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Before we get into Affiliate Marketing, let’s discuss the common worry of almost all the Parents- Excessive use of Cell phones & Social Media. Every mishappening is attributed to the use of cell phones-
“Having headaches?” “Cell Phones.”
“Failed the Exam?” “Cell Phones.”

But, What if you got the ability to use the power of Internet and earn extra money while in college?

“What if you could start working with E-Commerce companies like Amazon, Myntra, Paytm, MakeMyTrip and many more while in college?

It is possible with Affiliate Marketing.

Many students are doing it and have reaped results too. The best Part is that even if you don’t succeed, you lose nothing.

Good Profits, Zero Investment, Zero Loss- Affiliate Marketing is definitely worth giving a shot.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the simplest Business model which is meant for everyone including
college students, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, housewives etc. It is an easy way to earn money and get associated with big brands. If you are an affiliate partner of a Vendor, retailer, merchant or a company, all you have to do is promote their products or services to people. If a person buys their product / service through you, you earn a commission on every sale. Commission varies for different merchants or Vendors.

There are 4 main components in Affiliate Marketing-

  1. The Sellers– Sellers are those who are selling their products/ services. They can be Merchants, Vendors, Retailers, E-commerce companies like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Jabong etc. They are the manufacturers and managers of the products/ services. In short, they have a product to sell.
  2. The Publisher– Publisher is the person who decides to becomes the affiliate partner of the seller and promotes their products/ services in return for commission on every purchase. For example- You are a Publisher and you promote Nike shoes through your Blog, then,

Nike = Seller
You = Publisher/ Affiliate partner of Nike.

The main aim of publisher is to produce quality content with proper marketing, highlighting the benefits of the product or services they are promoted, so that the customer gets all the reasons to buy those products and you earn a commission on every sale.

Different Brands and companies offer different commissions.

3. The Customer– Whenever a customer completes a product/ service from your affiliate link, only then you are qualified for a commission from the seller. The seller even gives a time period known as the ‘Cookie Period’ which extends the time period of earning a commission.

For Example- If the ‘Cookie Period’ is 10 days, then the publisher will get the next 10 days to earn i.e. if the consumer makes a purchase through the Affiliate link on any day from the next 10 days, the publisher earns a commission.There is a misconception that the customer pays for the commission and if they buy through affiliate link they have to pay higher, but it is not true. The customer pays the original price of the product, no extra charges.

4. The Affiliate Network- Affiliate network act as a connection between the seller and the publisher. Some of the famous affiliate networks are- Amazon Associate Program, Google AdSense Program, INRDeals etc. Affiliate network gives you access to different sellers on a single platform.

For Example– In Previous Article we learn How to shop ,Save and earn in INRDeals. INRDeals is an affiliate network that gives Publisher automatic access to over 200 merchants which include all the top advertisers like TataCliq, Jabong, Myntra, Airtel, Adidas, Dominos etc. As an INRDeals Publisher you get to choose from over 18,00,00,000 affiliate products. You can select any product(s) of your choice, market it through your Blog/ social media and earn a fixed commission on every sale made through you.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc are actually Blogs. You regularly post content on these blogs but the problem with them is that they limit your earning potential.

Having your own Blog can actually be of great help to you. You can regularly post content on it and earn income through various sources- affiliate marketing being one of those.

The best part of having your own Blog is that it will be your own Blog- YOUR BLOG.

To make the concept of Affiliate Marketing more easy, here are some examples-

  • Let’s say you are a traveler and you love to share your travel pics and experiences with the world on social media. You can Start your own Travel Blog and share your experiences there and so on.

Along with this informative content, you can provide information about various travel products that a person should carry and provide affiliate link to them.

You can promote boots, camp, air services,  hotels etc and every time a person buys a product/ service from your link, you will get a commission.

  • Let’s say you have an interest in Fashion and you frequently give fashion advice to people. You can Start a Fashion Blog and make videos (Like fashion Bloggers do on Instagram). You can place links to the products you are reviewing/ using, the dresses you are wearing or the dresses you recommend etc. Every time a person buys any product from your link, you earn a commission.
  • Let’s say you love to read books. You can start your own Blog and make money and also review books of various authors on your Blog. Like you recently read a book, “Two States” by Chetan Bhagat. You can write a Blog post  for this book like “50+ Quotes from the Two States” on your blog and along with that you can give an affiliate link to it. If somebody who is reading your blog clicks on your link and buys the Book, you will earn a commission.

Who can opt for Affiliate Marketing?

  • College Students (BA, B.Sc, B.Com, Engineers, Graduates, Post Graduates, Dropouts)
  • Travelers
  • Fashion models/ Bloggers
  • Gamers
  • Housewives
  • Readers/ Writers/ Artists
  • Professionals
  • Medical Students

And the best of them all,

  • Pets
  • Readers/ Writers/ Artists

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

Source- viaENS

If you are a college student and want to get started with Affiliate Marketing, follow these steps-

  1. Choose the Product/ Service you want to Promote- Choose the product you want to Promote. Each product has its own commission rate. Amazon has Fixed Advertising Rates for Specific Product Categories. Below is the Amazon Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule-
    Let us assume that you (Publisher) love to read books and you decide to run an affiliate program for Books through your channel.

