23 Best Google AdSense Alternatives


First of all why do you need any alternatives. These are the reasons why alternatives are mostly needed. There are many reasons to look for alternative ad networks and other ways to monetize your sites. The most popular reasons I hear are:

*.Google AdSense rejects many sites for not having enough content or if they feel your site would not be appropriate for their advertisers.

*.Getting a site approved for Google AdSense is not as easy as it was in the past.

*.If you read any of the internet marketing or webmaster forums, I’m sure you’ve see thread after thread with a title that goes something like… “AdSense banned me! Why?”

*.Google AdSense has a lot of rules and they monitor sites constantly. If you happen to break even one rule, they will not just ban the site, they will ban you and won’t let you open a new AdSense account. And even if you manage to open one somehow and they catch you later, they will ban the new account.

*.Did you know that if you even accidentally click on an ad on your site you could be banned for life?

*.Many site owners feel that Google AdSense rules are just too strict. Conforming to the many rules often leads to site design issues.

*.In some instances, you have to redesign your entire site just so you can use Google AdSense.

*.Contextual text ads sometimes just don’t fit a site’s design and layout. Other ad formats that Google AdSense does not support work better on many sites.

Top 23 best alternatives of google AdSense :-

  1. Media.Net-

Media.Net gives you exclusive access to the Yahoo! Bing Network. They are one of the world’s largest contextual ad networks and boast many top publishers like Forbes, ELLE, Reuters, and Good Housekeeping.Media.Net offers publishers several ad styles. Do note however that they only allow one of each ad type to appear on a page.

Media.Net also provides web bar and mobile ads to its publishers. I feel that this is the closest AdSense alternative currently available. But, be aware that they are known for suspending accounts and not stating the reason. So, if you use them, read all the rules and be careful to follow them.

2) Adversal-

Adversal is our favourite for a number of reasons. They have an easy to use reporting system, high CPM rates and also their support is top notch. For us this is everything we need in an advertising network.

Adversal have raised their minimum requirements for publishers up to 50,000 page views per month. We see this as a positive move and it can only help increase CPM rates for those of us who successfully join their publishing program.

3) Affiliate Marketing –

In affiliate Marketing, you just need to promote vendor(say XYZ) product or service and when someone (say Mr. A) makes a purchase using your affiliate id, then your vendor will pay you commission. Commission amount depends upon what type of product you are promoting. For instance, commission for Premium WordPress Plugins will be less than Web hosting and WordPress Themes.

Some of the tactics which you must follow for becoming successful in affiliate marketing are listed below:

*.Choose the Right Affiliate

*.Promote Relevant Products

*.Build Email List

*.Use Banners and write Honest Reviews about Products

*.Keep Calm and Be Patient

4) Bidvertiser-

Bidvertiser is an excellent alternative to Google and offers some intriguing ad formats including what they refer to as free design. This lets you specify the look and dimensions of your text ads. While a useful feature I have not investigated how well it works but imagine that while it sounds good on paper it could result in lower priced ads being displayed. I.e. most advertisers will probably want to keep control of the layout of their ads and so turn off support for Free design ads. All the standard ad formats exist, however, and the pay outs are excellent. Pop-under ads and XML feeds are also supported.

  • Meridian-

Meridian at Sovrn.comSovrn.com’s Meridian is a CPM (cost per mille) ad network that accepts publishers of any size. This network pays publishers per ad impression. When the network serves an ad to one of your visitors, you’ll get paid whether or not your website visitors clicks on the ad.Meridian allows you to set a minimum price for your website’s ad space. However, there might be times when this network can’t fill all your ad impressions, so they allow you to set up what’s called “backfill.” This means you can give them instructions for an alternative ad to display. If you have a GoogleAdSense account, you could use AdSense as backfill, which means that AdSense ads will display on your site at times when Meridian isn’t able to fill your ad impressions. You can also backfill with other ads.

  • Easy Monetizer-

Easy Monetizer at Monetizeasite.com Easy Monetize isn’t an ad network. It’s a tool that allows you to automate affiliate linking so much that the process becomes as easy as monetizing through an ad network, which makes it a viable AdSense alternative. Usually, when you monetize with affiliate marketing, you have to pick products, build links, and maintain them. This is time consuming, unlike the process of using ad networks. The appeal of an ad network is its ease of use; the networks allow you to just paste a bit of code into your website and begin monetizing.

  • Chitika-

Next Google AdSense alternative isChitika. If you are tired of not getting AdSense approval, then sign up for Chitika. You need not get approval for using Chitika ads on your site. That means you can monetize your low traffic site with Chitika. Just create an account and put ads on your site. It offers 3 types of ads – Search Targeted Ads, Local Ads, and Mobile Ads. It’s PPC rates aren’t as good as AdSense.

  • Infolinks-

Infolinksis the famous in-line text advertising network best suited to high traffic websites. Infolinks shows ads that are matching with your site content. Infolinks converts certain keywords from your site content into advertising links and you are paid for each click made on those ads. So more clicks means more earnings for you from Infolinks network. They have kept a revenue share of 70 percent for its publishers, which is quite good. They make payments through PayPal, Check, Bank Transfer, ACH etc.


AyBoll offers native advertising, and it is easy to get started with AyBoll. AyBoll displays native ads, and it is a premium CPA network. You will get paid for any action on the site, and the pay out is huge. Their revenue split is high at 50/50,but considering the fact that they pay premium $ per sale, it’s worth trying out.  Ayboll minimum pay out threshold is$100, and the payment method is bank transfer or via Skrill. To place the Ayboll ad widget, you can use the Ad inserterplugin.

