More Than Your 12th Class Board Results, this is What Actually Matters

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Here’s the Dead End that repeats itself – You wake up in the morning, open your Facebook, Instagram, tag your friends in memes, check the likes you received in your last post, comment on other profiles mostly with the intention that they will comment back in your next post, spend hours chatting, put on your Helmet/ fasten your seatbelt (also known as the Basant Rath Effect), start your vehicle and miss your classes. You do this everyday- have fun, miss classes, enjoy life and at the end mess up your exams.

What next?

You end up screwed searching for “The list of billionaires who dropped after 12th” motivational videos from comedians, Advisers, a word of encouragement from teachers and parents and end up telling yourself “All is Well”.

Your parents list down all the reasons of “Why Sharma ji ka Beta/ Beti is better than you” and your utterly concerned relatives give you career advice and bring along a list of things you can do after 12th.

Here, take a break.


It’s your life not a war zone.

Do 12th class marks really matter in life? If not, What Does?

Here we will find an answer to a  very interesting question- “Do 12th class marks really matter in life?”

Saying that marks don’t matter is a lie. Believing that marks are everything and will decide your career, your growth, your life; it is a lie too. The truth lies somewhere in between.

10th class marksheet has two uses-

  • Gate Pass to class 12th.
  • Used to verify your birth date.

But 12th class marks do matter to an extent as it helps you get your dream college.

Still unsure about the importance of 12th class marks?

Ask a students who wasn’t able to make it to his dream college just because he was short of few marks.

Good score in 12th class acts like a turning point in your career. They will decide which colleges will you get admitted in and colleges shape your personality. Good college means good crowd. Good crowd means good networking. Apart from getting admission in good institution, it also helps one to retain his self-confidence in a new crowd. Yes, the education system is flawed but you can’t sit and whine about it.

Go, score well, become something and change the effing system.

Let’s look at the other side of the argument.

Your marks do matter but you can’t let them define your future. A sheet of paper is not a measure of how your future is going to be like the saying goes- If we judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its entire life thinking it was a fool.

Yes, good marks may get you a good start in the life’s marathon but what will keep you ahead are your skills, your hustle and your resilience to stay in the game.

Those two digits are inefficient to describe you. You are far above them.

Let me explain you with an example.

Here’s what the headline of Outlook India reads- “India’s Rising Job Scarcity: At Least 15,000 Apply For The ‘Peon’ Post, Applicants Include Graduates, Postgraduates.


Here’s yet another headline that reads “From chaiwala to PM: A look at Narendra Modi’s journey.”

This proves that marks are definitely not the prime measure of how your future will turn out to be.

So, what should you do to prepare yourself for an awesome future?

You start preparing for your future immediately after 12th so that you are industry ready.

After 12th you have enough time before you actually step out into the real working world. While you are in college, start career experimentation and go for internships that will hone your skills and help you build a strong resume. Take up small courses, go for certifications and shift your entire focus on the learning part rather than earning money.

The below mentioned article will take you through different courses you can opt for after your 12th that will certainly be a big add on to your Resume.

Careers after 12th | Things to do after 12th that will Boost your future Career

Worry not! Let your marks not define you for it’s not in the marks to hold your destiny but yourself.

All set to roll?

I hear a “YES”.

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