You join Amazon’s Affiliate Program and promote a book worth Rs. 500 from your Blog.

Amazon offers 8% commission on Books. So, according to that-

MRP of Book you will promote through your Blog= Rs.500

Amazon’s Affiliate commission on Books= 8%

If 1 person buys that book from your link

You will earn= 8% of Rs.500= Rs. 40

If 100 people buy that book from your link

You will earn= 8% of Rs.500 * 100= Rs. 4000

Bloggers usually run affiliate programs for products that have high commission rates. Although there is nothing wrong in this but we suggest you to promote a product that you have already used or that you enjoy using. This way, creating content to promote the product becomes easier and the content will be genuine.

2. Create a Blog/ Website to Promote Products/ Services-

Although you can use your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram etc to promote products/ services but affiliate marketing on a Blog/ Website is way more effective and successful method.

You can easily start your Blog/Website with zero technical knowledge. viaENS provides you a fully managed Blog where you just have to focus on the content and viaENS team of engineers manage all the technicalities of your Blog. Apart from Blog you also get access to the Training Modules, using which you will get trained to rank your Blog on the first page of Google.

Blog on 1st page of Google= more people coming to your Blog= more chances of purchasing product/ service from your affiliate link= more commissions= more money

Write a good Blog Post to promote your product/ service.

  1. Sign-up with an Affiliate Program/ Affiliate Network-
    Sign up with an affiliate program / affiliate network from where you can select the product/ service that you can promote on your blog/ social media.

Amazon Affiliate program is one of the most trusted Affiliate Program, trusted by most affiliate Marketers because-

  • Amazon Affiliate Program is free and easy to join.
  • Affiliate Program offers you over a million products to advertise to your customers.
  • Amazon Affiliate Program offers you the choice to display your product on your Blog. (Like how you want your Product to appear on your Blog- like a banner ad, square ad etc)
  • You can use your Amazon Affiliate Dashboard to keep a check on the total commissions you are earning and which link is helping you earn more money.
  1. Create Quality content for your Blog- Now that everything is set to run a good Affiliate Program, Start creating good content for your Audience. Write a quality Blog post about the product/ service you want to promote but don’t oversell. Don’t write spammy content.

For Example – If you are a Traveler and want to promote a WildCraft Traveler Bag,write a blog post on ‘How to Pack bags for next camping trip’ and in the content where you are mentioning about the bags, give an affiliate link to WildCraft Traveller Bag.

Don’t oversell and avoid using statements like- ‘Wildcraft bags are the best, so, hurry up and get your Blog from this link’.

Always keep this thing in mind that your content should provide some value to readers and it should not be just about selling.

Affiliate Marketing can be really profitable if done the right way.

How to Promote Products?

Organic Promotion– You can Boost your Affiliate Blog Performance and rank it on the first page of Google using On- Page & Off- Page SEO techniques (viaENS online training modules provide you all the tried and tested strategies to rank your Blog)

You can also promote your Affiliate Blog on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit among the many others.

Inorganic Promotion– If your blog is already doing great, you can go for paid promotion of your Blog. You can either run a PPC advertising on search engine or go for Paid Promotion on social media.

Affiliate Marketing is not a one day game. It takes a laptop/ smartphone, a good Internet connection and the patience to keep posting the best blog.

Why Affiliate Marketing is great for College Students?

  • Work from Anywhere– Being a student, it can get really tough to attend college and then also manage office hours where you have to forcefully dedicate hours to earn an Income. Affiliate marketing gives you the freedom to work from anywhere and earn. It promotes Portable Workplace Culture, where you carry your office (your Smart Phone) along with you, wherever you go and work on it from anywhere.
  • No Investment / Products required– Affiliate marketing requires no initial investment and is the easiest way to start an online business.

You don’t need your own products to sell. You act as a channel between the seller and the customer and every time a person buys a product from your link, you get a commission. From the product packaging to the Product delivery, everything is managed by the seller, you just have to get the sale converted.

  • No Technical Knowledge required– Best part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to have any special degree or skill set to do it. For effective Affiliate Marketing, all you need is a Blog and you are good to go. viaENS provides you managed WordPress services, where we manage all the technicalities of your Blog, so you can focus on creating good content that actually sells.

Create a good blog post for the product/ service that you want to promote and you don’t have to worry about the technical part of your Blog.

viaENS will handle that for you.

  • Partner with E-Commerce giants like Amazon– You can directly partner with the Affiliate Program of trusted e- commerce companies and become an approved publisher. You can join- Amazon Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program, ebay Affiliate Program, Apple Affiliate Program and many more.

They are free, easy to join and you get to choose from over a million products that you can advertise through your channel.

Affiliate Marketing in College Infographic

We always crack a question in mind that why you should start a blog earlier and make money with doing Affiliate marketing. The most important reason that it is build your resume and helps earlier to prepare for any Job. And Why you should go for INRDeals because it is an easy way to Affliate with it and make more money.

Affiliate Marketing infographic
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