25 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

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With the great technological advent, people and markets have entered the virtual world which has actually given them the power to be global. Blogging has seen an upsurge since it gives people a platform to voice and express their opinion.

Some people take up blogging as a hobby, some people have an inbuilt blogging passion, some people start a blog to earn money while some people like me, express themselves through blogging and use it to help other people in any way they could. This means there should be some or the other reason as to Why You Should Start Blogging.

Every person has their own reasons to start a blog which may vary but the bottom line is that blogging affects different people differently. For a blogger like me, it is a means of helping others and making some money. For a reader like you, it may be a way to get your queries resolved or get information on a topic you are looking for.

Whatever may be the case but blogging is an interesting segment with greater opportunities for both the readers as well as bloggers. It is a platform where mutual exchange of information and revenue takes place. For all those who still seek a reason, read on the article and find the reasons as to why you should start a blog.

Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog and Start Blogging

Here are a few Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging right away.

I have tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible, but incase I have missed out on something, please add it in the comments section below.

1. Blogging Is Easy: Surprised? Well, don’t be. Blogging is no rocket science. If you can actually write decent essays and/or letters and e-mails, you can easily develop a blog and write content. Sounds easy now? It should.

2. Low startup cost: Yes. Starting your Professional blog with Elysium Net Solution costs next to nothing. And all you have to invest is your time and energy. Sounds a good deal? It indeed is.

3. No Coding Required: Blogging requires no technical knowledge or skills. You don’t have to be a hacker or expert coder to start a website. Content Management Systems like WordPress ensures that the only language you use on your blog is English (or your local language), and not CSS, HTML, JS. It saves you the hassle by providing the coding for your website, so that you can create your content with ease without worrying about all the coding mumbo-jumbo.

4. Make Some Money: All your efforts can also yield you results provided you take your blogging tad seriously. You can turn your passion into profession and your blog can actually help you generate revenue. Start a blog of your own, add valuable content to it, generate good traction and use the tools provided by google to monetize. You can go for affiliate marketing, use AdSense or Yahoo Ads, or even get direct advertisements from advertisers.

5. Develop An Authority: Blogging at a specific niche will not only polish your skills but will also help you build and grow your professional network. You can always develop and project yourself as an authoritative figure in the area of your interest and enhance your reputation, which will further help you in professional arenas of your life.

6. Helps You Meet New People: Blogging helps you meet new people whom you may have never met as such. This interaction is also not restricted to cultural or international boundaries. Meeting new people helps in exchange of ideas, viewpoints and help you grow as a person and develop a flexible mindset, which is very helpful in the offline world.

7. Helps You To Inspire Others: Inspiring others is something that people like me love doing. I myself was inspired to take up blogging just because a blog of my friend was running successfully and he was earning decent through it. If your writing can inspire others, there is no greater feeling than this.

8. Helps You To Become A Good Writer: Writing is the basic medium to get across your idea or opinion across people. If you are not a good writer, don’t fret over it. As the need for writing quality content becomes ever more important in post-penguin period, improving your writing skills will be even more important in blogging. Writing is an art that comes with practice. All you need is a little research, the will to learn something new and the ability to improve at it every day. Improved writing skills can also help in writing good letters, greeting cards, e-mails etc.

9. Keep a Personal Journal: Whether it is pictures of your world tour or your personal diary, blogging about something related to your life or events in your life helps to create a digital record of the moments. Moments that cannot be erased by wind, fire or rain. Records that cannot be stolen or lost, never to be found again. It can also help you to keep track of milestones, track changes in your lifestyle etc, something that you can easily revisit with the single click of a button. Anytime. Anywhere.

10. Helps To Stay Connected With Friends And Family: The world was already a small place. The internet shrunk it even smaller. Blogging helps us to keep in touch with friends and family as it enables us to share pictures, videos, stories and much more, from any part of the world. No distance too far!

11. A Good Hobby: Blogging can become a good hobby. Whenever you feel bored and are on the lookout for something to utilize your time well, start jotting down stuff on the internet. Creating a blog is by any means better than surfing the internet aimlessly, stalking the profiles of strangers or trolling on Reddit. You will also learn a lot of things as you progress in your blogging journey and if done correctly, you blog will become your identity.

