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Over the past years WordPress has played a huge part in democratizing the web. These days, just about anyone can create a blog in minutes with the world’s favorite content management system without having to worry about any potentially confusing technical matters.

However, there are many important things that happen “under the hood,” so to speak. Those back end issues impact many sites. Other people find that updating WordPress and its plugins is a hassle. While WordPress is an awesome content management system, managing the manager can be a hassle.

Luckily, a market has sprung up that will take care of that responsibility for you – managed WordPress hosting. In this post I will explain what it is, who might need it and why. I’ll also feature a few companies that are in the managed WordPress hosting business.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

In a nutshell, managed WordPress hosting deals with all of the backend tasks related to running a WordPress blog so that you don’t have to. That way, you can focus on what truly matters:your content,  selling your products and/or services to customers.

They will host your site, of course. Beyond that, they also bring specific WordPress experience and work to optimize your site in many areas: speed, security, uptime, updates to the WordPress core and plugin compatibility.

Security, Speed (SEO), and Updates. Managed Hosting works exclusively and seek to maximize all three.

Who Should Get Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosts help on a variety of fronts. But the option is not for everybody. For example, Pagely’s plans start at $24/month, with more expensive options offering more features. The cost is not crippling, but it also is not anything to sniff at.

Also remember that managed hosting is geared specifically towards WordPress. If you want your site to be on the cutting edge, having a provider focused on your content management system can pay off.

WordPress is a wonderful piece of software, but it also has its idiosyncrasies that must be addressed. If you do not choose a managed WordPress host, you will not be getting the best performance, security, and support possible. Period. So if your site means a lot to you, then having a host who specializes in delivering the best experience to you and your readers should mean a lot to you too.

How hard is it to Switch?

With normal hosting, migrating a site from one provider to another can be frustrating. Managed WordPress hosts aim to take that painful process and make it painless. The results are great. You can generally expect to have a migration with minimal downtime – most managed WordPress providers will test your site on their servers and let you see a preview before they switch the DNS information.

Get Your Managed WordPress Hosted Site with viaENS:

Managed WordPress Hosting is bit expensive as in this plan the company manages every technical aspect related  to your website and CMS i.e WordPress. but with viaENS, you just need to spend 99 paisa/hour and you will get fully Managed WordPress.

What Will I Get From Managed WordPress Hosting?

While it comes at a cost, managed WordPress hosting has some key advantages, and many of these are reasons.

  • Increased site speed
  • Bolstered security
  • Reliable uptime
  • Updates to the WordPress core
  • Checks for plugin compatibility.


Security is key. With WordPress powering about 18% of the web these days, it is a big target for spammers and hackers. Managed hosting services take security very seriously.

ViaEns provide weekly malware scans from Sucuri for every WordPress install we host. And in the event of any breach, we take full responsibility for cleaning it up and locking the site back down. In addition, we have been among the most proactive in the business in preventing the scourge of WordPress: brute force login attempts … We also take daily backups of every WordPress install as well, so no viaENS site is ever more than 24 hours removed from a complete restore.

Other services offer similar security features to protect your site.


viaENS also take faster speeds as a point of pride. One thing to note, however, is that increases in speed will vary depending on where your site is at right now. For example

There is no real way to state an average – I’ve seen some advertisements regarding this and find it incredibly misleading…for sites that are already fast, there might be a small change, but you can’t improve much on really good … For sites experiencing slowness, there is a very real chance they can see a large improvement.

What About the Alternatives?

There are always other options, so which one you choose depends on your needs. WordPress maintenance companies claim to have superior service, but it comes at a price. Virtual private servers and dedicated servers are another option, but you should keep in mind that they do not specialize in WordPress.

As always, managed WordPress hosts stress their expertise.

Our service is far superior if you’re running WordPress. Our techs are well versed in all details of WordPress including plugins, themes, and upgrades, whereas a typical tech at a standard hosting company may not know anything about WordPress.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting a Good Investment?

Should you ultimately choose managed WordPress hosting? You know your individual situation the best, so only you can decide. Hopefully, the information that I presented here will help you with your choice.

The pricing of managed WordPress hosting seems fairly reasonable, especially for businesses who would normally have to pay someone to deal with these issues. Some people feel that they can handle their own WordPress issues on the back end. If you are one of those people, it may be a good idea to stick with what you are currently doing.

Whether or not to get managed WordPress hosting ultimately comes down to a logical analysis of costs and benefits – will the time you save and the features you gain end up saving more money than you spend on managed WordPress hosting? If the answer is yes, then it is hard to justify not making the switch. If the answer is no, you can take a page from Dory’s book and just keep on swimming.


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