11 Most common SEO Mistakes that are damaging your Post Ranking

SEO Mistakes


And we know,For a Blogger it is the most irritating word that turns up when something goes wrong with our website.

One Reason could be Common SEO Mistakes that you’ve been making unintentionally.


With the changed era, blogging has become a medium for digital marketing and has brought a revolution to the marketing industry.

The main purpose of blogging is to provide the user with information about the services your business provides. It helps to promote business through a website by bringing in a lot of traffic and to achieve this, blogs and the website should be optimized according to the search engine by performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Seo Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a practice of optimizing the website in terms of quality and quantity both internally and externally for organic search engine results. While search engines are constantly improving for better user experience, it is very essential to optimize our website and avoid these common SEO mistakes.

To outshine in this horse race of ranking many beginners often forget about these few main pointers mentioned below which are very crucial for the improvement and optimization of the site.

The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid


If you are a beginner, then these components can overwhelm you, which, in turn, could take you to make silly SEO mistakes. Thus, to avoid this, here is a checklist of common SEO mistakes, which will help you to identify and fix these mistakes effectively.

Common Seo mistake #1. Using the Wrong Keyword:

Seo mistakes

Keywords are very essential for SEO. Sometimes what we feel right may not be right for the user. Choose the keyword from a point of view of a user. The keyword should be according to the preference of the search engine and the user.

For example:  If a person is writing about a ‘chocolate cake recipe with Oreo biscuits’, he or she cannot simply use the keyword ‘cake’. That will not help his blog rank in the search result.

Common Seo mistake #2. Keyword Overstuffing:

Seo mistakes

Keyword Overstuffing is an intentional way of using the focus or target keywords in every other sentence to uplift the ranking of the website.

For a quick and fast promote your business, it may be tempting to use the easiest method and some tactics to promote your website and make it rank on the first page of any search engine. Who doesn’t want that right? But this old school trick may completely go wrong. Search engines consider this as spamming and your website may have to pay the penalty.

Common Seo mistake #3. Plagiarism:

Seo Mistakes

While performing SEO, one thing that should be kept in mind is the originality of the content. Plagiarism is one of the main causes which may prevent your website from being ranked. Plagiarism is when a person publishes someone else’s content in their blog without mentioning the source and claim it to be theirs. This type of practice is considered spamming and is cast down. This may lead to the downgrading of your website.

Common Seo mistake #4. Quality Content:

Seo mistakes

Imagine you in a grocery market and are looking for fresh vegetables for your home but what you see around is only stale vegetables. Will you ever revisit that market? No, right?

In the same way, to prevent any inconvenience, search engines filter those sites with thin content and push them back. Search Engines always focus on providing the user with the best content and are always bent on improving user experience. This is one of the most important factors for Search Engine optimization.

Common Seo mistake #5. Keyword not in context with Content:

Beginners often use the keywords which have a high chance of ranking and prepare the blog according to that keyword. But in order to fit the text in the desired keyword, their content becomes irrelevant and does not match with the keyword. This may be intentional or unintentional but in both cases, it may be considered as spamming.

This may happen when someone tries to stuff multiple keywords in the content. Search Engines, for the better experience of their users, often filters such sites that do not provide relevant content in context with the keyword user searched for. This may lead to bad SEO and will downgrade your website.

Common Seo mistake #6.Mismatching of Content and the Internal Links:

Seo Mistakes

Internal Linking are very important for SEO. Internal linking means adding a link to your content which leads to another page of your website. It helps the user to navigate through your website and explore other pages of our website. Search Engines also use these links to explore our other pages and helps in raking the blog.

The most common SEO mistakes related to internal linking that beginners do is they often add the link of the page their website which has good ranking but that link has no connection with the content and is irrelevant.

For Example: If you visit a cloth shop for buying yourself new clothes but you find a grocery stall at one corner of that cloth shop! Wouldn’t it be odd? Yes, it definitely would be! 

Common Seo mistake #7. Lack of Image SEO:

Seo Mistakes

Keywords and Content Quality are not the only reasons which help in ranking. This a very common SEO mistake that beginners underestimate the power of Images. 

Images leave a greater impact on a person that the textual content. It makes your blog more attractive and lures in more traffic which in turn helps your business expand more. Therefore Image SEO is also a very important aspect in the ranking of your website.

