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How to  go for Google Certified Digital Marketing Course in Jammu

Iwant my name to be on the 1st page of Google”- This is a common answer to a very common question asked in Interviews. So, ‘Google needs no introduction’.

Talk about Internet and Google comes tap dancing into the conversation.

Now imagine having a certificate with you, having written on it?


Sounds good Incredible?

It is indeed.

Becoming certified by Google and beginning your career with an impressive digital marketing certification can give you a very big advantage over others.

Google Digital Marketing Certifications can help you-

  • Improve your CV/ Resume
  • Find a Job
  • Grow your Career

The demand of Digital Marketers is increasing and acknowledging the growing demand by businesses, Google has set up proper courses that you can take up and claim your expertise in.

You get proper Google Certificates after completing the course modules and clearing the exams.

Google Digital Marketing Course will aid you to learn absolutely everything from Search Engines, Search Marketing, Paid advertising to social media, Mobile Marketing, Analytics and beyond.

Companies (Big/small), Brands, Organizations are hawking for skilled digital marketing professionals who could help them with their digital marketing and that is some serious business.

So if you are still asking if it is worth acquiring a Google certification, then the answer would be – YES of course!

Who can attend this Google Digital Marketing Course?

1. College Students (Graduates/ Post- Graduates)

Students who want to start preparing for a good job after graduation & Post- Graduation can go for  Google Digital Marketing Course in Jammu . It will be a great add on to your CV/ Resume.

The demand of Digital marketing skill set is increasing and having a Google certification for Digital Marketing can boost your chances of getting hired.

viaENS provides a full fledged Digital Marketing course in Jammu and you also get to implement and learn things practically.

Which College Streams can apply for Google Digital Marketing Course in Jammu?

  • Engineers
  • BA
  • BSc
  • BCom
  • BBA
  • Post- Graduates- MBA/ MCA/ MCom/ MSc/ MA
  • Dropouts

2. For Family Business

If you are planning to join your family business after completing your college, you should start preparing for the market while studying so that when you leave the college, you also have some experience in hand along with the degree.

viaENS prepares you for the Google Digital Marketing Course, so you can get through it and add it as a credential to your business.

3. Planning to change Careers

If you are looking for a change in career, you should definitely consider going for Digital Marketing. The competition gets tougher everyday and Digital Marketing is a fast growing industry with an ever increasing demand.

viaENS thoroughly prepares you for Google Digital Marketing Course in Jammu and after the certification you can boost your career in this domain.

4. Marketing Managers & Executives

If you are a Marketing manager or an executive then  Google Digital Marketing Course  will not just boost your credibility but will also help you a lot in your marketing endeavors (Since the customers are shifting online, marketing a product or a service online increases the brand reach and also helps sky-rocket your sales.

List of Digital Marketing Courses offered by Google

Google Digital Unlocked

Here is a compilation of some useful Digital Marketing Certification courses offered by Google-

1. Google Digital Unlocked

Why go somewhere else, when you can actually prepare and crack Google Digital Marketing Course in Jammu.

  • This course module offers students a comprehensive overview of digital marketing and introduces all the key concepts and vocabulary that would be covered in the subsequent modules.
  • The Google Digital Unlocked helps increase the digital knowledge and also aids in achieving digital marketing skills with completely free programs on just about anything from search to search engine optimization to social media.
  • A point to note here is that, although Google Courses tell you how to do things, they do not necessarily give you a lot of information on the real-time applications of these tactics.
  • viaENS curriculum is designed to give you hands on experience on live projects and helps you in learning practical aspects of Digital Marketing. You can practically apply your knowledge to test what you have learned.
  • This course is the best suited pre-requisite for Job seekers and students who want to prepare for the Industry. Google Digital Unlocked Certification is a great add on to the resume and a substantial start for people who want to get started with Digital Marketing.


 At viaENS, you get first hand knowledge from Google certified Digital marketers who have solid experience in this regard and you get training through training meetings, modules, online Webinars, Bloggers event etc. 

2. Google AdWords Fundamentals Course

  • Google Adwords Fundamentals Course is another Google Digital Marketing Course that prepares you for Digital Advertising with Google.Through a thorough learning of Google AdWords Fundamentals, you can set up campaigns and bid on keywords that may help you achieve potential clients’.
  • It gives information and data regarding the essential parts of web-based advertising and Google Adwords. It includes benefits of internet advertising, how to set up and manage a Google Adwords campaign.


 viaENS Digital Marketing Course in Jammu covers basic and intermediate concepts, including the benefits of online advertising and AdWords, concepts on AdWords campaign structure including the bidding and budget and various tools to measure and optimize the AdWords campaign. 

