Blogging Tips for Beginners| An Open Letter to New Bloggers

Blogging Tips for Beginners

‘Blogging as a full time Career sounds impractical, right? While the Internet is inundating with Blogging Tips for Beginners, what we don’t get is the real authentic advice on how to get Started.

When we were asked to write essays on ‘Aim in Life’, we used to scribble down our hobbies for all the crazy reasons. Astronaut, Cricketers, Dancers, Chef, Singer, Model, so much more and then life happened.

All those dreams were broadly reduced to 5 categories- Doctors, Engineers, Civil Services, CA, Lawyers.

Eventually life went on with Pythagoras and Trigonometry by the side until one day when you came across the Instagram profile of a Blogger flying in private jets, getting sponsored stay at luxury hotels, surrounded by Instagrammable food, videos of him/her unboxing free designer clothes (just imagine free clothes), invited to attend grand Events and so much more.

The life that was reduced into nothing and for which you were about to settle suddenly got so much more exciting.

You took up Blogging and here you are into the world of Blogging with your own Blog. Blogtastic, isn’t it?

I have a Blog, now I am a Blogger Right?

Many people enter the world of Blogging with high intensity enthusiasm but eventually when the blank white screen stares back at you asking for Content, the surging levels of motivation take a halt.

You put in all the effort, research few Blogs, search for Focus keyword, write content, add images, put in all the tags and finally hit the Publish option.

You log in to Google Analytics and Jetpack’s Site stats several times the next day to check if there was any traffic but all you hear is crickets. So, your motivation level eventually starts decreasing with every post.

Blogging Tips for Beginners #1– Before you directly Plunge into a new Blog Post, first select a focus keyword. “Instead of using a broad Keyword like “Best Engineering Colleges in India”, go for a long tail Focus Keyword that is more Specific like “Best Engineering Colleges in India except IIT in terms of Placement”.

Blogging Tips for Beginners #2– Conduct a proper Keyword Research. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, KW Finder and Alexa. Along with the focus keyword, also include the relevant keywords in your content.

But how do I get People to Read my Blog?

Content is the King and has the power to make your Blog or Break it.

To get people to read your Blog, you first have to create an awesome piece of content that readers would love to read.

After you are done with content creation you have to work on ranking your Blog on the initial page of Google. For that you have to be armed with proper techniques of Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)

Blogging Tips for Beginners #3– While creating blog you have to keep 2 perspectives in mind. First is the Readers’ perspective and the other is the SEO perspective.Create a piece of content that is reader friendly and is sprinkled with proper SEO techniques. Never compromise on the quality of your Content because content is that secret ingredient that will give you the lead.

What theme Should I go for?

When you start a Blog, don’t focus on the theme unless you’ve completed at least 10 Blog posts. After you’ve hit the deadline of 10 Blogs, go ahead and select a theme for yourself.

You have abundant of free themes available in the WordPress repository. After selecting the theme set your menus and categories. Put all of the previously written 10 articles in the category it belongs to and un-mark ‘uncategorized’.

Blogging Tips for Beginners #4– Select a theme that is optimally utilizing the available space. Eliminate the bigfat Welcome banner and place content in such a fashion so that a single screen accommodates more articles.

I don’t feel motivated to write Content?

It is because you blindly followed other’s advice and went for a niche which according to them was profitable and will help you earn more money.

Warning- This is a shorty road that ends up in a deep pit.

Go for a niche you are passionate about. Be it Travel, Food, Fashion, movies, Entertainment, politics, sports, Business or any other of your choice.

Blogging Tips for Beginners #5– Go for a specific Niche. Research and find at least 10 best blogs in your niche. Read them regularly. Not only will it polish your perspective but will also help you fight writer’s block. You will be regularly fed with ideas and content about your next Blog.

I got my blog 2 months back and I have written 30 articles, but none of them is Ranking. Why is Google doing this to me?