Image SEO means optimizing your images that are used on your website in such a way that the images rank on the in Google images and in turn it helps in driving more traffic to your website. Not using proper ALT tag in the images is also one of the minor SEO mistakes which can affect the uplifting of the website.

Common Seo mistake #8. Lacking Mobile Friendliness:

Seo mistakes

Almost 85 percent of people in this world use their mobile devices for their web surfing. Thus websites that are not mobile-friendly are often degraded just because of their inability to load on mobile devices. Some of the issues related to mobile-friendliness are:

  • The font may be small.
  • The icons may be small and are unclickable.
  • Your theme may not be mobile friendly
  • Your website may not appear that presentable as it looks on the Laptop, etc.

Common Seo mistake #9. Impoverish User Experience:

Seo Mistakes

As mentioned above, user experience is very important for a search engine. While performing SEO, one thing that should be kept in mind that your website in user friendly. In simple terms, your website shouldn’t lag or should not take much time to load! Users may or may not wait for the site to load.

Search Engines also calculates the time a user spends on your site which may lead to a better ranking of your site. Poor user experience will also downgrade your site and push it down. These may be the possible reasons for a slow site:

  • Your theme takes time to load.
  • Images used in the article are not slimmed and are of high quality which takes time to load.

Common Seo mistake #10. Neglecting Title Tags and Meta descriptions:

Seo Mistakes

Other most common SEO mistakes are neglecting Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. Just optimizing your content and images mean that your page is ready to be ranked. The title tag is the HTML tag which defines the title of the article. It is a clickable link that pops up in the search result. The title tag should be attractive because it tempts the user to click on the link to enter your website.

In the same way, Meta Descriptions are the small descriptions that are displayed under the title of your blog in the search result. Meta Descriptions should be attention-grabbing and should give a brief detail about your blog.

Common Seo mistake #11. Using Same Text as Anchor Text:

Seo Mistakes

Anchor text is the word/s in a blog to which a link to any other page of your website or any anyone else’s website is added. It is also known as ink text. 

Using the same text as the anchor text may not look legit and the user may find it to be some kind of game or fraud.


Seo mistakes

Some possible fixes for these common SEO Mistakes are mentioned below: 

Using the Keywords which are related to your content.  It is advised to do your keyword research properly. You can use tools like Keywords Everywhere, Ubersuggest, Google Trends, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc. These tools can help you find the right keyword for your blog.

Content should always be in context with your keyword. If you are trying to rank for a particular keyword that can improve your website ranking, make sure that the content you write is in terms of your keyword.

Write your original content. Do not copy-paste the content from other websites. Search Engines have strict rules against plagiarism. If you copy-paste content you may never be able to rank and search engines will push back your website You can use the tool Quetext, Copyfight, Grammarly, etc.

Write good quality content. Do not write the content just for the sake of writing it. The first of search engines is the best user experience. Your content should be legit, informational, and should not be spam.

Do not skip Image SEO. No matter how good the quality of your content is but it doesn’t matter until you are using images along. You can get free stock images from sites like Pexels and Unsplash and you can edit them on Canva, VSCO, Pixlr X, etc

Your internal linking should always be in relevance to the content you are writing. 

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly.  Make sure your theme is mobile-friendly, the font is not small, icons are clickable, etc. If your theme is not mobile-friendly use these themes – ColorMag, Neve, Hestiaetc.

Your site should be lag-free and easy to load. The possible reasons why your site is taking time to load are-   (a) Your theme is taking too long to load. The possible fix for this is to change your theme and use a theme that is easy to load. (b) Your images are bigger in size. The possible fix for this problem is to fix use tools like TinyPNG, Smush, etc to slim the images without losing the quality of the image.

Pay special attention to the Title tag and the Meta descriptions. Use attractive and tempting words to lure the user to visit your website

Last but not the least do no use the same word or phrase as anchor text. Try using new phrases or maybe paste the URL as it is. It looks more legit.

Search Engines Optimization is a vital part of digital content marketing. While working hard to be ranked and to improve your website is very normal to commit these common SEO Mistakes. Being on the top level of Seach Engines Optimization is very difficult due to the changing terms and preferences of the search engines.

Knowing these common SEO mistakes and the possible fixes can help you to achieve the desired results.

-By Shagun


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