12. Promote Your Services: Are you a professional on the lookout for new business opportunities? A blog is something you should have, by any means. A blog in the 21st century is what a business card was in the 20th. A blog can have a list of all the services offered by you, as well as testimonials from previous clients, which help you in boosting your reputation in a way that business cards cannot.

13. Promote Your Business and Products: Do you have a business that you would love to sell itself online? With online commerce taking large strides, promoting your business and the products offered by you online should be a necessity for it enables reach out of your product to a wide network. A blog provides a platform where you can sell your products or services with the click of a button. Bigger margins and more sales, anyone?

14. Tell Your Story: Have a story to tell? You are your own journalist, editor and publisher. You may be a simple teenage kid or an army veteran, a photographer or a housewife; everyone has a story to tell. You never know when others like you relate to you and before you know it, you have a large group of people bound together by a common thread. Isn’t it a nice way of growing your circle of friends.

15. Helps Improve Your Thinking Abilities: You cannot start and end a post without putting your mind into it (Like I am doing at this moment). You need to put your thoughts to paper, chalk out strategies, come out with solutions. You may feel knocked out sometimes, but getting up from the punch is all what matters in the end. A deeper thought process is initiated while writing a blog post, and you get a whole new perspective.

16. Opportunity For More Work: As I said earlier, your blog is your business card for the world. And don’t be surprised if some authority blog drops a job offer in your mail. A good blog speaks highly about the capabilities of its admin/content creator, and large blog networks are always out looking for decent bloggers.

17. Helps You To Become More Organised: Blogging requires devotion. Period. Unless you want to take it up as a mere time pass, blogging requires devotion, commitment and sincerity, if you want to reach somewhere near the top. This will help you organize yourself better so that you can get more work done in lesser time while devoting the rest of the time in growing your blog.

18. Alters The Thought Process: Blogging actually feeds your brain new ideas which will help you develop a healthy thought process and will help you look at situations from a different perspective. Situations which are considered mundane by normal people are situations from where you can get the next big article. With blogging you actually delve deeper into where you are, where do you see yourself and where are you heading to.

19. Makes You More Confident: Answering questions over a topic you are well versed with, to someone who just knows the ABC’s of it, can help boost your confidence without you moving a muscle. This also helps in cementing your image as an expert on the topic, which will help boost your confidence even more. Positive feedback further boosts this confidence, while negative feedback helps to improve on the already existing base.

20. Recommend To Others: A poem that touched your heart, a restaurant serving great Indian curry, a recipe of your favorite dish or a movie you recently saw. Whichever niche you blog about, you can always recommend stuff to your near and dear ones. Nothing better than hands-on experience. And who knows ! You might get paid for it too.

21. Help People: If you love people and solving their problems, blogging is a great medium for that. It doesn’t matter if your blog is not as big as Ask.com or Quora. Remember – Rome was not built in a day. Slowly but surely, with expert opinions and sure shot helping tips, your blog can grow leaps and bounds to become an authority in your niche. Not only will it help generate revenue and boost your confidence, but it will also give you inner peace by fulfilling your desire of helping others.

22. Blog Is The New Resume: If you are studying Engineering, and blog about Engineering, it would have a great impact when you sit for a job interview. Likewise, blogging also helps you stay abreast with the latest happenings in your field, which can come handy when you are up for a promotion or a raise.

23. Helps Express Thoughts And Opinions: In an era where news is censored and right of freedom of speech is curtailed, blogging helps to express our thoughts and opinions without fear. We can express our opinions and share our thoughts freely with the world, leading to a healthy discussions and clarity in the thought process.

24. Helps To Meet Like Minded People: The people who visit your blog are also looking for the same information which you blog about. Thus blogging helps to engage people with similar interests and such engagements can help create new friends and business partners. It also helps in growing your knowledge about the topics at hand, and can help you get more clearer insights, which you may have missed out earlier.

25. Helps Adjust To Fame: A good blog can make an introvert person into an overnight celebrity. From someone who was not used to replying to more than 5 texts a day to someone who gets 100 e-mails a day, is a big change. However, being physically away from this sudden rush of celeb-dom, it helps to adjust gradually to new found fame. Visitors are eagerly waiting for every new post of yours. That is a great feeling in itself.


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