Empowering Women through Blogging | Hobby or a Million Dollar Profession

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Before coloring your hands with henna, color your life with independence. Gone are the days when women had predefined gender roles and were made to stay within the four walls of the house, utilizing all of her abilities just to frame a perfectly round chappati.

Eventually the wave of women empowerment and feminism consumed all the established stereotypes and broke all the taboos surrounding women, when we finally got the answer to ‘How can a girl support her family financially?

You pass high school, become a graduate (or even post graduate) and just when it is time to realize your ambitions, you are burdened with abundant of responsibilities.

You always have a role associated with you, which eventually becomes your identity. You are somebody’s sister, somebody’s girlfriend and will eventually become somebody’s wife, somebody’s mother. Ask yourself, do you always want that ‘somebody’ thing or do you want to have an identity of your own? If you want the latter, then what are you doing in that direction?

Five years from now, how do you see yourself?

A woman attending local kitty parties, clearing the mess of her kids, containing regrets as to what would have been if that leap towards the dream was taken or do you see yourself as an independent woman managing an entire team, working on what she once wished for, attending global seminars, posing with a confident grin for cover images of magazines.

Being a woman is definitely not easy, especially when the society considers it their right to dictate the terms on how to live. I’ve seen woman compromise and sacrifice their dreams. Everybody remembers Kalpana Chawla who left a legacy behind because she realized and worked towards her dreams but nobody knows my grandmother, who had a beautiful voice for she didn’t do anything in that direction and wasted her talent.

Everybody has a unique talent seeded in them, that needs proper nurturing. Yes, we love dancing, travelling, writing, photography, adventure sports, fashion, entertainment and yes we also love food. If you really want to do something, start with something in in which you are passionate about. But whenever we talk about passion, there’s always a question that pops out-

Beta inn sabse Ghar nahi Chalta. Paise kaha se aayenge?
This is just the blabber of the people who have limited understanding of the world.
They don’t know everything.

You need something, some way, a platform maybe, to somehow turn your passion into profit and give yourself a chance to represent your talent to the entire world. The smart phone you hold is your key to the world of Internet that will help you get across your words globally.

What do you have to do? Forget of what was, take a step ahead for yourself, channelize your talent and share your voice.

How do you have to do? All you have to do is start with a blog of your own, stand out to the people and grow personally, professionally, and financially from blogging.

Here are the Five Reasons on Why Women should Start Blogging

Blogging Will Give You Freedom:

Blogging will give you the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. Not only this but it will give you the freedom to express yourself while, enabling you to do what you love and earning a living out of it. You can be your own boss and start writing at the comfort of your home. There are endless Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs. Share your recent cake recipe with the world or the recent designer dress you wore to the party or you can also share your recent family trip, writing the travel experience on your blog to reach out to people to contribute your share and become significant.

You Can Build/Boost Your Own Business:

Your own blog can take off as a hobby and if done seriously can also mature into a full time business, generating fair passive revenue. Blogging is definitely not a magic lamp, that’ll fulfill your wishes in a short span. Professional blogging is a full-time business, which need immense focus, research, plans and goals. If you already have a Business (like a store or any such family business), you can use the power of your blog to boost it and reach out with your product to more people or you can start your own business (anything of your interest) and promote it to wider audience through the network that your blog will fetch you.

Blogging Will Help You Build a Professional Network:

Blogging will connect you to more like minded people and you may end up becoming somebody’s inspiration. It will help you create a professional network with the people of your own niche who share the same interests, passion and talent as yours which will not only help you grow but will earn you a credibility of your own whilst giving you a solid medium to broadcast your talent.

Blogging Will Help You Generate Income:

From all Home Career Ideas for Women, Blogging is one of the best. As you go on publishing articles on your blog, you’ll establish a hold over your niche and people will start treating you like an influencer. If you take up blogging seriously, you may end up being the focal point of a big network of people and companies will eventually reach out to you to market their products. Blogging will help you turn your passion into profit. You can work as an affiliate partner for online retailers and can also earn money by generating traffic, sales, leads through your blog. You can also use google tools to earn money from the content you publish online.

Blogging Will Help You Land a High Paying Job:

With a blog of your own you can become a certified professional and fetch high paying jobs with multi- national companies based on your experience. You no longer have to wait for your prince charming on a white horse to save you for you can be your own savior. Channelize your passion, start a blog of your own, learn different digital marketing skills and you are all set to enter the corporate world; the first step towards the life you’ve always wished for.

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