Creating a Professional Blog: How to choose the Blog niche?

If you want to create a professional website, you should choose a niche. Does this word scare you? The niche of your blog is sort of the theme you will approach on it. You will discover in this article how to choose a good Niche:

1 – Your Passion and Your Blog niche :

“Without passion you have no energy, and without energy you have nothing.”

To have an authority in your niche and be credible in the eyes of your visitors, you need to be an expert. Be careful, you do not need to start your blog as an expert, but over time, you must build a solid expertise.

This therefore requires constant learning. So you will have to spend hours of reading and research. Needless to say that you also need to write on your topic.

Also, a lot of your visitors ask you questions that you must answer. Furthermore, to make yourself known, you will need to write guests articles and many other techniques.

You agree with me that it is hard to do all this work if you are not passionate about your subject.

This is even more true if you choose a micro-niche. A micro-nests requires you to provide a solution to a specific problem.

2 – What is the demand?

Some people they determine the subject that fascinates them, the steps and jump directly create their blog. Do not make this mistake.
After finding the niche that interests you, see if there is a passionate audience for the same subject.
It serves no purpose to create a professional blog on a topic that interests you.
How to assess demand Fortunately, market research online especially for blogging does not require a big budget. Generally, the only investment is your time to do.
Here are some tips:
  • Online tools: There are many free and paid tools to search for keywords. But I recommend the Google tool (free): Google Keyword planner.┬áIt will let you see the number of monthly searches on a given topic.

3 – Is your niche market profitable?

You can have a subject with a large audience. But what really counts is the profitability of your blog.
For this, make sure your hearing and your visitors are willing to spend money to meet their needs.
How to evaluate the profitability of a niche?
  • Visit the blogs of your niche and see how they monetize.
  • Visit the affiliation platforms like 1TPE, Clickbank JV circles, Amazon to see if there are products on your theme.
  • Search for your keywords on Google and see ads that appear in the top right of your results. This will allow you to see if advertisers are targeting your keywords.

Select Blog niche that interests you, see if demand is high and there are monetization potential. By following these steps before creating your professional blog, there is no doubt that you will create a professional blog.


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