What Should I Blog About? | 3 Effective Blogging Ideas to Make Money viaENS

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While logging in the credentials of the new Blog, many bloggers start off with boundless enthusiasm but after looking at the blank white screen that is waiting for content, the enthusiasm blows off. The hardest part of being a Blogger is coming up with a basic model for your Blog to work around with.

While one of the best parts of being a blogger is the fact that we’ve got free range to blog about what we want and come up with our own topics; this on the other hand can also be very time consuming.

Here are 3 effective Blog Monetization models that will Make Money.

High Demand Blog Topics| Blog Niches that Make Money

1. Start Reviewing Products

You can start reviewing the products you use on a daily basis or can read different reviews people have already given about a product and deduce one of your own.So you should work in blogging ideas.

How will it make you money?

Eventually you will start getting visitors who are interested in your reviews as Google will start indexing your posts.

The traffic to your Blog will be ‘ the ready to shop’ people since they are seeking review for something they intend to buy. Various Modes of Monetisation that’ll help you generate revenue through Blog will be-

  • Affiliate– For every sale/lead/app install triggered through your Blog, you’ll earn a commission depending on the margin available on the product. INRDeals is one of the leading Affiliate network that will connect you to more than 250 e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra & more on a single platform. viaENS has tied up with INRDeals to bring you a pre-approved INRDeals publisher account along with your Blog. If your audience purchases a referred product from your Blog, you earn.
  • Google AdSense– You can place Google AdSense ads on your blog that will display relevant products. Every time a person clicks on it, you earn $1-$5 per click. The Cost Per Click depend on the location, Audience & other Parameters.
  • Sponsored Advertising– If your blog is generating a good reader’s traction, you may start attracting advertisers who are ready to pay you for a small banner space on your blog. You might also end up getting free products for reviews. It’s a win- win.

    2. Start with your hobby and become an Expert 

Start writing on what you are passionate about. If you love to cook and experiment with new dishes, start a food blog. You can publish recipes, cooking tips, your recently experimented dish along with original images.

The best part of such blogs is that you’ll have a specific topic to blog about and you can narrow down your thoughts. You’ll get the specific traffic to your blog- people who are interested in your niche.Try to explore blogging ideas.

Various Modes of Monetization that’ll help you generate revenue through Blog will be-

  • Offline Events– If you are an expert in a particular field, you may end up being invited to seminars, events and guest lectures, for which you can start charging.
  • Launch a Product– Once you have attained an expertise level you can launch a product and owing to the strong reader base you’ll be able to sell them like hot cakes.
  • Google AdSense, Affiliate, Sponsored Content. (as mentioned above)

3. Share Your Opinions on the Trending Topics

You can start writing on the trending topics and express your opinions and views on the same.Search Blogging Ideas. You can share your personal story, your struggles and set an inspiration for the people who are going through tough times.

Sharing personal journey is easy as it requires no research. You can share your college journey and give tips to college students or you can make this world a better place by making content and sharing the videos of your pets.

Various Modes of Monetization that’ll help you generate revenue through Blog will be-

  • Targeted Marketing– You can easily market your niche related products. Like if you are sharing the journey of your life as a pet owner, you can market pet food, pet accessories, pet training guides etc.Since the traffic on your blog is niche specific, there are higher chances of generating sales through your blog that will help you generate revenue.
  • Google AdSense, Affiliate, Sponsored Content. (as mentioned above)


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