11) Qadabra-

Qadabrais a self-serve ad platform that offers performance-based advertising. It was formerly known as Ads Gadget. It requires only 15 seconds to start showing ads on your site with Qadabra. It offers banner ads including slider ads. You need not have much content to get approved by Qadabra.

12) Clicksor-

Clicksoris another in-text advertising network like InfoLinks. They send payments every 15 days with a minimum pay out of $50 only. They send payments to its publishers viaPayPal, Check and Wire Transfer to eligible publishers. You need to get at least 50,000 monthly impressions to start making money from this Google AdSense alternative source. Publishers can earn up to 85 percent of total ad income with Clicksor advertising network. Working as an affiliate, you will earn 10% of every advertiser or publisher you refer to Clicksor network.

13) Adsterra-

Adsterra is one of the fastest growing premium ad networks and currently serves over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impression per month. They offer various popular ad formats for web and mobile devices: popunder, standard banners, pushups, interstitial, sliders, and direct links. Adsterra is a perfect alternative to AdSense for the websites that have over 50K impressions per month. They work with website from all types of niches and have a great ad fill rate for all countries.

14) Intellilinks-

Intellilinks lets you sell simple text links on your sites to advertisers for a set monthly fee. The more traffic you have and the better your search engine rankings, the higher you can set your monthly charge. If you have a site that is ranked well and receives a good amount of traffic, you will want to take a close look at Intellilinks.

15) Direct Advertising –

Direct Advertising is yet another popular Google AdSense alternative. Basically in this advertising method, companies directly contact you or you contact them for their product reviews, sponsorship or advertising. As there is a direct contact between you and advertiser, so you don’t have to give any commission to third-party such as Google AdSense, Media.net and BuySell Ads.Furthermore, you can set your own terms and conditions and also have full control on your ads. Typically it is seen that blogs which gets direct advertisers constantly are seen as authority in the niche and also build long-term relationships with advertisers.

16) BuySellAds-

BuySellAdsAka “BSA” is an advertising marketplace where you can make a huge amount of money by selling advertisement space on your website to advertisers directly. They offer various kind of advertisement unites such as text, image, image+ test, RSS feed and sponsored tweets. Basically they charge 25% commission on every advertisement i.e. if you will sell advertisement for$500 then your account will be credited by $400 and rest $100 will go to BuySellAds. BuySellAds pays on a Net-15 basis and has a $50 minimum pay out threshold. You can select PayPal, check or Wire transfer as payment method.

17) VigLink-

Viglinkis an advertising network which converts normal outgoing links into affiliate links. When someone makes purchases using your affiliate link, then you will receive commission just like a normal affiliate. The best thing is that, Viglink is SEO friendly, reviews websites very quickly and there’s no minimum payout, but you need to wait at least 60 days to receive payment. They pay only via PayPal.

18) Yillix-

MediaYillix are a newcomer to the field but appear to be growing rapidly. What makes them cool is very easy signup. Just go hear and enter your name and email in the form at the bottom of the screen, confirm your email and you’ll be good to go. They also offer multiple convenient payment options including PayPal with $10 minimums and a best in class weekly payout. No waiting for months to get paid. YillixMedia’s clever system always shows the most expensive possible ad for every one of your visitors. It compares eCPM’s of all available ads for your visitors and shows the most expensive one.

19) PopAds-

Pop Ads is brand new but growing fast and it is very quick to get accepted. The things that make them a good alternative to AdSense are that they have super fast payments via PayPal, AlertPay or even bank wires. You are able to request a withdrawal of your earnings whenever you want and funds are cleared for withdrawal within 24 hours of you earning them.

20) OIO Publisher-

OIO Publisher is a WordPress plugin that allows you to monetize your website by managing your own ads. It’s easy to use, although the setup process is lengthy. Once it’s set up, the plugin automates many aspects involved in the process of selling ads on your site. However, you will still have to recruit advertisers. There is an OIO ad marketplace available to help you with advertiser recruitment. The marketplace may bring you advertisers from time to time, but you can’t count on it to fill up your ad space. You’ll have to make an effort to reach out to advertisers on your own.

21) Blogher.com-

Blogher is a CPM ad network. Their specialty is monetizing blogs targeted at a female audience. In addition to advertising, they also offer publishers additional opportunities such as sponsored posts and paid product reviews.

22) Tribal Fusion-

Tribal Fusion is certainly one advertising network which will never miss youGoogle AdSense. They’re the highest paying CPM Ad network in the market, but getting approved in TribalFusion is extremely tough. You need to have a minimum of 5,00,000 unique visits per month, professional blog layout, top-level domain and your content should be updated regularly. In other words, we can say TribalFusion is made for big websites. Tribal Fusion pays  55%of revenue to their publishers on Net45 basis. They pay only via Check.

23) Amazon affiliates-

If used right, Amazon affiliates is the top AdSense alternative that has the huge potential to increasing your overall income. The relevancy matters when it comes to making money from Amazon affiliates. You have good chances of making decent money with Amazon affiliate program if only promote relevant products on your website.


So these were some of the bestGoogle AdSense Alternatives, that you can use for making some serious money online. Keep in mind that it’s never a good idea to rely on one source. If you know any other good AdSense alternative then please share it with us in the comment section below. If possible do share this with your friends on social media.



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