3. Google AdWords Search Advertising Course

  • You can easily go for Google Search Advertising Course- a Google Digital Marketing Course in Jammu. This course lets you learn everything from how search functions, how to frame Ad Campaigns, Ad Configurations, and how to screen and upgrade Ad performance.
  • The modules in this Google Digital Marketing course helps students develop a reliable knowledge of search advertising optimization.


 At viaENS, you practically get to implement what you learn theoretically under the able guidance of well- trained, Google Certified Industry Professionals. 

4. Google AdWords Mobile Advertising Certification

  • With the availability of good internet connection at cheap prices and introduction of smartphones, the rate of increase of Mobile users is increasing which makes mobile advertising a very crucial part of advertising.
  • The Mobile Advertising assessment covers the basic concept of mobile advertising, strategies to target and re-target users, measuring the performance of mobile advertisement and optimizing the mobile campaign.


 viaENS helps you set up your own Blog and also provides you assistance in optimizing it as per mobile usability. You can further practically learn the concepts and then go for this Google Digital marketing certification exam. 

5. Google AdWords Video Advertising Certification

  • Video Ads are compelling and engaging which makes Google Video Advertising Course- a Google Digital Marketing Course a prominent channel for advertising.
  • Google AdWords Video Advertising Certification covers concepts including development, execution and management of video advertising campaigns to improve ROI.


 viaENS prepares you for this google digital marketing course in Jammu (You don’t need to go anywhere else). You also get to learn basic and advanced concepts of how video campaigns work and how to do analysis of various campaigns. 

6. Google AdWords Shopping Advertising Certification

  • If you are planning on setting up E-Commerce and plan to do its Digital Marketing (like for your family business), then Google Shopping advertising certificate is a great way to get started.
  • The Google AdWords Shopping Advertising Certification course covers basic and advanced concepts, including the use of various tools to promote product inventory, the fundamentals of building and uploading high quality product feed, create Product Listing Ads and optimize their performance.
  • The course includes anything from creating and dealing with your Google Merchant Center account; data feed submission of product, bidding, etc.


 The Live Pro-Digital Marketing Webinars of viaENS gives you a great insight about Shopping Advertising, which you can implement on live projects for first hand learning. 

7. Google Analytics Certification Course


 viaENS provides Digital marketing Course in Jammu that gives you practical understanding of how to analyse Google Analytics and use it to set Smart goals that accelerates your Digital Marketing Goals. 

8. Google Tools and Best Practices Course

Google Best Practices Guide
An active Digital Marketing advertising campaign needs comprehensive planning and on-point analysis.
You need to use google digital marketing course to understand the market, analyse the competitor, examine newest digital marketing trends and keyword searches in your respective domains.
Google’s Best Practices Series provides Google AdWords tactics, best search engine marketing strategies, and basic of paid search advertising. Many tools available in Google Digital Marketing Course are-

  • Google Planning Tools
  • Keyword Planner and Display Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Consumer Barometer, etc.

How to Enroll for Digital Marketing Course in Jammu?

As listed above, Google offers several Digital Marketing Certifications to choose from. Based on your interest you can go for any of these.

  • But truth be told, these courses are designed to prove your expertise and this is the reason why these certifications are highly acknowledged in the market. 
  • Thus you need some level of basic understanding before even you get started with these. The Exams are a bit tough to crack. 

  • What they need you to do is basically achieve a higher standard of digital marketing understanding, not only in the all the theoretical aspects of it but also you should know the in and out of its practical implementation as well.

  • So, generally you are already expected to be an expert in it before even completing the Google certification exam.
  • Now where to achieve this expertise that will help you clear these exams as well and help you step a bit further and have an edge over your competition?

Well there is nothing to worry about – Government registered companies like viaENS have a course designed where you get the Latest Industry Education along with real time Websites to practically implement what you learn.
viaENS has Experienced industry professionals as their trainers who come to rescue whenever you need them. They not only prepare you for Google courses but also various other aspects of digital marketing.

So, if you want to get into the world of Digital Marketing, you can contact us-

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