Google is a bit Ageist here. If your Blog is less than six months old, you are a new Blog for Google. Google considers older sites to be more reliable than trusting a new one.

So, if you have just started Blogging, don’t worry, keep posting content and once your Blog is over Six months mark, you will start witnessing results.

Blogging Tips for Beginners #6– Any Blog less than 6 months is considered new and not the age of your Domain name. For Example- You may have a domain name that is a year old, but if you have started posting content a month ago, then your Blog is one month old and a newbie for Google.

So, dear Blogger just keep Going. I know while everyone else is busy preparing for Hug day, kiss day, rose day, teddy day, your brain is surrounded by SEO, Backlinks, Content Writing, not to forget, Google Adsense.

I understand, dear friend.

If you had the calling to follow your Passion then do the required Grind. Don’t run from it.

Results will Follow.

Here are a few advices from fellow viaENS Blogger who have shared their experience of Blogging-

Never get affected by numbers. There are two cases- 1) You getting a large number of views and earning in a big number, that’s cool. 2) You getting less views or not earning much as u expected, that’s also fine. In both the cases, never focus on Numbers, just focus on the process as it’ll make you or break you. Blogging is a long term game. If you keep on following the process without expecting anything in return, it’ll surely benefit you in the long term.

~ Vatsal Sharma

I think beginning with a multi niche blog was most challenging problem. But now I understood the whole Funda behind it. Since there is competition in almost every niche, I recommend newbies to get started with a single niche blog to succeed fast. And always keep in mind that you never loose, you either win or learn until you quit. Moreover, I recommend you to read other popular blogs, they will help you a lot. All the Best.

~ Kamaljeet Singh

I take blogging as a problem solving concept.Always give the information that actually solves the problem of the user and keeps him/her entertained. Keep patience and never focus on income because when you started you are not pro in this so you need at least few months to learn and become a trained person.

~Lokesh Jaral

Each high-quality blog post that you publish is another opportunity to get traffic from search.

~Akshay Mahajan

Blogging may not look easy sometimes but is definetly easy when you work hard and start doing research on your own. Do not completely depend on others for the tips and knowledge you must research on your own because when you start researching then only you will get doubts and problems that you can ask your seniors. And the main thing never ever quit no matter how much bad time you are having trust your seniors and always ask questions and never ever get shy.

~Abhishek Kundan

The problem I faced in my blogging journey, I’m sure it’s the most basic and common problem among bloggers i.e. creating Good quality content. On most of  topics we have a vey limited content . So my suggestion for them is quite simple we should go with those blog posts which are rare. Maybe that topic seems rare today but in near future it will be come mostly searched topic and your blog post will top among them as you created it’s content earlier. So choose potential blog posts.

~ Abhishek Bal

Blogging isn’t easy. It’s no longer a hobby where you can just write whenever you want and do well. If you want to succeed, you have to be willing to put in the time and energy. And if you can’t, then you have to be willing to put in money. If you don’t then you won’t do well, no matter how brilliant of a writer or marketer you are. Really think about if you are willing to put in hours each day into making your blog successful. And are you willing to do that for a few years? Or are you willing to hire someone from day 1 to help out?

~ Aman Sharma

Just like any brand or product, what attracts people most to a blog is its name. The name needs to be catchy, unique, cute, or clever, depending on your niche. The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.

~ Abhishek Sharma

Choose a good niche with less competition focus on learning SEO. To become king in game. Write content with passion.don’t copy it. Always search for new techniques. It’s  vast field you have give time to thing and sure you get the results.

~ Manshit Manhas

Honestly results should never be expected at first just learn ,taking the example of gym you cannot build muscles in a month its a journey of several months where you meet people learn new things and how to implement them through new ways.

~ Vikrant Saini

Have Patience in the journey of Blogging for Income as it’s the process not a trick or any shortcut (As we read the quote many times- Rome wasn’t built in a day), so remember this in your Journey of Blogging. Do what the market needs and not what you want. For better Results integrate both.

~ Pankaj Kumar


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