6 [WINNING] Strategies to Write Eye-Catching Headlines in Minutes

Catchy Headlines

Every writer’s motive is to create amazing content and catchy headlines for their readers but, Are you able to do that?

Think, Think, and Think!!!!!

If your content is not drawing the reader’s attention then what’s the point of creating better than the best content? Just like the spices add more flavors to your food, your headlines add more engagement to your content.

Catchy headlines

Have you ever experienced the moment of excitement mixed with fear and uncertainty right before publishing your articles?


The fact of the matter is that everyone wants their blogs to be clicked well, read well, and to be shared well. But, how can you make sure that happens?

6 Secret Tips to write Catchy headlines that helps to get you more clicks ?

Catchy headlines

1.Use “Guide to ….” Titles for your blog posts:

Using words like “Guide To ….” Creates a sense of curiosity in the reader’s mind about your content. Such titles and headlines work because they promise the reader that they will find all the information about a topic. So, there is no need to go somewhere else for more information. 

How can you use “Guide To…” headlines in your blog posts?

Now, while creating a “guide” headline, BE CREATIVE!!!


There are many ways to expand your own creative catchy headlines. Here are a few ideas that you can use:-

  • “…..the only guide you need”
  • “…..A step by step guide to….”
  • “The Advanced Guide to …..”
  • “A start to finish Guide to….”
  • “Beginners Guide to …..”
  • “A Depth Guide to …..”

For making it easier to understand, follow this example:

IDEA- Reducing belly fat

GOOD TITLE A guide to reducing belly fat

PERFECT TITLE- The advanced Guide to reduce belly fat at home quickly

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2. Use “10, 15, 50…….” – Listicles titles are Attention Grabbers: 


 Many readers and even writers fell in love with the listicles. As list content easy to read and understand. Using list numbers like 10, 20, 160, etc in your headlines will grab the attention of the audience much easier than normal. 

So, try to use listicles in your blog titles or headlines. Moreover, listicles are eye-catching because the present organized information to the reader. 

How to use listicles in your blog posts to make them eye-catching?

Here are some examples of listicle titles:

  • “12 Ways to get rid of of….”
  • “50 Myths About….”
  • “100+ signs of…..”
  • “10 Mind-blowing secrets about….”
  • “20 Reasons why …..”

Example – 

10 Mind-blowing facts about Illuminati No one will tell you


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3. “No one will tell you…” Titles are also one of the best eye-catchers:


The “No one will tell you ….” Titles promise of giving something unique in their content. It also promises that once you click it, you will get to know something unknown.

How can you use “No one will tell you….” in your headlines?

Let’s brainstorm for some unique ideas for using “No one will tell you….” in your titles. Here are some examples of this:-

  • “What No one will tell you but you need to know about…”
  • “10 Things No one will tell you before….”
  • “5 Things No one will tell you about…”
  • “The best Advice No one will give you….”

 For better understanding follow this example:-

“15 Brutal pieces of Advice about your relationship No One Will tell you ever”.

4.”HOW TO….” Titles are quirky ones:

Usage of “How To…”Titles in blogposts

“How to…” titles or headlines are one of the most popular and eye-catching titles. You can check out some of your favorite websites to know how many of them are using the “How to…” titles in their blog posts.


“How To…” headlines get easily clicked because they promise to teach you some vital skills. By reading the “How To…” titles, the reader finds that information will be brief and wide.

Just like the nursery students are taught A, B, C, D, etc. “How to…” titles tell us about the process of doing something. These articles provide us the solution and help us as quickly as we need.

Ways to insert “How To……” into your headlines to make them more catchy?

Catchy Headlines

You can use the following ideas to use “How to..” into your headlines:-

  • “Why…. And How To……”
  • “Beginners Guide- How To….”
  • “How to create……”
  • “…..What is it and How to ….”
  • “20 MISTAKES and How To……”
  • “How to do ……”


“How to Create a Perfect Blog post in 40 minutes quickly?”

Now that you know that “How to …” headlines get more visitors so try to create your own unique headline.

5. “Infographics…..” — Use an infographic to make your headline more catchy:



As everyone loves to watch infographics, you should put it in your headlines. If your posts have visual content, just drag it to your headline as well. 

The promise of an infographic might result in more people reading your content as well as more shares on social media. 

Why Infographics are more attractive headlines?

Infographics promise that the content will be visual, and, thus easy to process, understand, and memorize. Also, infographics are the best storytellers so the reader can relate with them much easier.

How can you use Infographics in your headlines?

  • ‘…(infographic)”
  • “Fun Infographic about…..”


“Infographic- The best careers for introverts and extroverts”

6.”Everything You Need to Know about …” titles are also the most outstanding ones:


The “ Everything you need to know about..…”title is similar to some others discussed above but this one is also one of the best titles or headlines to use for eye-catching content. 

This type of title promises the reader to get all the relevant and necessary information about the topic . It shows that once you will click it, you don’t have to go somewhere else for information.

How can you use “Everything you need to know about……” in your headlines?

Here are some of the easiest ways to use this into your healines:-

  • “Everything you need to know about the….”
  • “….Everything you need to know about… in …. Steps…..”
  • “8 steps to follow to know everything about….”


“Everything you need to know about finding your perfect partner”


As you can see after reading the article, writing creatively, eye-catching headlines do not have to be complicated. But, you can use some of the unique ideas of your own to create something interesting. 

Remember one thing!!!

Don’t use just one template in your posts. Try to use original and natural content ideas so as to create catchy headlines for your blog posts. Try to mix up two or more ideas and create something of your own.

 Be Creative! Be Innovative!


-By Shriya Bhardwaj


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