visitors and lookalike audiences to find people close to existing customers.

The Results

The brand wished to drive sales of USTRAA by launched vary of grooming product aimed at men. It wanted to reach a certain type of man: young, mobile savvy and interested in good design.
Its specific goals were to increase revenue by 10X and drive 2X more website traffic.

The 6-month campaign (which ran from August 2015 —February 2016) finally reached the right people, tripling website traffic and driving a 12X increase in monthly revenue.

Men responded to the creative, which was reflected in the 14 increase in sales of USTRAA.

14X – Increase in Monthly Shipments of Ustraa.

12X – Increase in Monthly Revenue.

3X – Increase in website traffic.

Digital Marketing Case Study of Ustraa : How Rolex & Ustraa Used Storytelling To Build Their Brands?

CASE study of ustraa

Have you seen a Rolex ad?

They have expertly built a narrative around their brand, using their elegant design, also their brand ambassador – Roger Federer. It’s not just Rolex; many brands utilize storytelling as an efficient tool to shape their brand perception, and attract consumers. So what exactly are brand stories? Brand Narratives? In MICA, they introduced a course called Storytelling so on sensitize students to the present concept. As future marketers, you must know how storytelling works within the world of advertising, PR, brand building, etc.


Instagram is a Powerful Tool you can use To Promote your Brand as they helped us to reach our audience.

Instagram fit the aesthetic of USTRAA line perfectly, so it made sense to leverage it for our launch.

Nowadays, Instagram works as an effective marketing strategy. Established brands reserve their Instagram pages for Display their products, while new startups find it easier to create an audience via images here.

Even individual like models, Dancers, Singers and artists can showcase their works and create a fan base.

Instagram serves as an Essential platform today for social media marketing.


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